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This week's episode:

Cut for spoilers. )

Yeah, the show's getting interesting now.

And we need more of Dylan McDermott's ass. We almost got a penis shot this week, but no.
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So a few weeks ago, my brother's girlfriend moved in with our family. We had to do a massive (and seriously overdue) cleaning-out of the basement and around the house. I ended up consolidating a lot of my own junk. We kept talking about doing a yard sale, but you never really bring much money in with those things, so we pitched a lot of it.

But yeah, Jessica's living with us. The main reason being that her parents are ripping her off money-wise. I'm not going to get into the details here, but long story short, they were pulling a fast one on her. We're not charging her rent or anything, and she really isn't all that much of a burden around here, but the way Mom goes on and on about it...

Oh well. We'll see how long this lasts. I don't mind her staying here for a while. She and I like a lot of the same things and we get along well. I think Mom makes a big deal over nothing, really.

*tangent* Not much was done for Labor Day. I had a day off, and I tried in vain to re-figure my wiring setup for my TV and my DVD/VCR and my Blu-Ray players with my adapter because I'd like to be able to record stuff (like "Regular Show")....and now I have no way of watching my DVDs or tapes because I got utterly confused in the process. Kevin gave it his best shot, and he got confused as well. It would help matters immensely if I had a more modern TV with a normal setup in the back. Kevin says he has a spare newer TV from when he was still living with his dad just sitting in his closet. I told him he doesn't have to just let me have that and I would just make do with this till I can get a new one. So we came to an agreement. He said he'll let me use that TV so I can be able to watch DVDs until I get a new one. (And TVs will be going on sale in a couple of months anyway when we get closer to Christmas.)

In an ironic twist, the "Rage Against the TV" of "Regular Show" aired yesterday after I was having my TV problems.

*tangent* I still don't like my job. What else is new? Trying to keep up with my work blog and doing my best at writing that book. I've fallen into a rut. Working on my art is taking up a lot of my time. I made a vow that I'm going to go the next 30 days trying to get at least something drawn. And South Shore Arts will soon be starting up another round of classes so I can brush up on my skills, so I have to keep my eye open for that.

*tangent* I could cry. Alton Brown just tweeted that they wrapped up the last episode of "Good Eats." But he's moving on to new projects, and as long as we have the Cooking Channel, "Good Eats" will live on. As long as I have my books and DVDs, I'll be good.

*tangent* On the flip side, "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" will be starting up on the hotly anticipated season 2 next week! And JG Quintel just announced that season 3 of "Regular Show" will be airing in a couple of weeks as well. (WOW, that was fast.)

(Anyone want to help me turn THAT into an LJ icon? I'll love you long time if you do.)

*tangent* Mom goes in to see the doctor for her test results next week. Keep your fingers crossed for her.

*tangent* Now is the time of year where I have to start thinking about what the hell I'm going to do for Halloween.

*tangent* I'm going to get started re-painting my bedroom walls next week. I'd LOVE to be able to do a big mural all over them like Rapunzel did in Tangled, but no. If I were going to be living here forever, I wouldn't have a problem with that. But I aim to be out of here by next summer, so I'm just going with a nice neutral. Mom says I should get one gallon because "that should take care of the whole room," but I call bullshit on that. One gallon was NOT enough last time we tried painting in here. For crying out loud, one wall in this room is still unfinished!

And that's it on my end. Later, dudes.
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California Baby bath & body products. If you're like me and wanting to make a more organic switch in your hygiene routine, I definitely recommend this line. They're primarily marketed for babies and children, but adults can use this stuff as well. I'm loving the hair de-tangler and "Overtired and Cranky" bubble bath. (It includes a bubble wand for extra fun!) Target offers some of their products, but I've seen a bigger offering at Bed Bath and Beyond, and you can always order from their website as well.

This next one you have to say like Derek Zoolander's fellow model pals in Zoolander:
"Mocha Coconut Frappuccinos!!"
"Rich mocha sauce and coconut-flavored syrup blended with coffee, fresh milk, and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream, mocha drizzle and toasted coconut flakes." And if you know me, I'm a sucker for anything coconut. Just.....YUM.

