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Yeah, it's such a random thing, but following up on this from a few days ago...

...then I read that Tom and his wife already have a kid named Ace.

I.....I just don't know what to think. I mean, what with I've been doing with Rio over at Starbright...How much of a random coincidence is this?!

*tangent* Anyhoo, an update! Hunter's finally going to get around to getting me the Internet hook-up in my room! (About damn time!) And it's the best news ever!

*tangent* I've been working at Strack's for a year! Time for another 35 cent raise!

*semi-tangent* Speaking of money...about ready to switch banks again. Found out the Centier Bank in the Strack's I work at cashes our checks for free, even if we don't have an account with them. Why didn't I find this out sooner?! Could've saved me a ton of trouble!

*tangent* Going to Deep River Waterpark with Kevin for the Wal-Mart company outing/picnic thing on Wednesday!
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Comment on here, and I will pick three random userpics and three random interests from your LiveJournal profile, and I want YOU to elaborate on them.

Since I commented on [livejournal.com profile] iamfiction's post, here are my answers to what she picked:

Quite simply...what gets used when I'm up and posting and just doing random blabbering.

It's Christina Aguilera from her recent Rolling Stone photoshoot. It's the same outfit she wore in the "Candyman" video. The video's cute. And this is MY opinion, but I like the retro thing she's got going on right now.

One of my absolute favorites. Because really...Jerrica was damn lucky Rio never left her for Minx. (Minx was just a maneater anyways.) Oh, what could've been if they had kept on doing ths cartoon...

"denial over Trey's engagement"
This is an interesting one, and it should be addressed, especially since he's no longer "engaged" but actually "married." I've always had a bit of a thing for Trey Parker (even if he is currently getting fatter and balding a bit). Unfortunately, as of a year ago, a bunch of his female fans heard through the grapevine that he was getting married to some chick named Emma. Yeah, that sucked. [livejournal.com profile] boobie_tassels had a pretty extensive Trey Parker/"South Park" fansite up, and SHE was the one who coined the term "denial over Trey's engagement," which is pretty much how I felt from a fan's perspective.

"View Askew"
Yeah, all of Kevin Smith's movies, I pretty much love, or anything having to do within that little brand. I even have a "Buddy Christ" figurine from Dogma.

I like it when it rains. I like it even better when it storms. I tend to sleep better when it storms outside. It's even better when it's randomly sunny outside and it storms, because the way the sun hits the raindrops, there is almost ALWAYS the prettiest rainbow out afterwards.

Comment if you want me to select some for you!
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Guess what I'm doing today? I'm up on campus. I'm watching a movie in my ethics class (The Constant Gardener) and we're finishing up Hamlet in my Shakespeare class. That's my day.

Now onto random stuff for your amusement:
Sonic and Mario are relay runners!

The unfunny truth about Scientology. (THIS IS THE ONE TO WATCH....WATCH YOUR BACK, KATIE HOLMES!)

Oh how DARE you, Weird Al!!!!! HOW DARE YOU?!!
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Late-night cram sessions + 3 hours of sleep = at least a B+ on my earth science final.

*tangent* I don't want to go to work tonight. Patti increased my hours and she was concerned about it at first, but I told her, "It's finals week, I'll be done with finals by Wednesday, I can work the hours."

*semi-related tangent* Speaking of money, while I have the money in my account, I should go pay my car payment online.

*tangent* ....Yeah, I've got nothing. Oh wait, I'm hungry.
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To fill in for Kevin. He's still sick. He didn't sound good yesterday when he called up to try to get someone to fill in for him.

Ah well. Extra hours. I kind of need them.

*tangent* Why does my tummy hurt? I only had a salad and a baked potato for lunch.
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Still no paychecks. This sucks balls, yo. I think every Blockbuster worker in NW Indiana who's been a victim in this deserves an extra $25-$50 in their paycheck for the inconvenience. Thank goodness I have Labor Day off tomorrow. Patti can deal with the paycheck fallout and payroll this week.

*tangent* Well, time for me to pull my hands away from the fatty foods and get my butt back on the treadmill. My jeans are starting to get a little tight, and it's uncomfortable. I have rights to the gym at school; I should utilize it.

