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It's time for another "Jem" snark! So go grab yourself one of these...

...and sit back! CUE THE THEME SONG!

Today's episode: "Adventures in China." Also known as "The Worst Possible Thing Happens to Jem." You'll see why.

What exactly could be the WORST thing to happen to Jem? Does Rio eventually find out that Jem is really his girlfriend? What crazy antics will the Misfits try to get away with this time? All this and more, under the cut! )


"Outrageous" count: four
How many times did Jerrica transform into Jem this episode: Once.
Did Rio and Jem have the final kiss? No.
Did Jerrica tell Rio the truth? No.

Oh well. Thanks for reading!

PS--Hey Jerrica, you might want to invest in these, in case of another emergency like this:

pink wig Pictures, Images and Photos

And I will link to xsparkage again:

This isn't that hard. Why does Jerrica have to make things so hard on herself?! (Because she's a blonde? *lol, j/k*)
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I'm thinking of re-doing all of my previous ones, now that I've figured out how to do screencaps. :D

And I don't know who else watches "Hoarders" on A&E, but I always feel compelled to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and throw shit out after watching. Is it just me?
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The Baby-Sitters Club Special Christmas! (Which I will put behind a cut because this baby really takes up the screen:) )

(I will also be cross-posting this to [livejournal.com profile] bsc_snark. YES, I know, I still have to finish up "Dawn and Too Many Sitters," but this is a part of my Christmas snark series, so I'm going to share with other BSC fans.)

"Say hello to your friends!" Oh gawd, the theme song. The cheese-tastic theme song. Read more... )

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good snark!
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"The Christmas Toy"!

For those of you who are unaware about this Christmas gem, this was a sweet special made with those Muppets. It first aired December 6, 1986 (I did my homework, hee hee), and I've had it on an old decrepit video tape that my grandma made for me of a crapload of kiddie Christmas special. And it is so, so fun to watch.

The old, initial viewing of it featured Kermit the Frog scaling up the house and going down the chimney dressed as Santa Claus and landing in the playroom of the house. (Why there's a fireplace in a kids' playroom is beyond me. Sounds kind of dangerous, if you ask me.) Kermit tells us this home belongs to a family who has an older teenage daughter plus twins named Jessie and Jamie. But this story is not about them; rather, the story focuses on two of Jamie's favorite toys. One is a red-headed curly-top dolly named Apple, and the other is a stuffed tiger cub named Rugby. Kermit then leaves the playroom, Santa-style. (Note: If you have the DVD release of this, the intro with Kermit is edited out because of legal reasons between Jim Henson/Disney and Lionsgate.)
Ego trips, delusions of grandeur, power plays, and death by freezing plus some 80s commercials! This special has it all! )

*looks at her clock* Holy crap, it's nearly 1 AM! I promised I'd get this done, though! Stay tuned for the new one later on tonight!
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I'm going to try something new this year, and I'm going to have to commit to this and be online every day until Christmas Day to do this. I've got these two tapes full of Christmas cartoon specials from the 80s that my mom and my grandma taped for me when I was a kid. Some contain classics (like "Rudolph" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas"), and some are just lolz-worthy ("A Fat Albert Christmas" and "A He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special" come to mind). So I'm going to try to get around to snarking on 25 of these holiday gems.

And for those of you yelling at the computer screen going, "SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET BACK TO SNARKING ON JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS?!"....I'll get that up tomorrow night. I promise! *blushes* I've been so bad about it. I told myself that spending so much time in front of my computer wasn't healthy; I can only refresh [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt so many times before I get bored, and my computer chair was starting to develop a butt-groove. (I even have a Baby-Sitters Club book snark left at [livejournal.com profile] bsc_snark that I have to finish up.)
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YES! I'm not putting this off any longer, dammit!! (Especially when I read that The Dairi Burger was considering doing "Jem" recaps as well: I love the Dairi Burger to bits, but just please let me do the "Jem" recaps!!)

See? Even Jem herself is thrilled that I'm back to recapping her show.