And if you don't dig on blended coffee drinks, they are now offering a Coconut Créme blended drink without coffee. Kind of like a milkshake, but more like a smoothie. I grabbed one on the way home from work yesterday. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I hope Starbucks keeps these year-round and it's not seasonal. (I always lament the end of the holidays when they stop carrying their Peppermint Mochas. Yeah, CoffeeMate now offers their peppermint mocha creamer year-round, but it's just not the same as actually getting the REAL THING from Starbucks.)

The Brita Filter Bottle! I picked one up last week. I got it primarily because I don't want to waste money on bottled water anymore and keep contributing that waste to the environment. I feel this does its job pretty well. I paid about ten dollars for it at Target, but one filter lasts about 20 gallons/2 months, and you just have to fill it with regular tap water.

The Casey Anthony trial is FINALLY over. Now I can tear myself away from the TV and enjoy the lovely weather! HLN and Nancy Grace no longer own my soul!


"Shame on me....to need release....uncontrollably...."

Alpocalypse own my soul about now. I love Weird Al so much. :D Can't wait for a Merrillville date on this tour.
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What kills me the most about the Casey Anthony verdict? THAT BITCH WILL PROFIT OFF OF THIS! Book deals, interviews, a made-for-Lifetime movie, the works. I'm already hearing that she stands to earn at least a million for this sort of stuff. (Unless Jane Velez-Mitchell is correct and it'll backfire because of the bad public opinion people have about her.) It's amazing. She's a high school dropout, was unemployed for two years and lied about a job that she didn't have to everybody, wrote bad checks on her best friend's and grandfather's and own parent's accounts....and will profit off her own daughter's death. This makes me even more sick than hearing about how much that twat Amber Portwood made from "16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom."

And you know....nothing will change. She'll be back out to partying. Getting more tattoos. Sponging off of George and Cindy. Living "La Bella Vita." Unless she's "found God" while in prison and vows to turn her life around and actually do something substantial with her life. (Which, you know, we can only hope she does.) Mom and I both think George and Cindy need to kick her out of their house and make her start fending for herself. But you know they won't. George may want to kick her out (do you blame him?), and Cindy will want her to stay (codependent enabler), and they'll fight about it and finally just get a damn divorce.
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If you've been following it like I have, and if you're watching right now on TruTV, they've just ruled that she is indeed competent enough to stand trial. Mom and I were having a discussion about this, about whether she truly may have a mental problem and could legally be declared insane, or if she's just smart and crafty enough to pull the "crazy" card.

Mom and I both agree with the latter. And I think the court wanted to make this judgment because I truly think that the court will make her testify. I mean, we all know she's a proven liar. But if they get her on the stand and make her tell the story in her own words, the prosecution will be able to find all of the holes in her stories and nail her on all her lies to corner her into confessing. It's like at the end of Legally Blonde when Chutney takes the stand and Elle nails her with the little detail of "why would you take a shower immediately after getting your hair permed, especially if you've had 30 perms in your life?" It's little shit like that that will get you into trouble.

I still stand by my shovel theory. If George were responsible for covering up Caylee's death, why would he make Casey go to the neighbor's house to borrow a shovel? Especially if George could just open up their own shed with his keys and get one of their four shovels out himself? There was just something fishy about this detail and it still bothers me.

I don't think Casey's really crazy. I think she's smart and crafty like a fox. She had the whole family and all of her friends fooled with all of her lies. She even bragged to one of her friends about how she was such a damn good liar. I honestly think the court will make her take the stand.

And I love how the court will be sanctioning José Baez when the trial ends, regardless of the outcome. All I can say about this is "....this bitch, HA."
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I'm thinking of re-doing all of my previous ones, now that I've figured out how to do screencaps. :D

And I don't know who else watches "Hoarders" on A&E, but I always feel compelled to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and throw shit out after watching. Is it just me?
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I gotta say something about it...."The Girls Next Door" season finale last night.

Sorry, but that was disappointing. Well, not entirely disappointing, but I'll explain why, and I'll put it under a cut for those of you who haven't seen it yet.Read more... )
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LAME. Just lame. Wasn't thrilled with the reunion episode.