*tangent* Tuesday. MTV. "Juvvies." Watch it. I used to babysit Sara. I want to watch and figure out what all MTV cut out. Because will I have some stories to tell!!
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When I get kudos for making a generally not-liked character likeable, that makes me feel good about myself. It reinforces that I really do have some writing & character development talent. I got props from Carmen yesterday for making Rio a likeable character at Starbright. Stuff like that motivates me. I guess I'm motivated by praise. But aren't we all?

*tangent* I know tonight is a Kung-Fu Night at Rocky, but I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow, & I need to get my rest tonight.

*tangent* Oh, before I end this post....thanks, Fester. I love you, buddy. But it's like I told you. I pay no attention to Zero's stupid posts anymore. I should probably just defriend him on MySpace...not like he'd notice or pay attention. But you're absolutely right, & I try not to waste so much time or energy on him anymore. The whole blog-feuding thing is so juvenile & "high school."

*tangent* Ami & Matt get to go to SummerSlam out in Boston. They have fifth row tickets. Lucky, lucky, lucky!!

*tangent* September 5th.
10 pm eastern, 9 pm central.
Watch it.
I used to babysit Sara on it. You'll watch, you'll be shocked & disgusted, & you'll be sad. After it airs, I'll be back on & tell you what MTV didn't air.
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This paycheck ended up being pretty decent. I won't give out specifics of what I got paid, but it's at least going to help me get out of my debt-induced hole considerably.

Soooo bored. Now is the time when I need to start really saving my cash so I can get books for this semester. I'm terrible--I never buy my books before classes begin because I've had a few classes start & the professors tell us that the wrong book titles were submitted to the book store & we have to return & buy other ones...usually brand-new & not used. (Ugh. It's an inconvenience.) So I wait till the book list is confirmed on the first day of class, & if the campus bookstore doesn't have it, I'll go buy it from Barnes & Noble. (Maybe now at Border's, since they're opening that new huge-ass Border's in the mall, & the mall's just a hop, skip & a jump from IUN.)

I cancelled my Deep River plans for today. Still feeling fat. Not really in the mood to throw on a bikini & frolic around the park. DOUBLE UGH.

Mom & I made the trip up to Merrillville to find the TriStar offices & get the carpet cleaning machine. Turns out the last guy who rented it a week ago hasn't brought it back yet. Now THAT'S an inconvenience, & a waste of gas money.
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I should've copied & posted the story from MySpace onto here, but I usually do vice versa--here first, then on MySpace. And I don't even really like MySpace all that much. But in a nutshell, my great aunt Ruth isn't doing too well. She's in the hospital, all of my relatives from down south are up here for her...and it's driving me nuts!!!

Here's the situation. Aunt Ruth has emphyzema, & she's in the IC unit at the hospital. My cousin Vivian (really more my second cousin, but has me refer to her as my aunt since she's dumb & doesn't really know any better) got all of Aunt Ruth's kids & their kids, & their kids (no, I didn't type that twice on accident--her grandkids AND her great-grandkids) up at the hosiptal to "be there" for her. Vivian wanted to pull the plug on her sooner, but here's the thing--Aunt Ruth is coherent. Vivian has all of these kids up there to cause havoc & drama, & then blurts out to Aunt Ruth that she's dying. For crying out loud, that's the last thing she needs to hear! She's only going to panic even more! Vivian wanted to pull the plug on her before even my grandma & my great uncles got up here!! She thinks she knows what's in Ruth's best interests, & she doesn't even know her own head from her ass. It's mayhem, & it's cruel. Then we were all in a panic because it was taking quite a while for my Uncle Glen (great-uncle, really) & Aunt Roberta to get up here from Houston, & there was a wonderful game of phone-tag going on all day between us here at my house & them at the hospital regarding that. (And I swear to God...if any of them call up here ONE MORE TIME & I say "Hello?" & they respond with "Who's this?" I'm going to be a total smart-ass & respond, "I dunno, who the hell is this?" or "You should know, you called me, duh" or totally pull a random name out of my ass, like Elaine Lipshitz, because they always do this. It's totally rude, makes them sound as dumb as they are, & I'm tired of it.)