So on the last episode...

--Jem and the Holograms start filming their movie.
--The Misfits were jealous haters.
--Jerrica/Jem was PMSing hardcore, which explained a lot of her attitude throughout this episode.
--Pizzazz got her dad to buy out the movie studio, so the Misfits can horn in on the movie.
--Eric Raymond managed to blow the right people to stay out of federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison, and Harvey Gabor (Pizzazz's dad) put him in charge of the movie.
--Behind the scenes, the Misfits did all that they could to make Jem and the Holograms miserable, like talking smack about Jem behind her back to the hair and makeup artists.
--Kimber got jealous of Jem (again).
--Rio got pissy because Nick Mann was macking on Jem.
--Clash showed up and banged her cymbal bracelets and was annoying.
--Anthony Julian and Eric Raymond got into it, Eric fired Anthony, and Eric made himself the new director.
--Pizzazz macked on Rio and pissed Jem off.
--Eric bossed everyone around, didn't really do much directing.
--The Misfits took over the movie's press conference.
--Jem HAD. IT. UP. TO. HERE. with the Misfits' shenanegans, got into it with Pizzazz, told the Misfits and Eric off, and quit the movie. The Misfits rejoyced.
--Jerrica got the bad news that Ba'Nee is going blind.

....Oh, and Jerrica never told Rio that she's really Jem.


(HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!! They actually play the ORIGINAL THEME SONG for this episode on the DVD!!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!)
Read more... )

Nick Mann tells the hair/makeup lady, "You were right, it was all an act." Read more... )

Meanwhile....yep. I saw it coming. Jem and Rio are having a fight. Read more... )



MAJOR CLIFFHANGER! Is Kimber okay? Will this threaten the production of the movie? Will Jem and Rio have another lovers' quarrel? Will Kimber and Jeff hook up? Will Ba'Nee get her eye surgery? Is Jerrica going to have to turn tricks to earn the money for Ba'Nee's eye surgery? Will Pizzazz EVER have more screentime than Jem in this movie? Will the Misfits' destructive behavior ever get them in major trouble with the law? Will Jerrica EVER tell Rio the truth that she's really Jem? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of the "Starbright" trilogy!
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[Poll #1440666]
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Also known as "Megan Wants a Millionaire."

Yeah, remember that horrendous skank? Apparently, she knew who to blow at VH1 and 51 Minds, because now she has her very own reality show! God help us all! And guess who will be doing the honors of snarking this series? Moi!

"But Holly, why would you even want to watch this show? You hated Megan Hauserman more than you hated Lacey Connor!" Yes, I know, I know. "Why didn't you snark on New York's show, or Real and Chance's show, or Daisy's show?" Lemme explain. I had no desire to ever watch a bunch of men duke it out for New York. Real and Chance--like I said, never watched "I Love New York." And as for Daisy? She's just flat-out irritating. Megan managed to spark as much rage in me as Lacey did on "Charm School." She's catty and snotty and bitchy and manipulative. I don't get how she has any fans, and I don't understand why any man would want to spoil her rotten. For crying out loud, she's a REALITY SHOW STAR. She's D-list, at best. But I guess I'm watching this because I know I'll have a fun time making fun of her and her suitors. And I know you, the reader of this blog, will have a fun time reading this!

Now, before I get to the show, let me have you watch a music video to get into the mood of this show:

Oh, Megan, Megan, how do we know of her? Read more... )