1. Regarding the whole Megan/Sharon fiasco....was Megan drunk? Or high? She just kept babbling on and on about stupid bullshit and going "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" like she was some sorority chick on spring break, and she kept interrupting Rodeo and was being rude and obnoxious. Anyway, Megan totally had it coming.

2. Heather and her "prom night" attire. That's all I'm going to say about that.

3. I don't know if I missed it, but I really would've liked for Sharon to have had Brandi C. down, and I would've liked to have heard Sharon ask Brandi C. for her thoughts about why she got expelled and if she held Lacey responsible for any of that.

4. Speaking of Lacey....maybe it's just me, but I think she was the one who started the "Heather thinks she's an A-list celebrity" thing by flat-out calling her such. Bah, whatever. This show's over, and like I said, I was more pleased with "Flavor of Love: Charm School."

And guess what premiered an hour after this finale?

Bret: "Hmm, I think I gotta take my show on the road!"

Oh my frickin' GAWD, I watched "Rock of Love Bus." I'm going to get back to recapping this stuff, because this season....I was thoroughly amused. The shanks vying for Bret's heart this time around are even trashier than the first couple of batches.
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I never got around to the recaps for the previous two episodes of "Charm School," and I don't think I'll do them either. I just haven't had the energy or time to do so. But some thoughts about the previous two episodes.

The episode when Jessica and Kristy Jo got eliminated....Read more... )

The next episode...WTF was Heather's damage, man?! Read more... )

The final episode....I can see why Sharon brought Brandi C., Heather and Megan back. Read more... )

Overall....I liked the "Flavor of Love Charm School" much better in the end.
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Okay....last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School," the girls got drunk and made anti-drinking PSAs, Heather imitated Britney Spears, Dallas and Lacey squabbled some more, Lacey was an obnoxious ass (as usual), and Dallas was eliminated.

First of all, a disclaimer. I've been putting off this week's commentary for a few reasons. It's been a busy week at work this week (pre-Thanksgiving rush); there's been plenty of crap to do around the house (i.e., cleaning); I caught a nasty cold and had no energy to get online and snark (although I did plenty from my bed when I first watched this episode); and after work on Sunday when I normally do this, despite my cold, I ended up going to Hooters for WWE Survivor Series with Kevin and a few of our friends....even though I paid attention to maybe 1/4th of the show. (Yeah, I've been getting bored with wrestling lately. WWE, anyway. TNA's been getting more entertaining to watch.) But let's be honest....after this week's episode, I'm getting really irritated with "Rock of Love: Charm School" turning into the "Evil Lacey Gets Away With Everything" show.

Anyhoo, let's get on with the recap/commentary. This was a hard one for me to watch this week, mainly of what happens after the challenge and who got eliminated for what reason, and I will go into a rant about this at the end of the commentary. This episode starts the morning after Dallas is eliminated. Lacey and Brandi C. are in the bathroom cleaning...well, Lacey is, and Brandi C. probably just used some WetOnes to give herself a whore's bath. They're all cheerful because Dallas was eliminated. They contemplate who they want to get eliminated next, and Lacey "sets her target" on Heather because she's paranoid. Oh, Lacey just hates Heather because of all of the BS from "Rock of Love." Lacey claims that she doesn't get how the girls don't get it, "Everytime one of them f***s with us, they get sent home." Yeah, why is that? I wonder. Sometimes I wonder if there's not a payoff from her dad to 51 Minds to give her the edit so his precious daughter gets some screentime to promote her craptastic music career. But more on that later.Read more... )

Read more... )

Read more... )

Read more... )

Now....before my rant, here's RikiCam for this week:

Riki's observant, okay? He's noticed that whenever there's a fight amongst the girls, Lacey is always in the middle of it. He's called her out on this quite a few times. Read more... )

After this week, I kind of think this is all fixed, really.
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Last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School," the Duchess of Birmingham, Alabama, Paige J.R. Ewing-ton visited, and the girls' etiquette skills were put to the test. Inna didn't cover up her lovely lady lumps because Brandi C. and Lacey didn't want to be a team with her, Brandi M. kept screwing up the Duchess' name, Jessica made lousy jokes, (spotted) dick was eaten, Brandi M. convinced Jessica to put herself up on the chopping block "to develop some backbone," and in the end Inna was eliminated....even though if Brandi M. had been up there like she originally was supposed to, she would've definitely went packing.