But you know...having said all that, it may seem like Vivian was blowing it all out of proportion (like she usually does), but it really doesn't look good. What we need to be doing is praying for her instead of jumping to conclusions & pulling the plug on her sooner than we need to. I don't understand the people on this side of the family at all, I really don't.

My patience for old people is really being pushed to the limit even more than usual. You know, last Thursday I thought I was going to get a day off from working the senior citizen day, but then one of the managers at one of the Merrillville stores went & got himself fired. So Patti had to go fill in there instead of working at our store like she scheduled. Which left ME to work it. God, I can't get a break. And now we have Grandma Cozie & Uncle James staying with us. I can deal with Grandma Cozie, I will admit. It's not as bad as it was in the past, but that's an entirely different story. Uncle James...he's drunk half the time, we can't understand what he's saying 90% of the time, he smokes like a chimney. Hunter has retreated down to the basement (his little sanctuary) for the duration of their visit.

Onto Hunter! He wiped out on his scooter/motorbike a few days ago! And right before Grandma Cozie & Uncle James got in! His face got all banged up. Mom called me up at work when it happened, & she made it sound worse than it was. It doesn't really look that bad, in my opinion. Maybe it looked worse when it happened. All I know is I've seen worse. It'll heal. Yesterday he & I went to the mall to escape the house for a few hours, & we were bored out of our minds. Seriously, the mall has gotten B-O-R-I-N-G. No cool stores anymore. Everything is either overpriced shit from Abercrombie & Fitch, or Hot Topic sellouts, or whatever. One of these days, I'm going to take a drive out to Orland Square where the cool stores are.

Nothing good on TV during the day. Either stupid court shows, or talk shows (I HATE "THE VIEW") or "Little House On The Prairie." You know, I loved the books when I was a kid, but I can't stomach the TV show. Mainly because I was such a voracious Laura Ingalls Wilder fan when I was in fifth grade (hell, I went to see her house in Mansfield, Missouri...and Laura Ingalls Wilder REALLY WAS THAT SMALL!! There's a reason why her Pa called her "little half-pint!" Her kitchen was tiny!! Alamnzo built it to her needs!), & I know that half of the crap on the TV show never happened to the Ingalls family or to Laura & Almanzo in real life. It's just crap Michael Landon felt the need to make a moralistic show out of.
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What the hell is wrong with me?! Why have I been having such strong cravings for junk food lately and being so damn hungry?! I hate being a female. I just know that this is all because I'm gonna get my period soon. Yeah, after my period, all of that weight comes off with no problem, but I hate this. I feel like a goddamned pig. Although my boobs have gotten bigger, but that makes me feel like a cow. *frustrated sigh*


*tangent* Work went okay. Some dickhead came in and I guess he asked Christy about something when I was doing the nightly straightening, and when both of our backs were turned, the fucker ripped off some DVDs we had on the rack. Yeah, stupid, of course, but what's even more stupid is that he took the display ones that are encased in locked plastic containers. *hahahahahahaha*

That was my day. I'm having fun with the Dell. Plans with the old computer? I'm going to hook it up in my room and work off of that. I have no phone line in my room, so Internet access is out of the question until I can get a phone line installed. My scanner is not XP-compatible, so the scanner will go with the computer in my room. If Hunter wants to still scan pics, he can do it on the old computer and save it on disk and upload it on here or whatever we can work out.

No real plans tomorrow, but I do think I'll wash my car and get the computer set up in my room. I'm currently installing AIM on the Dell so I can communicate with friends.
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This is just a heads-up. I might not be updating as frequently as I normally do. Lately, I haven't been spending as much time on the computer as I usually do, mainly because my computer is a gigantic piece of crap that keeps freezing up on me and my brother whenever we use it. So after I finish up this LJ entry, I'm going to mosey on over to my Yahoo email account, delete all of my spam, and send some nasty emails to whomever sent me the spam to stop it.