A note: I will get around to snarking the next "Jem" episode. I may end up doing it tomorrow, actually. :)
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Last time on "Jem," Malone the private eye broke into the drive-in where Jerrica and the rest of the girls were hiding Synergy. He started smashing Synergy with a chair, and Synergy alerted Jerrica. When they got back to the drive-in, the girls saw Synergy in pieces, but it was just a hologram. Nevertheless, the girls--after finding out that the detective was sent by Eric--decided to load Synergy up and take the whole console back to the Mansion. Malone showed his pictures to Eric of Synergy, and deduced that Jerrica and Jem MUST be the same person, and Eric was all, "That's crap, but I want that....thing." The Misfits got desperate to screw things up for Jem and the Holograms, but then Ashley dropped by and decided that the Misfits weren't very good friends and gave them the $30 back. Eric realized who she was, and decided to kidnap her and use her as blackmail. He called Jerrica hours before the Battle of the Bands and told her to collect Ashley within a half hour--ALONE--or else. This meant they'd miss the BOTB, but they decided Ashley's safety was more important than winning. The Misfits didn't want to "babysit" Ashley (whom they stuffed in a trunk) while Eric went to meet up with Jerrica, and there was a squabble between Pizzazz/Roxy and Stormer over it. Stormer decided to sell out and join her comrades instead of helping Ashley. Pizzazz tried hitting on Rio again, but when he rejected her and was all, "Jem's waaaay better," Pizzazz was all, "Nyah, whatever, dick." Jem (and the Holograms) showed up at the drive-in to negotiate with Eric, but he had his thugs make sure they were "tied up" and couldn't make it to the BOTB. Didn't matter--Jem found a way to escape. Back at the arena, Eric and Rio nearly got into a scuffle, but then Rio found out Ashley had been kidnapped and was locked in a trunk. He saved her, then they went to the drive-in (with the cops) to rescue Jem and the Holograms. The cops arrested Eric's hired thugs, and they got Jem and the Holograms back to the arena in time to perform....and WIN. They got to keep the Starlight Mansion, they are now contractually obligated to do a movie with Howard Sands' production company, and best of all, Eric Raymond was fired from Starlight Music. The Misfits got mega-pissed, and Pizzazz vowed revenge on Jem. At the end, Jerrica and Rio went to Starlight Music to take back what was rightfully Jerrica's, but not before dealing with Eric, who had to blow the right people to stay out of jail. He took whatever he could get his mitts on before he left, and--being the bastard that he is--slapped Jerrica across the face. Rio, in turn, punched him in the face HARD. Jerrica vows to make Starlight Music into something her dad would be proud of, she and Rio kiss, and we end with Jem and the Holograms singing on the top of Starlight Music.

Oh, and Jerrica never told Rio that she's really Jem.


This episode is part of another mini-series, the "Starbright" arc. It's called "Falling Star," but I like to call it "Jem Is PMS-ing Hardcore." Read more... )

Read more... )

Read more... )


Read more... )

"I'm finished with you, I've had it with them, I QUIT." Read more... )

TO BE CONTINUED.....(not again!)

And to close this snark out...since they were seeking Jem and Jerrica earlier this episode....Oh baby baby, have you seen Jem or Jerrica tonight? Is either one of them in the bathroom? Are they smokin' up outside, oh?

And on a sad note, Linda Dangcil, the woman who played Raya in the later episodes of "Jem" passed away on May 7th. This snark was dedicated to her, even though I haven't even gotten around to snarking on episodes with Carmen "Raya" Alonso in them yet.
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Oh yeah, I'm on a roll now!!