Okay, we're six episodes in, who's been eliminated so far? Raven (who eliminated herself), Courtney, Angelique, Rodeo, Megan, and Inna. Just keeping track, folks.

And before I even REALLY get into the commentary this week...a little off-topic. Riki Rachtman's "RikiCam" this week wasn't even about Charm School, but I definitely suggest you check it out. Especially if the potential bail-out of the automobile industry is on your mind...Riki has something he wants to get off his chest:

Keep that in mind. One in nine Americans.

Oh-kay, back to "Charm School." Read more... )I can't wait for the reunion episode.

And in the previews for next week....shit goes down, and Brandi C. pulls a Pumkin and SPITS on someone! Bret want to know..."Whassa goin' on?!"

......Okay, this was a hard one to snark on this week, because it was nothing but "Lacey sucks" left and right, which is really getting boring. I'm really waiting for next week.
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Now I know it's probably been discussed at [livejournal.com profile] good_eats, but "Romancing the Bird" was on tonight, and Kevin and I watched it. So, to prepare you guys for Thanksgiving, here's some friendly advice from Alton Brown about how stuffing your turkey is a bad idea:

Q: Hi, Alton. I remember you saying that stuffing is evil. Why is it evil? I think it's the best part of the turkey!

A: Okay, here I go again. Stuffing increases mass. Mass extends cooking time. By the time enough heat gets into the stuffing to cook it and render it safe, the turkey, or a good portion of it, will be overcooked. You want to cook a turkey as fast as you can to minimize juice loss, and the fastest way is without stuffing it. So make stuffing, save your drippings, and stuff it in something else to cook it. Just don't cook it in the turkey. You could cook the stuffing separately and put it in the turkey after the turkey is cooked, or you can definitely take the bird out of the oven and put the stuffing in then. But don't add too much salt to the stuffing, because there will be a good deal of salt coming out a brined turkey, and the drippings will be on the salty side. So take the turkey out of the roasting pan, toss your dressing in the drippings, stuff it in the turkey while it rests, and then take it to the table. Stuffing is only evil when it's stuffing. If it's dressing, it's fine.
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Last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School"...the girls recruited their own bands for a "Battle of the Bands;" hot guys took their shirts off, there was drama over Maura, her brother, and something Brandi M. DIDN'T say about it; CAMELTOE!; Megan was a a catty bitch and got physical with Brandi M.; and Sharon just got tired of Megan's shit and eliminated her, but that's okay, because Megan really wants to be a dentist. Oh wait, Brandi C. threatened to leave as well because Megan was axed, and she went batshit crazy in the process. But she's still in the competition. Because the nutso pink-blonde is good for ratings, now that the sociopathic Megan is gone.

At the beginning of this episode, we get mini-recaps from three girls who may end up on the chopping block tonight. Inna, who has been down for elimination a couple of times already, and knows she has no more room to mess things up. Brandi M., who has been down for elimination a few times herself as well, but manages to get out of it each time by pushing out a few tears. And Brandi C., who cries like a bratty little girl each and every episode. ESPECIALLY last week.

What this episode should be called?:

Read more... )

Yay, now that Megan is gone, it's okay for me to hate on Lacey again. THANKS MEGAN!

Read more... )

Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Birmingshire, Page of Irvingcrow Harrington.

Read more... )

Anyway.....the DUCHESS!

Read more... )

Onto dessert! "Oh, I do love spotted dick!"


Read more... )

Funny how all it took was a good night's sleep to sharpen my wit.
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Last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School," the judges picked on how the girls dressed, there was drama over a frickin' stolen bracelet, there was a fashion show, Heather didn't look as skankalicious as she normally does, Megan lied to Sharon again, Sharon tore Lacey AND Megan new assholes, and Rodeo let her emotions get the better of her and got eliminated for doing so. (Yeah, I know, I thought it was a stupid reason to eliminate her, as well.)

