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Jerrica/Jem would have never told Riot her true identity. She would have no reason to trust him with that information.

There was a little heated debate about this issue on YouTube that stemmed from a comment I made on a Stingers-centric "Jem" episode (some fans think since Jem and Riot were "oh-so-perfect" for each other, he would've accepted it better than Rio would have). So I just fielded that question to Christy on the Yahoo group, and she responded.

Makes sense. I mean, if I were her, I'd have a hard time trusting Riot after spiriting me away to a deserted island against my will.

But this does give me pause for a good fanfic idea. *rubs hand together gleefully*

Stingers-centric episodes should be starting this week on the Hub!
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A date has been set for the "Jem" full series DVD re-re-release.

October 11th.

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(Questions asked by [livejournal.com profile] cosmosmariner):

1) Why Jem? :P
Why not? :P I was a big fan of the dolls and cartoon when I was a kid, and that fandom got reborn when I started participating in a "Jem" RPG on Yahoo Groups. And just like all fun things from the 80s, it's fun today, but when you re-watch that show as an adult, you tend to have a different (more mature) take on it than you did as a kid.

2) How did you get into RHPS?
I always say I wouldn't have gotten into Rocky Horror if I weren't a MST3K fan. When I was in my first semester of college (many many moons ago), one of my friends asked if I had ever been to see Rocky Horror before. I told her I had heard of it, but had never seen it. She said if I liked watching MST3K, I'd probably get into a midnight showing of Rocky Horror because all you do is make fun of the movie (like on MST3K), and there was a cast "acting out" the movie as it was going. So I went with her and a couple of other friends and had lots of fun.

Then maybe about a year later, when I was still active on instant messaging on Yahoo and AOL, that when I met (the now dreaded) Zero Phoenix online. And we started talking pretty regularly online and became friends, and SOMEhow he remembered me from that one night I went to Rocky Horror, so he started really talking me into coming back to seeing another show. At that time, he wasn't in cast, but he was friends with pretty much everyone in cast, so I got to know those people and made friends with them, and after going to see the show on a semi-regular basis for a couple of years, I made the decision to join cast. I kind of wanted to be Magenta, but Ol' Man Shawn Stutler and Crazy Ryan Markle and Ed "This is my jam!" Lipinksi (aka [livejournal.com profile] supermachodude) told me that they were REALLY looking for a new Janet. And that's how it alllll began.

3) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live, and why?
Southern California, maybe around Los Angeles. Yes, I know cost of living is ridiculously high. Yes, I know that area is a hot ground for earthquakes and mudslides. But the true fact of the matter is that it's nice and sunny, and there's a dry heat in the summertime (unlike the humid summers we get here in Chicagoland). It's near a major metropolitan area where there's always something going on and I could never get bored. And it's a far way away from here in Indiana, and it would piss my parents off. :D

4) What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?
Oh I have quite a few, but I'll probably have to go with She-Devil. It's so late 80s and cheese-tastic, and Meryl Streep really doesn't do enough comedy.

5) What is the one song that speaks to you in a really personal way - that it feels like the band wrote just for you?
"I Hope You Dance" by LeeAnn Womack

Like with this, in an attempt to get to know my f-list better, comment to this with "COME AT ME BRO" and I'll ask you five questions. Answer them on your LJ, and continue the meme!
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--Rearranging furniture
--Massive cleaning out of basement, considering stuff for another yard sale
--Massive cleaning of house
--Giving Bo a bath
--Playing more with Bo
--Taking Bo to the vet (annual checkup)
--Taking Bo for a ride in the car
--Washing the car
--Cleaning out car
--Cutting the grass
--Working on my tan (don't worry, I use an SPF of no lower than 15)
--Working out
--Working some more on my book
--Possibly going to Indiana Beach with Kevin on Saturday (if not, maybe we can go to Chicago and bum around Navy Pier for the day)
--Working on resumé
--Looking for a new job

Let's see how much of this actually gets done, *heh*.

*tangent* I had that dream again last night. (No, not the one where Seth MacFarlane called me a "c*nt" and I laughed it off.) The recurring one where I'm in a toy store and amble about to the doll section and see it. The long-awaited Jem section with new dolls. And I freak out and buy up the whole section, and everyone in Toys 'R Us just looks at me funny like I'm a nutjob. YES, this is a recurring dream. And yes, this dream probably happened because of the Hub picking up "Jem" and the prospect of the new DVD set, and man we have got to get on the ball at Starbright Continued. (Because just the other week, there's been discussion of what characters we're keeping/not using and just what we're doing storyline-wise.)

