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Disney Movie Rewards just announced their ultimate reward:

Tour for Four of the Walt Disney Studios and El Capitan Theater


That would mean you would have to buy EVERY DVD and CD that Disney has out right now and have accumulated all of your points from the last year or so just to be able to earn this!

What kills me is that my previous point balance didn't roll over because I hadn't spent any of them over a period of time. (Sorry, but I didn't see any rewards I cared much for since I got my Up! grape soda top pin.) I was saving them up for something bigger and better (LIKE THIS, MAYBE?!).

Disney owns my soul, sadly. *sigh*
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Good parenting tip: Don't lock your kids up in towers their whole lives. (Mother Gothel's expression when she says "THE PLAGUE!" cracks me up every time.)

Good parenting tip: Just because a baby has magical hair does not give you free license to swipe them from their cribs.

Good parenting tip: Don't lie to your kidnapped kid about the big, scary world outside to discourage them from wanting out and thus being found

Because no matter what you do, the first person she meets, she'll take off with them. And the good girls ALWAYS go for the bad boys. It's a fact.

Happy Mothers' Day!
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The new mermaid on the pier!

And not long after this opens, they'll start breaking ground on the Walt Disney World version in the Fantasyland Forest expansion!

Plus, I heard a rumor that in the expansion project, they may not do Gaston's tavern from Beauty and the Beast and it may get turned into the Snuggly Duckling from Tangled instead. I'd much rather go see something involving the Pug Thugs than Gaston just being his smug self.
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Some things of interest did happen while I was AFI (or "away from Internet," if you will).

--I got a new DirecTV receiver!

--I lost a toenail! It freaked me out, and it didn't really hurt. I just started noticing this white spot on my left middle toenail, and then the toenail started coming up and separating from the base, and....yeah. And the thing that freaks me out the most is that I have no idea how this happened. I didn't exactly bang my foot against anything, or drop anything on it, and after she saw it, Mom told me this wasn't like I was developing a fungus on my foot or something. (She would know.) But it's slowly growing back.

--...............................I did it. I got my hair cut.

It's a little shorter than I anticipated, but the best part is that all of the damaged stuff (like a little over a foot of dyed, fried crap full of split ends) is GONE now. It's about shoulder length now, and pretty much back to my natural brown shade.

Then I came home from the hairdresser, and I found my mother had withered away!

Then my boyfriend died!

Then I cried!

Then he came back to life!

--Speaking of which, amongst all of the DVDs I've acquired, of course I got Tangled. And a gripe, if I may? I thought Disney would include better special features with it than what ended up on the Blu-Ray. Did they even bother to animate anything for the first "When Will My Life Begin?" reprise? And I thought that they'd go a little more in-depth for the behind-the-scenes featurette. I feel a little let-down.

--And like I said, I've been REALLY getting back into my artwork. Eventually, I'll get this stuff loaded up onto DeviantArt. (Give me time, give me time...)
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This will end up being a special feature on the Tangled Blu-Ray/DVD, but it needs to be shared. I knew I had read about it opening in the traditional "storybook" format and I was all psyched up for it, considering Disney animation hasn't done a "storybook" opening since The Sword in the Stone.

Dang, I wish they had stuck with this. If there was one thing I didn't like about the movie, I would go with the fact that they had Flynn narrating the opening. I can overlook it, but still...

32 more days till the DVD release!
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Who wants links to my stuff I've done over at [livejournal.com profile] disney_kink? :D

A warning: if I put them up, then I have to put the "adult content" filter up for this journal. It's hot stuff.
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So I scanned a few things from The Art of Tangled because they're amazing and I have to share:

Read more... )
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I just filled a prompt over at [livejournal.com profile] disney_kink. See if you can figure out which one it is. ;)

But hey! I think I finally cured my writer's block!
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Flynn's following me on Twitter!

My life is now complete. :D (I'm not obsessed!!)


Seriously, I can't believe Christmas is SATURDAY. My next day off is on Christmas Day, when we're closed. Four more days till I get a day off. *sigh* But I work a short shift on Friday, so it's all good.

I'm all done with my Christmas shopping, by the way. I finally got Dad his gift card, and I got Kevin's grandma a Christmas ivy plant in an angel planter. I really couldn't figure out what to get her, but it hit me when I was leaving work tonight. And I picked up a ham bone for Bo; he convinced me to give it to him early with those cute goo-goo puppy dog eyes.


BEARS BEAT THE VIKINGS TONIGHT!!!!!! In your face, Favre!!!


WWE TLC last night was a good pay-per-view....until the last match. Why does WWE insist on keeping the pacing for a pay-per-view good with good matches and high energy, but then they'll keep the main event reserved for freaking John Cena? And the main event won't even be for a TITLE. I'm getting sick of that shit. Now I'll give them a free pass next month for the Royal Rumble because the battle royale will be THE main event, but if they can't do a pay-per-view without having a major title up for grabs in the main event, then eff it.

[livejournal.com profile] supermachodude, we missed ya, man. Why don't you love us anymore?!