Last time on "Jem," Rio saved Jem from what could've been a horrendous electrical equipment mishap. They almost got it on, but the Holograms barged in just in time. Back at the makeshift home at the "Starlight Mansion," Mrs. Bailey and Jerrica got concerned about Ashley turning into a pseudo-hoodlum, but don't do too much about it. Ashley bit the hand that feeds her and started wearing Misfits t-shirts anyway. Jerrica signed a deal for J&tH to perform in Las Vegas with the Misfits as their opening act. The whole band annoyed by this set-up, as are the Misfits. The Misfits concocted a plot so Jem and the Holograms wouldn't be the headlining act, and conned Ashley into going to Vegas with them. In Vegas, Jem got mopey about the whole situation with Rio and hem-hawed some more about telling him that she's really his girlfriend in disguise. Later on, Aja spotted Ashley in Vegas, was all, "WTF?!" and chased her outside where the Misfits managed to get her trapped in a tour bus luggage compartment. With one band member out of the way, the Misfits thought they had ruined things for J&tH, but Aja managed to get out of the luggage compartment and back to the casino in time to perform. The Misfits had a fit and walked out of being the opening act. Later on, Eric's hired thugs robbed the casino of the show's profits. The Misfits (as instructed by Eric) pointed the finger at Jem, and she was dragged into custody. Pizzazz also pointed a finger at Rio because she put the moves on him and he was all, "Uck!" Ashley and Stormer (draped in purple curtains)--who witnessed the REAL thieves--later talked to the detectives and convinced them to let Jem free. Later on, the Misfits ruined a fashion show that J&tH appeared in. Eric hired a private detective to do some snooping around about Jem's real identity. The private dick followed J&tH to the drive-in where Synergy's been stored. He managed to get in through the holographic wall that's been set up to conceal where Synergy is. Alerts were going off, the detective took some pics of Synergy with his crappy Goldstar camera, and started smashing the super-duper advanced computer system to pieces.

Oh, and Jerrica never told Rio that she's really Jem.

Which is where we left off. Cue the theme song! "Jem is truly outrageous! Truly truly truly outrageous!"

The word of the day is 'intruder!' )

"If you ask me, Jerrica Benton and this Jem-dame are the same person."

OMG NO WAY! You think?! Do bears shit in the woods? Is the sky blue? Is David Ogden Stiers gay?
Read more... )

So the excuse whenever we see ANYTHING out of the ordinary on "Jem": "It's just a hologram.": Keep telling yourself that. Read more... )

TINKERBELL LIVES!!!!!! Read more... )

"That's something personal to remember me by." Read more... )

FIRST FIVE EPISODES ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for the "Starbright" three-parter!

"Outrageous" count: 3
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Getting home from the funeral trip, I just now realized how bad I've been at updating the "Jem" snark. And I wanted to do episode four with screencaps, but I can't find any good ones online, and I don't know how to make my own. (If anyone has a link or tutorial on how to do so, please feel free to let me know.) The next best thing I can do is use YouTube, I suppose.


Read more... )

1:12-1:13 The lustful look in their eyes...time for sexing!

Read more... )

Later on......VEGAS BABY! YEAH!

Yeah, you knew I was going to post it.

Read more... )

"You aren't fit to breathe the same air as Jem!"

Read more... )

"I wouldn't heat up leftovers for these no-talents!"

Read more... )


Read more... )

HOLY CRAP. Jerrica is shit out of luck now!!!

TO BE CONTINUED.............

And since this was a Las Vegas-themed episode....one last video.

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(Or "I've been watching this crap for twenty-five years?!".....Well, twenty-three, to be honest. The earliest I can remember is WrestleMania 3 when Hulk Hogan bodyslammed Andre the Giant.)

....I'll be honest. It could've been better. I told Kevin this when we were leaving Hooters tonight. He gave me some excuse because of the recession and the WWE having to make budget cuts, but that really wasn't what bothered me. It was the card lineup. Just kind of lame and predictable. There were only three matches I wanted to see, and they weren't even legitimate title matches.

Thoughts and spoilers put under the cut for those who haven't seen WM 25 )

Like I said...it could've been better. And I just wasn't thrilled with the fight card either. I think [livejournal.com profile] davidmasters05 over at [livejournal.com profile] wwe summed it up the best: "It's great that Taker and HBK can still do that, but...it's also sad that those are the ones carrying a 2009 Wrestlemania. There's only so long you can act like this is the stage where people make history, when all you do is give us shit we've seen."
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In the last episode of "Jem," the Starlight Girls were left without a home after the fire; Jerrica had her friends (with her as Jem, of course) stage an impromptu mini-concert to butter up Howard Sands into letting the foster girls use the mansion as a temporary home until the Battle of the Bands; the Misfits had a problem with this and caused trouble; Eric told the Misfits, "Knock that shit off!"; Jem and the Holograms performed again once they all moved in and the Misfits crashed that; a bomb went off at the mansion; some fancy schmancy countess invited Jem and the Holograms (and Rio, too) to her party on a yacht that night and snubbed the Misfits; Jem and the Holograms met Lin-Z Pierce and Anthony Julian; Anthony hit on Shana; Jem tried hitting on Rio and telling him she was really his girlfriend in disguise, but the Misfits ruined that and caused trouble at the party; Pizzazz got it into her head that she could pull a Rory Gilmore and pilot a yacht; and the yacht was heading straight for an oil barge.