Things to keep in mind this episode:
A--Megan can't say anything nice about anyone. EVER.
B--Lacey's a musician!
C--Heather has style with a capital S!

This episode starts with Heather and Lacey actually being...civil to each other over breakfast! (I know, right?!) But it's a very off-handed conversation that we hear the tail end of. I can't make out what Heather says, but Lacey says, "I didn't call you 'slutty.' I never call girls 'slutty,' because that's just the pot calling the kettle black." They giggle over it, and I'm giggling too, because it's cool to see Lacey actually getting along with someone like Heather, who everyone hates for no real reason other than she's "trashy." In her interview, Lacey comments that she realizes it's time for her to buckle down and to start taking this seriously. "I'm the lead singer of a rock band (Gawd, Lacey, how many times do you have to mention this?! Shameless self promotion, much?), Sharon can make anyone's career, $100,000 is at stake...it's time to get serious." Read more... )

Why do they keep calling Heather a "lost cause"? Read more... )

Did I mention Lacey's a musician?!Read more... )
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Last week on "Rock of Love Girls: Charm School," Sgt. Jones came back and made the girls toss sandbags on a beach, Brandi C. cried and was later carried on a sled (with Megan) by the other girls, Brandi M. vandalized Brandi C.'s and Megan's pictures as revenge, the girls assembled stages, Lacey was a showoff, Dallas couldn't understand a damn word Angelique was saying, Brandi C. cried again at elimination (even though she wasn't up for elimination....WHY, I have no idea), and Angelique was sent back to Paris so she could bee a happee, seckzy streeper.

Picking up where we left off, Lacey, Brandi C. and Megan are lamenting Angelique's expulsion. Lacey claims she really liked Angelique (because she wasn't really a threat to her and she thinks, "HA, one more bitch out of my hair!") and Brandi C. says that Angelique wasn't even the weakest link. Brandi C. is just damn lucky that her team won the challenge the other day or else she definitely would've been up on the chopping block. However, I hold on to my theory that the REAL reason Angelique was eliminated was because the average TV viewer hates reading subtitles, and if Angelique were kept on a good chunk of this season, she would've scared off half of the audience weeth her craaaaazy French accent.

Meanwhile, the Terrible Three are still plotting on how to get even with that "nasty, trailer trash" Brandi M. They know Brandi M. won't be on her best behavior forever (ha ha, good luck! This IS "Charm School," and if Brandi M. is looking to seriously turn herself around, she just might surprise you), and Lacey's all, "Well, we've already got under her skin, and that seed has been planted." Read more... )

Sweet Jessica the onetime-NASA-intern comments, "I don't know if these girls got the same note I did, because a lot of them look like they're ready to turn tricks on Hollywood Boulevard or go to the county fair."

Read more... )
SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE MEGAN SOME SPEECH LESSONS!!!! Quit saying "like" and "you know" all the damn time!!!

"Valley Girl" by Moon Unit Zappa (with daddy Frank):

Read more... )

I think the fact that Rodeo is older than the rest of the group and has a kid herself gives her a bit of an advantage. The majority of the girls in the house are on that adolescent-level, and if she has to treat them like a kid and manhandle them, she isn't above that. Basically, Rodeo doesn't put up with childish crap like stealing and cheating and lying.

Who else here thinks Rodeo doesn't really need Charm School?

Read more... )

Oh the drama. This makes for good TV.

Read more... )

Elimination time. Lacey doesn't feel like she's going home tonight, and really, there's no need for Lacey to. Read more... )
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Last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School," we got to see the skanks who want to make themselves over into...non-skanky types. We got reacquainted with Sharon Osbourne, and we met the deans. Megan wanted to be a trophy wife, Brandi M. burped and farted, Lacey started shit with Dallas and got an apple thrown at her head in the process, Raven felt she was above this shit and eliminated herself, and Courtney got eliminated because she's a total lush.


The next morning, Lacey and Dallas are up bright and early, primping in front of their vanity mirrors. Lacey's all, "My ear is still ringing from Dallas throwing that apple at me, WTF?" Cut to Angelique, ze French streeper, fixing her terr-ee-ble extensions (and you thought Britney Spears' extensions were bad!) and putting her makeup on her face. And hoo boy, does Angelique have some duck lips! They're like putting both Mary-Kate and Ashley's duck lips together! Whatevair, Angelique ees all about ze seckz. (And you HAVE to mention this whenever you mention Angelique, because she is FRENCH and SEXAY!)