Hey, new things to add to list:

--Work on Rio revamp
--Plan on what to do with Eric Raymond (now that they've convinced me to pick him up; I could have fun with the bad guy!)
--A new "Jem" snark! With slash-goggles for [livejournal.com profile] cosmosmariner!

And speaking of "Jem" stuff...for anyone who's on Twitter, I guess Jerrica Benton has a Twitter account! http://twitter.com/#!/starlight_music (I guess she doesn't have a whole lot of followers yet.)
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Just as I upgraded my cable package to get the Hub (plus a bunch of other channels...), I found out today that Shout Factory will indeed be putting out a re-re-release of "Jem" on DVD more than likely by the end of this year.

Which means we'll finally be getting the Stingers' episodes. :D :D
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It's official. The Hub is going to start airing "Jem"!!!!


Feb. 21st, 2011 11:38 pm
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No one will understand what I mean by this, but..............

Ashley Tisdale? No.


Please God, no. Don't let it happen. Just......no.


...................NO, I tell you! No! Just NO!

I hope this doesn't happen. I really hope not. Toy Fair came and went, and it seemed like there was NO sign or mention of you-know-who at all. Now I hear some mumblings that Ashley Tisdale's production company has optioned something for it, and...............NO!!!

I haven't done a "Jem" snark in ages. I really need to get back on the ball.
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And then there's this.

Personally, I think it's cute. I know I've made a post on here before about how I was following Barbie on Twitter this summer because of that Video Girl project Mattel had going on, and how fun that was. But I think this is better, because they'll make the announcement on Valentine's Day.

Tonight at Target, I saw an endcap set up with all of this cute Barbie and Ken merchandise (not just for kids!). So I ended up getting myself this cute t-shirt and the special promotional $5 "She Said Yes!" Barbie and Ken gift set. I can't find a link for this anywhere on Target.com, and I'm not finding it ANYwhere on the official Barbie websites, and I didn't see this advertised in this week's Target sales ad, sooooo if you are interested, get yourself to Target ASAP and grab one while you can! There were only three left at my local Target tonight!

And don't forget to VOTE! http://BarbieandKen.com

On a similar subject....activity at Starbright Continued has been DEAD for a while. I want to get it going again, but before I do, I need to get on with the total rehauling of Rio as Ace. Before I get back to actively posting and getting gameplay back up and going, I want to have his look established. (I'm seriously back into art.)

And I'm holding my breath for Toy Fair this year. Seriously hoping Hasbro is going to do SOMEthing with Jem and the Holograms, but if they don't, I won't be too disappointed.
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Just found out that TinyPic is no more. This bites. Why? Because quite a few of my Jem screencaps were on my TinyPic account.


Oh well. I guess I'll have to re-upload them to PhotoBucket or to my LJ scrapbook later tonight.
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[Poll #1597225]

Keep in mind, I'm trying to get as many of the pre-Stingers episodes done first. Once I get past "The Stingers Hit Town," the tone of the snarks will probably get a little more different and judgmental.
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I really had to sit down and think hard about which episode I wanted to snark on next, and the inspiration came to me as I was at work the other day, ringing people up for various barbecue products. Since it is summertime after all, people are firing up their grills and eating and eating and eating. EAT, DAMMIT!

Yumness. So I bring you today's episode: "The World Hunger Shindig." In which horrendous 80s country-Western-type style presides over the whole episode, and apparently there's something involving charity, too. CUE THE THEME SONG!

This fierce, meat-eating bitch invites you in:

The only thing I give for free is attitude! )

Saint Jerrica thanks you for your time.

"Outrageous" count: one
How many times did Jerrica/Jem transform in this episode: one (that we actually saw)
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I guess I got inspired:

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It's time for another "Jem" snark! So go grab yourself one of these...

...and sit back! CUE THE THEME SONG!

Today's episode: "Adventures in China." Also known as "The Worst Possible Thing Happens to Jem." You'll see why.

What exactly could be the WORST thing to happen to Jem? Does Rio eventually find out that Jem is really his girlfriend? What crazy antics will the Misfits try to get away with this time? All this and more, under the cut! )


"Outrageous" count: four
How many times did Jerrica transform into Jem this episode: Once.
Did Rio and Jem have the final kiss? No.
Did Jerrica tell Rio the truth? No.

Oh well. Thanks for reading!