Oh, and Jerrica never told Rio that she's really Jem.

Sing along with me! "Jem is truly snark-rageous! Truly, truly, truly snark-rageous!":

Read more... )


Err, she meant "Paris."

Read more... )

*shakes head* Oh Jerrica, even if Jem and the Holograms win this contest, they're going to be in so much debt because of Eric Raymond being a greedy prick. Can't she at least hire a lawyer to see about this?!

Read more... )

So here are the rules to being a Misfit:
--A Misfit never asks for anything.
--A Misfit takes whatever he/she wants.
--No "please" or "thank you" crap. A "GIMME!" will suffice.

Read more... )OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Read more... )

STAY TUNED FOR EPISODE 4! (And once again, very special thanks for the screencaps from here.)
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Last time on "Jem," Emmett Benton died and left his daughter Jerrica a house that's falling apart and half the family business; Eric Raymond made himself plenty comfortable at Starlight Music; the Misfits came and acted like the fabulous bitches they are, and pissed Jerrica off; Jerrica got a pair of earrings; pair of earrings ended up being remote controls for a hologram machine; Jerrica disguised herself as a fancy-schmancy pink-haired singer named Jem and crashed the Battle of the Bands with her friends and lil' sister; Eric challenged Jerrica to a contest; the Misfits nearly ran Jem and the Holograms off the road; Jerrica saved the day with a hologram, but Rio was the one who pulled the girls to safety; Eric hired a thug to break into Jerrica's foster home; Jerrica cockblocked Rio; there was a FIRE!!!

Was that it? I hope that was it.

Episode Two on the DVD opens with that "me and my girls are Jem-girls" theme that I HAAAATE.

Ah. Much better. I just try to convince myself that they didn't make a new Jem theme.

The show actually opens with a quickie recap of what happened last episode. (I just DID a quickie recap! *le sigh*) Starlight House is still burning, and Jerrica and the gang are quickly trying to get the Starlight Girls out of the house. Great. Just great. Not only did she inherit a house that was pretty much falling apart, now it caught fire and THEY'VE LOST EVERYTHING! Could things get any worse for Jerrica now? Read more... )

(I should warn you guys. I have a very subversive sense of humor. That, and in these recaps, Rio's generally going to be a typical red-blooded horn-dog male in his early 20s who can't control his raging manhood.)

Read more... )

Castles! Flying carpets! Rainbows! Unicorns! Sunken treasure! Dancing in the clouds! Shirtless Rio! This is the stuff a six-year-old girl dreams about!

Read more... )



And to wrap up this recap....I give you "Rio" by Duran Duran. Because of the yacht party scene.

(BTW, before I close, I must mention that all screencaps for this and for the previous recap are from here. Gotta give credit where credit's due, yo)
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And no, not "Rock of Love Bus" snark (which I still intend to do). But I'm finally sitting myself down to do some snarking of my absolute favorite cartoon ever!

About freaking time, I say!

So I put the first disc of the DVD set in my player to settle down and start watching, because frankly (for the purpose of the groups I post in), I need to get reacquainted with the show. And what bothers the living crap out of me is that for the VERY FIRST EPISODE, they have replaced the original "Jem is truly outrageous!" theme song with that "Me and my friends are Jem girls" crap. You know, the non-gender specific one. My inner six-year-old is dying. This was NOT the original theme song, for crying out loud.