Read more... )


Read more... )

Sgt. Jones greets the girls with, "Well, welcome, tarts!" (I would've called them "skanks," but to each his own.) Read more... )

Sgt. Jones is all, "THERE'S NO CRYING IN BAG TOSS!!" Read more... )

"This is WAR!" No, this is petty shit, get over it.
Read more... )


Read more... )

Man, Megan likes to call people either "trashy" or "fat." I REALLY don't like this self-absorbed bitch. Read more... )

Elimination time. Sharon calls Dallas down (Lacey gloats), Angelique (Whaaa....?!) and Brandi M. (Megan says, "She's a shit-starter, she's ugly, and she's trailer park trash." Oh yeah, good reasons to get anyone eliminated.)Read more... )
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Edit: I've already heard spoilers about who wins! See if you can figure it out!

The show opens with a bus transporting fourteen of the....lovely ladies.....(I'm having trouble keeping a straight face while typing this!)....to the facilities that will serve as Charm School. Sharon Osbourne, in a voice-over, explains that "millions of people watched their disgraceful behaviour" (and because this is Sharon Osbourne, after all, when I quote her, I'm going to spell it the way the British would spell it) and "in spite of what they might think, these girls desperately need to change their ways." Yeah, sure, Sharon. They're just on the show for more screen time and a chance to earn/win money. These bitches don't want to change. Yet she aims to change them from old tart groupies into "women of importance." Good luck, Sharon. You've got a lot of work ahead of you.

All of the skanks look just as skankalicious as they did when "Rock of Love" ended! ESPECIALLY Heather!

Read more... )

Heather walks off the bus wearing this red low-cut....top? Dress? I can't tell, it's so trashy...Read more... )

What is it about dying your hair pink makes you think you're a badass?Read more... )

Can Megan go one interview without spewing a mean insult like "ugly" or "trashy" or "whore"?Read more... )

GOD, Lacey, just STFU and quit starting trouble!Read more... )

Yeah, alcohol is gonna be play a major role in Charm School, I can tell.Read more... )

Jessica from season 2 leans back in her chair and murmurs, "Well, there's the first person going home."Read more... )

Read more... )
Oh, I'm gonna love this show!!!Read more... )

Because Bret Michaels didn't give these skanks stupid nicknames like Flava Flav did with his hos, Sharon calls each girl down individually and has them watch a small DVD montage of them at their worst on "Rock of Love." Then she has each girl ceremoniously feed their DVD into the shredder to "start fresh." Then they get their pledge pins.Read more... )

Did she seriously just SAY that? Read more... )
I am SOOO rooting for Heather to win this. Read more... )

Of the remaining thirteen....Sharon calls down three girls: Lacey, Dallas, and Courtney.

Read more... )
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We can officially announce that Bret and Ambre are over! And what’s more, there’s a new installment of "Rock of Love" on the way! This time, Bret’s taking his show on the road…literally! Per the press release of "Rock of Love Bus" with Bret Michaels (coming in early 2009):

Rock star Bret Michaels tried twice to find love by filling a mansion with gorgeous women and having them compete for his heart. But after the final pass was handed out and the cameras stopped rolling, Bret’s picks didn’t work out. He and season two winner, Ambre Lake, really tried to make it work and although they still remain close friends, between his tour line-up and her work schedule there’s no time for a relationship.

“Bret has been very upfront and honest about how difficult maintaining a normal relationship may be for a touring rock star. He’s right, it’s absolutely an insane lifestyle and neither of us had the time to make it work,” stated Lake.

Now Bret is taking another stab at finding his perfect match in the ultimate rock and roller’s test…life on the road! Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels is set to premiere in early 2009.

“Seasons one and two of Rock of Love shattered ratings records and VH1 is so happy to have Bret back for another outrageous season. This time we’ll reveal Bret in his most comfortable setting- the infamous rock star tour bus.” said Jeff Olde, VH1’s Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production.