I think we had a pretty good crowd at Rocky Horror this weekend. I don't know exactly why I was in such an awnry (sp?) mood. Maybe it was my devil horns. Maybe it was the fact that it was a full moon outside. Maybe it was the goddamned time change. (I'm still adjusting--I completely forgot about the time change!) But a good time was had by all. You can always tell how good of a crowd we had by how much stuff we have to clean up after the show.

I finally got around to watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I think it's one of those movies that you either love it or hate it. I loved it. I had to watch it a few times before I really got it. It's rather poetic.

Okay, so more shit with Spencer's. I was called in early to work at Blockbuster on Friday, I believe. I get home around eight, and it turns out Jan called up. Hunter told her I was at work at Blockbuster tonight. Hunter says she got all huffy and said something like, "Well, just tell her she has to come pick up her paychecks." Oh-kay, here's what I don't get...what paychecks?! Unless she means my paystubs. But she hasn't had me on the schedule for the last two weeks, since the days (wait, I mean day) she likes to have me work always conflict with Blockbuster's, so it's not like I've had any money coming my way in the last two weeks from there. And like I said...what paychecks?! We don't get paychecks anymore; it's all directly deposited into my banking account. No, she just wants me to drop by so she can give me some shit. I'm not saying anything bad here about her, but this is the way I see it. I think she might have also gotten pissed off because Joanie from St. Anthony's might have called for a reference.

That's right, I had a follow-up interview at St. Anthony's earlier today. That went pretty well. They have one other person to interview for the position, but I heard from the grapevine (hospital workers in sterilization and central supply through Gramma) that they are trying to shy away from hiring college students since they need someone with a more stable schedule for the position, and the other girl that applied is a college student. And yes, I do plan on going back to college to finish up my degree (maybe in a year when I have enough money saved), and I explained that in my interview today (and on Thursday). Man, I could really use this job, too.

On Sunday, I realized that I'm a fool to fall to pieces for being so hung up on a guy I knew I had no chance in hell with. (I'll talk more about it when I feel like it.) So I just kind of ate a bunch of junk food (candy!!) all day and polished it all off with some wine coolers while watching Hedwig. I'm okay now...I just still feel like a goddamned fool.
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Note to self: must remember "before noon" policy at Blockbuster and to hold onto my rental receipts. I have accrued at least $10 in late fees because of some DVDs I rented last week.

*tangent* I now have my own little shelf on the "Employee Favorites" section at work. I feel so accepted! *squeal*

*tangent* I'm still not much in a talking mood lately. I'm trying to sort through some of my own feelings and actions as of late. I just feel totally let down. I don't even want to explain what happened--it's kind of complicated.

*tangent* Computer is still acting up. Currently, I can't open another window on here. I'm going to have to restart this fucker. I'm probably going to have to take it back to RTL to see what the hell is wrong and what the hell did I pay money for to have it still screw up on me.

*tangent* I would like to go to Mitch's birthday get-together tonight, and I'm thinking about it, but I kind of need to save my money...especially after dropping $50 on my ticket for Rocky con and dropping $60 on those tires for my car earlier in the week. (Mom paid for the fuel pump...thank you, Mommy.) I'll go to the show tomorrow, even though I don't have to perform, but since I have to work another closing shift (till midnight), I'll be a little late. Seriously, the late shifts don't bother me all that much...it's just the nights I have to perform when I'm working late that really get on my nerves. But I figure if I could make it to the theater with just enough time to whip off my clothes like I'm Supergirl and get into costume, it's not bad.
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I was so thrilled yesterday. Weezer on MTV2. So I sat on my bed and watched in perfect bliss. I also got the Special Edition Blue Album that I've been waiting with baited breath for. *mmm...Weezer!*

*tangent* I now have a new fuel pump for my gas tank. Troy will be by later on today to get that put in. Now all I need to do now is get my exhaust fixed, I think I'm due for a tune-up soon, and I need new plates this month.

*tangent* Tomorrow is my job interview at St. Anthony's. Wish me luck. I also work five to closing tomorrow at Blockbuster.