More snow headed our way. So I must be off to bed for some rest, because I'll have to dig my way out and take it easy on the roads tomorrow. I can't afford another call-off. This week's paycheck was crappy because of my two sick days (one being a Sunday, FML, I missed out on PREMIUM PAY, dangit!!!)
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Good Timing by ~zammap on deviantART

And BTW, my "Mother Knows Best? Bitch Please" macro got reblogged at hellyeahtangled.tumblr.com. I didn't get the credit I deserve, but it doesn't really bother me. I'm just tickled it made it onto another Tangled community of sorts. :P

And go follow @FlynnRider on Twitter. You won't regret it. His haikus are hilarious.
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I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time:

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I went home early from work yesterday, feeling like I was going to throw up and having bad aches and pains all over my body. The thing that really sucked about it is that I missed out on the staff Christmas shindig (a half-hour break, with goodies in the breakroom). I probably could've sneaked up there before I left for home, but I really was in no urge to eat anything. When I got home, I had some bad diarrhea, but I never threw up. I took some Pepto-Bismol and a couple of Aleve and went to bed watching my "Shin Chan" DVDs.

The weather today has been craptacular, and since I've conveniently gotten sick with this weather (temperature in the teens, sub-zero wind chills, snow and winds up to 50 MPH, white-out conditions, blizzard-like), I called off work today. Yes, I'll miss out on my Sunday pay, but I really didn't want to risk another potential diarrhea flare-up or possibly actually getting sick on the job.

I am now out of Pepto, and I have NOT stepped out of my house all day.

So what DID I do all day?

*strums guitar*

7 AM, my cell phone alarm goes off
Start up the coffee, make sure my teeth are clean
Scrambled some eggs, put on some jeans, then called off
Back to bed once again, woke up at 8:15

And so I read a book
And then I made some tea
I checked my email
Then I browsed ONTD
I watched YouTube and news
Put up my Christmas tree
Just wonderin' when will my life begin?

PB and J for lunch, made sure it stayed down
Sat on the can,
Organized my dresser chest
Made my bed, napped on it
Missed a call from Kevin
Then I sketched, did a stretch
Put dog out
(What a mess!)

And then I read a book
Plenty of time to spare
Painted my nails once more
Added some extra flair
And then I brushed and brushed
And brushed and brushed my hair
Watching the snowstorm settling in
And I'll keep wonderin', wonderin'
Wonderin', wonderin'
When will my life begin?

(And just to let you know, that DID all happen today, and I just came up with that song off the top of my head. I also let my imagination get the better of me while working on a submission for that disney_kink community.)
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You know, "if it exists, there's porn for it on the Internet"?

I have discovered the [livejournal.com profile] disney_kink community. It's my new crack.

Yep, I'm probably going to hell. :P
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Doesn't feel as much different as 29 did, to be honest. But hey! I can walk! I'm still alive! My health hasn't taken a turn for the worse! I'm NOT going to end up like Mom! This is something that needs to be celebrated! I refuse to let myself to turn into a practically crippled, bitter hag!

I made it this far, and now I really need to start living my life for myself.

My birthday wasn't that bad yesterday. It could have been better if the weather weren't so cold outside and I actually went to Navy Pier or downtown Chicago. But I'll wait for a day when the weather isn't so frigid. I did end up going to get my hair cut, but only a few inches to get rid of all the split ends. Now I'm going to BABY the crap out of my hair, and take vitamins, and actively try to grow it out.

Speaking of.......this is what Kevin gave me:

Which is what I asked for. Ohmigosh, this book is so awesome! One of the coolest things is the full mural of the inside of Rapunzel's tower on the first title page of the book. Read more... )

*sigh* So I work from 4 PM to midnight tonight. GAH, now it's starting to bother me. We hired a handful of new cashiers, so how is it I'm working a late shift? I just can't win at this joint. I really don't want to waste my thirties at this shitty job.
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(Step away from the computer, Holly...)

And for anyone who's interested, I've done the math to see just how long Rapunzel's hair would have to grow per month over 18 years to get it to 70 feet. On average, hair grows half an inch every 2 months. (ON AVERAGE. Personally, my hair grows about an inch every month; I'm a freak of nature.) If the average person goes 18 years without cutting their hair, it would get to 4 and a half feet.

Rapunzel's hair would have to grow about four inches per month to get to seventy feet by the time she turns eighteen. (Actually, it'd be a little over seventy feet at four inches a month.) That's about an inch a week.
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(......Well, maybe just a little.)

More to come. Having too much fun. I'm thinking of working on a Pascal-inspired mood theme.
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Okay, one more clip:

I love the slight wave in her hair around where her knees are. Her hair's not entirely straight. Because MY HAIR DOES THAT. (Straight except for a little spot in the back.)
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Okay. Geeky confession time. Since our last family vacation to Walt Disney World (right before The Lion King came out, about 1994, when I was in eighth grade), I started wondering just when Disney would tackle doing "Rapunzel" as a movie, because I was itching for Disney to do another fairy tale. It's been nearly sixteen years.

SIXTEEN YEARS. I've been waiting for this movie for nearly SIXTEEN YEARS. And the last time I was this hyped up for a Disney movie was when Aladdin came out.

........I absolutely loved Tangled. Loved, loved, LOVED it. This one will require multiple viewings in the theater!

There be spoilers under the cut! You've been warned! )

Way to go, Disney. You done me good. Now I want to follow my dream.


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