“We are excited to hit the road for another season of Rock of Love,” commented Executive Producers Mark Cronin & Cris Abrego, “Nobody knows their way around a tour bus like Bret Michaels, and we are confident that the audience will enjoy the ride.”

How will Bret find a woman to ‘rock his world’ when his world is always moving? VH1 is loading up a tour bus filled with beautiful babes and taking them on tour across the country. Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels takes contestants out of the mansion and on the road in true rock star style. This season will feature all-new ladies vying for Bret’s affection while traveling across America following Bret on a month-long tour. The contestants will face new challenges to see if they can handle the rock star life on the road.

This time as the bus pulls into each new city, the girls will engage in challenges specifically revolving around Bret’s life on the road. Whether it’s greeting aggressive groupies with a smile, enduring grueling schedules, dodging the advances of the warm-up band or even stepping in last-minute to fill in for delinquent roadies – these girls will be put to the test. This season, as the Rock of Love Bus heads into America’s heartland, the show will be taking the viewer to a whole new level with crazy, fun, over-the-top challenges- imagine Truck Stop Olympics or a dance contest on top of the St. Louis Arch or even a BBQ cook-off beneath the World’s Largest Thermometer. And also, back by popular demand…Mud Bowl 3. Americana at it’s finest!
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Rock of Love: Charm School, bitches!

And guess who's hosting?!

Time to quit ignoring the other crap on VH1 and get back in the groove!

I quit watching "Rock of Love 2" halfway through because it just wasn't as interesting the second time around, in my opinion.

And I heard they're already casting for "Rock of Love 3." So obviously, Ambre didn't last very long.
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Last week on "Rock of Love," there was a clipshow that I didn't bother watching, but I hear Lacey got naked and streaked around the house with "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" plastered on her body. Two weeks ago, Bret invited the parents to visit, Heather rode a mechanical bull, Lacey's dad pissed everyone off, the Lacey/Heather alliance ended after Lacey started spreading lies about Heather, and Lacey's tour FINALLY ended.

So now, it's down to Heather and Jes. Bret springs the news on them: "Pack your bags, because we're going to Cabo San Lucas!" AWESOME! (Buuuut....didn't Flava Flav take his finalists to Mexico as well? This is where I kind of started yawning because I've seen this before on "Flavor of Love." This shit is nothing new.)Read more... )

Then out of Heather's mouth comes those three small words. "I love you." Ohhhhh boy. Bret doesn't know what to say. (And didn't this happen to Flava Flav when New York was professing her love for him BOTH times? I think it's a rule on these dating shows that when you say the "L" word, it doesn't end up good in the end.) Read more... )

(Commercial break. I switch to XM Radio's 80's station. Guess what's playing? "Talk Dirty To Me" by Poison. Coincidence?)

Back to the show. Read more... )

It's kind of like the scene in Pulp Fiction when Vince has to give Mia the adrenaline shot in her heart, but on a more tender level. Read more... )one last test from Bret. He asks both Heather and Jes if they'd both consider being his girlfriend.

....Since when did Bret Michaels decide he's Hugh Hefner?! What if they both say "yes"? Will Vh1 get a "Groupies Next Door" TV show with Heather, Jes and Kristi (his babies' momma)? Oh yeah, that shit I was saying about threesomes and open relationships are paying off now.

What if they both say "no"? No one wins? Lacey's words two weeks ago about "I hope Bret chooses neither of them so he stays single!" ring true? That'd be hilarious. Now THAT'D be a twist ending!

Read more... )

....and God, I hate when men do this, because...I remember when Zero pulled this shit with me, told me the "You're awesome, smart, beautiful and I really love spending time with you...but I'd kick myself in the ass if I didn't give it another shot with Kristen" shit. I really, REALLY hate it when men do that. It makes you feel like they're just setting you up to be figuratively punched in the stomach or tearing your heart out of your chest. Don't fucking sugarcoat it by flattering me before you dump me. Read more... )

WHAT. A. FUCKING. LIAR. Read more... )

All in all....I wasn't that thrilled. And it made me feel disgusted in Bret. Ugh. How sad is that?Read more... )


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