Oh hell. Here's the original theme song. If Rhino was going to do something, they could've at least done it right, you'd think:

Now is it me, or did the animation in the opening sequence alone seem better than the actual show animation? Big deal, when I was a kid, I wasn't paying attention to that stuff. I'd be running home after school because "OMG! JEM'S ON!" and turn on channel 9 (WGN) and plop my butt down in front of the TV to get my fill because I CAN'T MISS THE THEME SONG!!!! That theme song is EVERYTHING! You know why? Because Jem is outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous.

Anyway, let's get to the actual show. Read more... )

The first "pissy Rio moment" in the show, I LOVE IT! Read more... )

Jerrica's all, "What the crap IS this?!" Read more... )

Roxy: "So what? We're the Misfits!"
Stormer: "You can't tell us what to do!"
Pizzazz: "Stay out of my way, or else!"
Jerrica: "Or else what?"

Or else they'll break into song, that's what! Read more... )

Jerrica just got pwned. Read more... )

It's the ghost of Christmas past! Read more... )

So she introduces herself and the band as Jem and the Holograms. Wowee. Original. *slow golf clap* Read more... )Who's da man?Read more... )

Man, it'd be something if life was like this. Everyone erupts into a music video when you get in the middle of a conversation. Read more... )

STAY TUNED FOR THE RECAP OF "DISASTER"! Until then, stay outrageous!
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Last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School," the Duchess of Birmingham, Alabama, Paige J.R. Ewing-ton visited, and the girls' etiquette skills were put to the test. Inna didn't cover up her lovely lady lumps because Brandi C. and Lacey didn't want to be a team with her, Brandi M. kept screwing up the Duchess' name, Jessica made lousy jokes, (spotted) dick was eaten, Brandi M. convinced Jessica to put herself up on the chopping block "to develop some backbone," and in the end Inna was eliminated....even though if Brandi M. had been up there like she originally was supposed to, she would've definitely went packing.

Okay, we're six episodes in, who's been eliminated so far? Raven (who eliminated herself), Courtney, Angelique, Rodeo, Megan, and Inna. Just keeping track, folks.

And before I even REALLY get into the commentary this week...a little off-topic. Riki Rachtman's "RikiCam" this week wasn't even about Charm School, but I definitely suggest you check it out. Especially if the potential bail-out of the automobile industry is on your mind...Riki has something he wants to get off his chest:

Keep that in mind. One in nine Americans.

Oh-kay, back to "Charm School." Read more... )I can't wait for the reunion episode.

And in the previews for next week....shit goes down, and Brandi C. pulls a Pumkin and SPITS on someone! Bret want to know..."Whassa goin' on?!"

......Okay, this was a hard one to snark on this week, because it was nothing but "Lacey sucks" left and right, which is really getting boring. I'm really waiting for next week.
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Last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School"...the girls recruited their own bands for a "Battle of the Bands;" hot guys took their shirts off, there was drama over Maura, her brother, and something Brandi M. DIDN'T say about it; CAMELTOE!; Megan was a a catty bitch and got physical with Brandi M.; and Sharon just got tired of Megan's shit and eliminated her, but that's okay, because Megan really wants to be a dentist. Oh wait, Brandi C. threatened to leave as well because Megan was axed, and she went batshit crazy in the process. But she's still in the competition. Because the nutso pink-blonde is good for ratings, now that the sociopathic Megan is gone.

At the beginning of this episode, we get mini-recaps from three girls who may end up on the chopping block tonight. Inna, who has been down for elimination a couple of times already, and knows she has no more room to mess things up. Brandi M., who has been down for elimination a few times herself as well, but manages to get out of it each time by pushing out a few tears. And Brandi C., who cries like a bratty little girl each and every episode. ESPECIALLY last week.

What this episode should be called?:

Read more... )

Yay, now that Megan is gone, it's okay for me to hate on Lacey again. THANKS MEGAN!

Read more... )

Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Birmingshire, Page of Irvingcrow Harrington.

Read more... )

Anyway.....the DUCHESS!

Read more... )

Onto dessert! "Oh, I do love spotted dick!"