*tangent* I've been waiting around for a call from Buckley Homestead about when I should come in to train more for my position. I'm not too concerned about it, to be honest. I'm really hoping I get the central supply position at St. Anthony's. That way, I can be eligible for insurance.

*tangent* And I am totally thrilled!! "Jem" is on DVD!! Truly outrageous!
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I had one of the weirdest dreams last night. My situation with Dan was pretty much turned into an episode of "Sex and the City."

*tangent* This is gonna sound gross, but I stopped a backed up sebaceous gland from turning into one of those really painful boil things. Sometimes I think I should ditch all of this English literature stuff and just study chemistry and maybe be a dermatologist.

*tangent* Last night, I rented Monsoon Wedding. You know, a part of me wants to start up another blog or LJ to review movies. I remember watching Monsoon Wedding last year in Prof. Barr's film class. It's kind of like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but you really have to keep up with the subtitles. I've also found it very ironic that while I'm not in any urgent rush to get married (if I ever do), I do enjoy movies about weddings. I don't know why.

*tangent* Dammit!! For anyone who has a Yahoo email account, there is an email floating around impersonating Yahoo management. Don't open the attatchment; it contains a virus. Good thing I have Norton Anti-Virus installed. Rather just forward the email to spoof@yahoo-inc.com (I think there should be a notice in your Yahoo email account warning about this.)

*tangent* Wheee. I'm on a Weezer kick right now. (As if you couldn't tell from the subject title.) Can't wait for the Special Edition Blue Album. =w=

*tangent* While I will still be on AIM, I'm probably going to be using my Yahoo messenger account more. I don't know who still uses it anymore, but I'm just giving a heads-up. I find I ended up meeting the coolest people on Yahoo anyway.
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Didn't get to update yesterday. Had to work. And watched the Grammies. It was kind of busy for a Sunday, actually.

Had to argue with the parents to let me go to Rocky this weekend. They kind of have to let me go this weekend, seeing as how I'm performing and all.

Tina was "Stunt Columbia" this weekend. She doesn't debut till the 21st, though. I just felt like laying low this weekend, for some reason. I'm still rather pissed about what tremendous assholes my parents are being. But no matter; I'm fighting the good fight.

*tangent* I hate Februaries. This is usually the month where nothing goes right. I always get sick. I never have a Valentine, and I get pissy because I am not participating in the season, but then I have to keep reminding myself that Valentine's Day is just a Hallmark holiday that was created to stimulate the economy, and it just defeats the purpose and there's no point in trying. It's usually the time of year when I start wondering, "What's the point in it all anyway?" and get all contemplative and thoughtful. (That, and I called Ethan last night. I got the answering machine, which was kind of a let-down.)

*tangent* I saw an ad in the Chicago Tribune classifieds for a writing position. I have to submit my resumé along with three examples of my work. It's for a sports/entertainment magazine. It's a full-time position with benefits and all of that wonderful jazz. So I'll probably go to the library so I can use their printer and print out some of my examples and my resumé. I could really use that job. Fuck what Mom says about getting a job close to home, because I don't plan on living here much longer if I get a decent paying job. There are no promising job opportunities in Northwestern Indiana; I was browsing around on hotjobs.com and most of the good jobs around here are in the Chicagoland area. Jacob agrees with me; if he's going to get a career established in the field he earned his degree in, he's going to have to either move or commute. Good luck to him.

*tangent* This seems promising. I don't know if it will fly, though.
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Did you guys think a day would go by without me posting SOMEthing here? *ha ha*

Word has it that Burger King is planning on selling a bun-less burger and other low-carb stuff. Uhm, if you want to lose weight, how about you just NOT go to Burger King?!

Today was my mom's birthday. I got her a card and some roses. She seemed to like them. :) So I deserve a gold star.

Didn't have to work today. I did some cleaning in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The bathroom really needed it. Also went to the library. Picked up two books: Boogers Are My Beat by the wonderful Dave Barry (one of my heroes) and Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World by Greg Critsen. I almost rented Bowling For Columbine but I figured I've got my books to keep me entertained. That, and I didn't want to make another stop at the video store.

