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And then there's this.

Personally, I think it's cute. I know I've made a post on here before about how I was following Barbie on Twitter this summer because of that Video Girl project Mattel had going on, and how fun that was. But I think this is better, because they'll make the announcement on Valentine's Day.

Tonight at Target, I saw an endcap set up with all of this cute Barbie and Ken merchandise (not just for kids!). So I ended up getting myself this cute t-shirt and the special promotional $5 "She Said Yes!" Barbie and Ken gift set. I can't find a link for this anywhere on Target.com, and I'm not finding it ANYwhere on the official Barbie websites, and I didn't see this advertised in this week's Target sales ad, sooooo if you are interested, get yourself to Target ASAP and grab one while you can! There were only three left at my local Target tonight!

And don't forget to VOTE! http://BarbieandKen.com

On a similar subject....activity at Starbright Continued has been DEAD for a while. I want to get it going again, but before I do, I need to get on with the total rehauling of Rio as Ace. Before I get back to actively posting and getting gameplay back up and going, I want to have his look established. (I'm seriously back into art.)

And I'm holding my breath for Toy Fair this year. Seriously hoping Hasbro is going to do SOMEthing with Jem and the Holograms, but if they don't, I won't be too disappointed.
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And especially [livejournal.com profile] jaynesgottarun for making this at IncredulousKristy.Tumblr.com:

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Loved it, loved it, loved it. Worth the hype, worth the wait. Can't wait for this to come out on Blu-Ray!!!

This is the perfect time to be hysterical!! )

--Best part of the movie? THESE TWO:

Ken stole the show. Not even gonna lie.
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If people are role-playing Sweet Valley High characters over on Twitter, let's get it started for Jem characters, too.


It'll be fun! Trust me!
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"Well, you have sheep barrettes in your hair. You think they're adult?"
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Wow, [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt is collectively butt-hurt that Donny Osmond won "Dancing With the Stars" and beat Kelly Osbourne. Just....wow. So much hate over a genuinely nice, Mormon guy.

...........Okay, I'm done making a total dork of myself.
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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY! (Too bad I was too late for FFAF and the MJ parties.)
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Yesterday, news hit that Morgan Spurlock is going to be doing a documentary on "The Simpsons." So, I've decided to of my favorite episodes of "The Simpsons" ever, in no particular order:

D'oh! )
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There's some person responding to my comments on a few "Jem" episodes on YouTube who is acting like I'm stupid and have never watched the shows before when I notice all sorts of inconsistencies when they try to one-up me.

First of all, I mentioned a dozen foster girls. And you counted twelve? Hon, I dunno if you passed third grade math, but a dozen is twelve.

Second of all, Eric Raymond has pictures of Synergy from the very first (well, fifth) episode that he could probably use to blackmail Jerrica with instead of Jacqui Benton's master tape. Of course, he's never seen Synergy and doesn't really know what the hell Synergy is used for, so what does that matter, really? So don't repeat what I just said like you know what you're talking about better than I do and act like a know-it-all. "I have the first episode..." Well GOOD FOR YOU. So do I. I have all the episodes that are available on DVD too, plus taped ones from Boomerang that aren't on DVD. And as a matter of fact, I'm been re-watching them so I can snark on them, so I'm pretty familiar with the material. (Speaking of which, I will be getting around to snarking on the second episode of the "Starbright" three-parter soon; I've been preoccupied with other things the last couple of weeks, plus getting more into [livejournal.com profile] bsc_snark.)

Third of all...since you claim you've seen ALL the episodes...I'm sure you know that by the last episode, Jem makes it clear that she doesn't have any money and that everything she earns from her performances and album sales and charity gigs and movies goes towards the Starlight Foundation to help take care of the Starlight Girls. I JUST pointed that out in my comment.

I don't know if you just stumbled onto the show on YouTube and are new to the show and trying to be a megafan and one-up the fans who have BEEN fans since 1985, but please do me a favor and go back and re-watch the show and pay attention before you send me any more comments. THEN you can get in a conversation with me about Jem, because I know what I'm talking about.

Seriously, if I have a major pet peeve, it's when people flat out don't pay attention when you tell them something, and then I have to repeat myself. Which is why I get so irritated at work and with Mom.
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You seen the video for "I'm On A Boat" by the Lonely Island?

You seen the new Star Trek movie yet?!!