Read more... )

Funny how all it took was a good night's sleep to sharpen my wit.
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Last week on "Rock of Love: Charm School," the judges picked on how the girls dressed, there was drama over a frickin' stolen bracelet, there was a fashion show, Heather didn't look as skankalicious as she normally does, Megan lied to Sharon again, Sharon tore Lacey AND Megan new assholes, and Rodeo let her emotions get the better of her and got eliminated for doing so. (Yeah, I know, I thought it was a stupid reason to eliminate her, as well.)

Things to keep in mind this episode:
A--Megan can't say anything nice about anyone. EVER.
B--Lacey's a musician!
C--Heather has style with a capital S!

This episode starts with Heather and Lacey actually being...civil to each other over breakfast! (I know, right?!) But it's a very off-handed conversation that we hear the tail end of. I can't make out what Heather says, but Lacey says, "I didn't call you 'slutty.' I never call girls 'slutty,' because that's just the pot calling the kettle black." They giggle over it, and I'm giggling too, because it's cool to see Lacey actually getting along with someone like Heather, who everyone hates for no real reason other than she's "trashy." In her interview, Lacey comments that she realizes it's time for her to buckle down and to start taking this seriously. "I'm the lead singer of a rock band (Gawd, Lacey, how many times do you have to mention this?! Shameless self promotion, much?), Sharon can make anyone's career, $100,000 is at stake...it's time to get serious." Read more... )

Why do they keep calling Heather a "lost cause"? Read more... )

Did I mention Lacey's a musician?!Read more... )
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Last week on "Rock of Love Girls: Charm School," Sgt. Jones came back and made the girls toss sandbags on a beach, Brandi C. cried and was later carried on a sled (with Megan) by the other girls, Brandi M. vandalized Brandi C.'s and Megan's pictures as revenge, the girls assembled stages, Lacey was a showoff, Dallas couldn't understand a damn word Angelique was saying, Brandi C. cried again at elimination (even though she wasn't up for elimination....WHY, I have no idea), and Angelique was sent back to Paris so she could bee a happee, seckzy streeper.

Picking up where we left off, Lacey, Brandi C. and Megan are lamenting Angelique's expulsion. Lacey claims she really liked Angelique (because she wasn't really a threat to her and she thinks, "HA, one more bitch out of my hair!") and Brandi C. says that Angelique wasn't even the weakest link. Brandi C. is just damn lucky that her team won the challenge the other day or else she definitely would've been up on the chopping block. However, I hold on to my theory that the REAL reason Angelique was eliminated was because the average TV viewer hates reading subtitles, and if Angelique were kept on a good chunk of this season, she would've scared off half of the audience weeth her craaaaazy French accent.

Meanwhile, the Terrible Three are still plotting on how to get even with that "nasty, trailer trash" Brandi M. They know Brandi M. won't be on her best behavior forever (ha ha, good luck! This IS "Charm School," and if Brandi M. is looking to seriously turn herself around, she just might surprise you), and Lacey's all, "Well, we've already got under her skin, and that seed has been planted." Read more... )

Sweet Jessica the onetime-NASA-intern comments, "I don't know if these girls got the same note I did, because a lot of them look like they're ready to turn tricks on Hollywood Boulevard or go to the county fair."

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SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE MEGAN SOME SPEECH LESSONS!!!! Quit saying "like" and "you know" all the damn time!!!

"Valley Girl" by Moon Unit Zappa (with daddy Frank):

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I think the fact that Rodeo is older than the rest of the group and has a kid herself gives her a bit of an advantage. The majority of the girls in the house are on that adolescent-level, and if she has to treat them like a kid and manhandle them, she isn't above that. Basically, Rodeo doesn't put up with childish crap like stealing and cheating and lying.

Who else here thinks Rodeo doesn't really need Charm School?

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Oh the drama. This makes for good TV.

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Elimination time. Lacey doesn't feel like she's going home tonight, and really, there's no need for Lacey to. Read more... )


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