And in news...men: we woman can't live with 'em, but we can sure live without 'em! Makes me glad I'm single and choose to never get married.

*tangent* Daytime TV is so boring. I used to like "One Life To Live," but that was four years ago. It's just filled with talk shows and court shows and soap operas. BOR-ING!! I took a nap during "Good Day Live." That Jillian Barberie-woman is such an unprofessional idiot.

*tangent* I've sent out a dozen resumes so far. I need a full-time job, dammit. I'm getting tired of just sitting around the house all day.

*tangent* Part of me wants to enroll in Purdue Calumet and try to get another bachelors whilst I'm finishing up my English B.A. at IUN this summer/fall. I'm thinking studying foreign languages or maybe philosophy.
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Getting sick of being kicked off after 5 or 10 or 20 or 60 minutes. I tried running Norton AntiVirus to see if it would help. It fixed at least 70 problems we had on the computer, which sounds good and all, but did it REALLY get everything? *crosses fingers* I just don't want to have to lug the damn computer to RTL to get it serviced. And frankly, I'm not too pleased with this new Internet service provider we have. It's not very reliable in connecting me online, but Hunter seems to have no problem with it. It sucks serious sour froggy balls.

I am boycotting M&Ms until they bring the good ol' multicolored ones back. This black and white deal is bullshit. And M&M/Mars won't even explain it for now. Whatever.

Work went okay. Getting sick and tired of all of the people bringing stuff in without receipts and expecting money back. But what can you do? It will taper off by the end of January, though. After work, I had to run up to the Range and pick up my dress from Zero. (Thanks!) Then I quickly stopped by Target to see if they had anything on sale worth picking up. They did indeed--I picked up the new Offspring CD. (Hooray!) But it looks like Mom and Gramma beat me to Target. They picked up this huge plastic container for the Christmas tree, and when I got home Hunter tells me, "Get in the plastic container. I want to burp you like Tupperwear." So I get in it (yes, I can actually fit inside the thing!) and he spins me around and around till I get dizzy. So now I know how a leftover feels in the microwave.

I am a loser. I have no plans for New Year's Eve, other than sitting in my room, watching lots of DVDs and doing the girly pampering thing in fancy lingerie and drinking LOTS of wine and eating LOTS of chocolate. Justice never got back to me if she was having a New Year's party this year or not. (Normally she would.) I should email her and ask. If anyone's up to doing anything tomorrow, email me or call. I feel like such a loser.

Here are some questions I ask of you that I stole off of someone else's LJ. Comments, please:
01. give me a nickname & explain why you picked it
02. am i loveable?
03. how long have you known me?
04. when and how did we first meet?
05. what was your first impression?
06. do you still think that way about me now?
07. if i was an ice cream flavor, which would i be & why?
08. do you think i'll get married?
09. what makes me happy?
10. what makes me sad?
11. what song reminds you of me?
12. if you could give me anything what would it be?
13. do you consider me a good friend?
14. when's the last time you saw me?
15. ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
16. would you make a move on me?
17. describe me in one word:
18. do you think our friendship is getting stronger or weaker?
19. do you feel that you could talk to me about anything?
20. do i cross your mind at least two times a day?
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Wow. Nothing really remotely bad has happened since yesterday (with the acception of a pissy customer; I swear, Christmas just brings out the worst in everybody). It's like the eye of the storm. This can't be good.

I went out and bought some at-home haircoloring. I got Feria Light Irridescent Brown. I was GOING to go blonde, but maybe for New Years. I don't know how I'd look super-blonde. I'm also scared that no one will take me seriously. Get this; yesterday at work, some guy, while checking out, asked us at the register how much one of our gift bags were. Jennalee did a price check and discovered that there was a t-shirt in there. Jennalee asked the guy if he was going to buy the shirt or not. He goes, "Uh...uh...no." The guy was trying to sneak the shirt out. I know Jennalee's a blonde, but she's not stupid. Maybe I'll go blonde for new year's and for Casie's wedding. *heh*

Looks like I am worth $2,186,120.00. Check out how much you're worth at humanforsale.com



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