Check this out. Had me giggling madly for a good ten minutes.
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Last time on "Jem," Malone the private eye broke into the drive-in where Jerrica and the rest of the girls were hiding Synergy. He started smashing Synergy with a chair, and Synergy alerted Jerrica. When they got back to the drive-in, the girls saw Synergy in pieces, but it was just a hologram. Nevertheless, the girls--after finding out that the detective was sent by Eric--decided to load Synergy up and take the whole console back to the Mansion. Malone showed his pictures to Eric of Synergy, and deduced that Jerrica and Jem MUST be the same person, and Eric was all, "That's crap, but I want that....thing." The Misfits got desperate to screw things up for Jem and the Holograms, but then Ashley dropped by and decided that the Misfits weren't very good friends and gave them the $30 back. Eric realized who she was, and decided to kidnap her and use her as blackmail. He called Jerrica hours before the Battle of the Bands and told her to collect Ashley within a half hour--ALONE--or else. This meant they'd miss the BOTB, but they decided Ashley's safety was more important than winning. The Misfits didn't want to "babysit" Ashley (whom they stuffed in a trunk) while Eric went to meet up with Jerrica, and there was a squabble between Pizzazz/Roxy and Stormer over it. Stormer decided to sell out and join her comrades instead of helping Ashley. Pizzazz tried hitting on Rio again, but when he rejected her and was all, "Jem's waaaay better," Pizzazz was all, "Nyah, whatever, dick." Jem (and the Holograms) showed up at the drive-in to negotiate with Eric, but he had his thugs make sure they were "tied up" and couldn't make it to the BOTB. Didn't matter--Jem found a way to escape. Back at the arena, Eric and Rio nearly got into a scuffle, but then Rio found out Ashley had been kidnapped and was locked in a trunk. He saved her, then they went to the drive-in (with the cops) to rescue Jem and the Holograms. The cops arrested Eric's hired thugs, and they got Jem and the Holograms back to the arena in time to perform....and WIN. They got to keep the Starlight Mansion, they are now contractually obligated to do a movie with Howard Sands' production company, and best of all, Eric Raymond was fired from Starlight Music. The Misfits got mega-pissed, and Pizzazz vowed revenge on Jem. At the end, Jerrica and Rio went to Starlight Music to take back what was rightfully Jerrica's, but not before dealing with Eric, who had to blow the right people to stay out of jail. He took whatever he could get his mitts on before he left, and--being the bastard that he is--slapped Jerrica across the face. Rio, in turn, punched him in the face HARD. Jerrica vows to make Starlight Music into something her dad would be proud of, she and Rio kiss, and we end with Jem and the Holograms singing on the top of Starlight Music.

Oh, and Jerrica never told Rio that she's really Jem.


This episode is part of another mini-series, the "Starbright" arc. It's called "Falling Star," but I like to call it "Jem Is PMS-ing Hardcore." Read more... )

Read more... )

Read more... )


Read more... )

"I'm finished with you, I've had it with them, I QUIT." Read more... )

TO BE CONTINUED.....(not again!)

And to close this snark out...since they were seeking Jem and Jerrica earlier this episode....Oh baby baby, have you seen Jem or Jerrica tonight? Is either one of them in the bathroom? Are they smokin' up outside, oh?

And on a sad note, Linda Dangcil, the woman who played Raya in the later episodes of "Jem" passed away on May 7th. This snark was dedicated to her, even though I haven't even gotten around to snarking on episodes with Carmen "Raya" Alonso in them yet.
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I'd turn to a vigilante to help me out. Do vigilantes count?

Or this guy:

*edited later on* I think it's obvious which of the Watchmen is my favorite. Especially if you glance at my userpics on here.
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The two guaranteed words that can get me out to see "Help Me Mommy!"/Rocky Horror at the Art?

80s Night.

SOOOO much fun. I got, like, totally dressed up to the max, man. Crimped my hair and everything. I wish I had a picture.

Dance party. Dance, dance, dance! I discovered that Kevin is not really big on dancing, but I have to give him an A for effort.

Karly was there! Excellent! Then the even BIGGER surprise....SHAWN was there! It was like a Pink Invaders' homecoming of sorts! (Kevin told me Wally was there last week, and I was PISSED that I missed it!)

Didn't get home until 3:30 AM-ish. Had to be at work by 10 AM today. Still really exhausted. I feel it all over in my body. My head, my back, my feet, my legs....Alicia let me go home a little early, which was good. :) (See? She's not ALWAYS a meanie.)

I am setting a date for my "thing": end of April, the 25th. Codename "Ride the Bride." Planning on losing 25 pounds by April 25th so I look good.

*tangent* Today is Christina's birthday. Next week is Justice's. I reeeeeeally need to get a hold of both of them and catch up. I hate being out of touch with friends.