PS--Hey Jerrica, you might want to invest in these, in case of another emergency like this:

pink wig Pictures, Images and Photos

And I will link to xsparkage again:

This isn't that hard. Why does Jerrica have to make things so hard on herself?! (Because she's a blonde? *lol, j/k*)
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Do I need to include the theme song with every snark?

..........YES. Now run, grab some cookies and milk, and plop your butt in front of the computer. It's time for "Jem"!

Today's episode: "In Stitches." It's a fashion-centric episode, so things are going to be all sorts of........


I can be beautiful or truly outrageous, it all depends on the mood I'm in. )

"Outrageous" count: one
Aja blue-orange contrast count: one
How many times did Jerrica transform into Jem this episode?: four

Thank you for reading! Stay outrageous!
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I'm thinking of re-doing all of my previous ones, now that I've figured out how to do screencaps. :D

And I don't know who else watches "Hoarders" on A&E, but I always feel compelled to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and throw shit out after watching. Is it just me?
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So I was debating whether I wanted to continue with the snarks show-order as they appear on the DVD set, or if I wanted to do one that fit the Memorial Day holiday. Because guess what's going on today down in Indianapolis. THE 500.


This is one of my favorite 'Jem' episodes. Not EVEN gonna lie. And with SCREENCAPS, too! *squee!* )

I might have another one up by next week. We'll see. Stay outrageous, yo!

And here's some blue-orange contrast for you people who follow ONTD:

BTW, did anyone else notice that Jerrica never once said "Showtime Synergy" in this episode?! Just that "auto-mechanic" crap! WTF?!
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If people are role-playing Sweet Valley High characters over on Twitter, let's get it started for Jem characters, too.


It'll be fun! Trust me!
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So I'm going to be very bold with my character (Ace/Rio) and say this.

"Jem is a big phony. She's also a flaky, unprofessional hack singer who only sings what's put in front of her, and doesn't have a creative bone in her body. I mean, hell. She relies on Kimber Benton to write all of her songs. Oh, and she's also a cocktease. God, is she a cocktease."

.....I'm going to looooove playing Rio as a straight-up drunken asshole douchebag. COME AT ME!

And I may have a Jem-snark up by Memorial Day. If I do, it'll be "Intrigue at the Indy 500" (for obvious reasons). Believe me, I haven't forgotten! Since I had to wipe my hard-drive a few months ago, it's been hard for me to install a DVD player device on here, so it's been kind of a pain in the ass to try to do screencaps.

*edit* Looks like I'm temping Eric Raymond now over there!

*edit* HEY ED, when's 80s night again? ;)
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For those of you who are wondering...Sandy didn't show up for Easter. She's still in Bloomington, finishing out this semester and getting ready for graduation. I guess she's got a job lined up in Indy with some TV station. TJ couldn't remember exactly what it was he was doing (what kind of a brother ARE you?!), but she does have a job lined up. Troy didn't show up, either. He was doing scaffolding work on Easter. And getting paid triple-time for it. Hell, I would've worked Easter Sunday if I were getting triple-time as well.

*tangent* I know I don't talk a whole lot about me and Kevin on here, but sometimes I wish I had more to talk about with him on the phone. Anymore, we're kind of reduced to five-minute phone conversations a day. He talks about work and how customers drive him nuts sometimes. I listen. I don't talk about how work drives me nuts, because if you've heard my stories about how stupid people are when they go shopping, you've heard 'em all. SVT can be stupid, pointless, a waste of my time, and irritating, but it pays me money. It doesn't pay me enough, though.

I dunno, sometimes I wish I weren't so...boring.

....Maybe I should just develop an alter-ego, dye my hair pink, wear a lot of makeup and keep him in the dark about it? *HEE*

*tangent* It's raining today. And I have to work a later shift at work. Boo and bullfrogs.

*tangent* Is it just me, or is it just on [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt when LJ starts screwing up for people with the loading? I know ONTD has sponsors now, but still. That's not what's bothering me. I know the mods explained that because the community is at 100% operating capacity, it gets slow, even for high-speed connections. But for crying out loud, I have a paid account and I don't have to deal with ads, and it just bothers me that I have to deal with stuff not loading on there. I notice it loads slower at night, though.... (And BTW, I don't really have this problem at other communities.)
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Artist's comments: "Riot is like a fortune cookie, all of his lines become exponentially more entertaining if you imagine him saying them to someone in bed."

Kinda NSFW, cuz it's sexay time. )


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