*tangent* And I just felt the need to post this:

I need to see this movie again. I bought the actual graphic novel and I'm totally engrossed in it.
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Tom Dumont from No Doubt and his wife just had their first baby. It's a boy, and they named him....Rio Atticus Dumont.

Yeah, you know who I automatically thought of. And then I thought of when Gwen had the pink hair during Return of Saturn.

That gave me a bit of a smile.

....Because of my Internet absences and limited time, I've been SORELY neglecting Starbright Continued. And OM&TM. And the Sailor Moon group, too.
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OMG.....Weezer....this video just renewed my love for them.

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We ended up having to purchase a new tire for my car. A couple of days ago, I went to Fieldhouse Ford to see about getting the damaged tire serviced since I'm still under warranty. (Three years or 36,000 miles; I bought the car a little over two years ago and I'm at 31,900 miles.) The guy at the service department told me that not only was the tire ruined, but the rim on the wheel was bent, and they'd have to replace the wheel as well, and that would cost me $325.


Dad and I were kind of scratching our heads over that one, especially since I'm still under warranty, dammit. So I went to Lake Tire yesterday morning and asked them to look at it, mainly for a second opinion. The guy at Lake Tire said, "Yep, the rim's bent." He also said that he's replaced tires on rims bent worse than mine was; there should've been no reason the guy at the Ford service department couldn't have just replaced the tire. They just want more of my money. Of course, Lake Tire doesn't carry a used or new 16-inch low-profile tire for my Focus, so I had to break down and go up to Merrillville for a new one at Tire Barn today. They did it with no problem and were very helpful. (One of the guys working there looked like Snoop Dogg in the face, actually.)

So yeah. Next car I end up buying will not be a Ford.

So okay. "Jem" fanwanking/fanficcing may commence. It's been on my mind all day. It makes me a little daydreamy to waste the downtime behind the register. :P

I'm really excited with the direction I'm going with Rio at Starbright. Carmen and I talked a little more in detail with what they have in mind. Read more... )I know it sounds silly, but when you participate in something like this, you do grow an attachment to your character and you sort of experience the same sort of feelings your character goes through. But it's all in fun, and it helps me grow. I grow as a writer through it, and it's entertaining to have the others in the group read and react to it.

And it all stems from something stupid I mentioned to Jeed and Carmen. Read more... )

What I'm planning on doing? Well, this almost completely ruins any chances of Rio coming back and redeeming himself. It's almost too late at this point. So his only other option? Just totally reinvent himself as Ace & put Rio to rest. And THIS is where it gets interesting. Read more... )

And the best part is...I'm going to turn him into a TOTAL WOMANIZER. He's been with Jerrica since...what? High school? Fine. She wants to cut him out of her life? Fine then. Let her! Let her move on! There are other women out there! He can bed any woman he wants! He's going to be knee-deepin pussy. Wannabe-singers, groupies, Playmates, strippers, one-night-stands from bars, the occasional B-list starlet...to quote the Poison song, it'll be nothing but a good time for Rio as Ace. His bedpost is going to be so notched, it'll look like a frickin' toothpick.

What stays the same? The hairpin temper. (This is Rio we're talking about. Something about him has to stay consistent.) His semi-pissy attitude.

Does the money make him happy? No. Do the women make him happy? Of course not. Read more... )
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Someone please!!

If you watched all two hours of it on Thursday or Friday, please tell me what happened after Addison showed up in LA. I watched maybe 40 minutes of it before I left to get in line for Spiderman 3. (And I had to work Friday night.) Who died?! (Although I know who...just what of, I don't know.) Did Burke and Cristina get married?! Is George staying at Seattle Grace?! And what the hell is up with Meredith and Derek now?!

Speaking of...Spiderman 3 was good, for the most part. My thoughts behind the cut (because it reveals some spoilers):
Read more... )

Spiderman 3 was good...but it could've been better.

....Now that LiveJournal is offering the option, I've been contemplating getting a new username. I wish MySpace offered this option; I hate what I chose for my MySpace profile name. (twaffles)
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So yeah, Hunter and I are going to the midnight showing of Spiderman 3.

Are we geeking out? Well...to an extent. He bought some black t-shirts and I recreated the logo on Venom's...well, that's not really a costume or an outfit, it's that damn symbiote taking over Eddie Brock. (SPOILER!!! *lol* But if you read the comics, you knew that.)

Me? I'm just wearing my red New York t-shirt.

The only thing that sucks is that we'll leave a little early to secure our spot in line. And I'll be missing the second hour of "Grey's Anatomy" tonight.


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