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I just started watching this hilarious cartoon on the Hub called "Dan Vs." It's about this guy named Dan, and he's just a total cranky dude who always has a chip on his shoulder about something and he goes out of his way to take the pettiest things down. It's another one of those kind of cartoons that I'm surprised is on a network oriented towards kids and families (like "Regular Show"). I think a lot of the humor in this show would go over kids' heads, but so far I'm loving it.

*tangent* I'm sick. AGAIN. I feel like I have the cold that just won't go away. Ugh.

*tangent* So I'm participating in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life on May 19th and 20th with some of my coworkers. We had our first meeting yesterday to brainstorm fundraising ideas. Sometime next week when I'm done working on my profile on their website, I'll post the link here to see if any of my lovely friends on DW or LJ would be interested in donating to my cause.

*tangent* Tomorrow we spring ahead an hour for Daylight Savings. Is it me, or does anyone else thing it's kind of early to be doing it this year? Don't we usually do it around the end of March or middle of April? Bah, whatever, I'm ready for spring. Bring in some more sunlight in my life!

*tangent* Bret Easton Ellis is another reason why I stay on Twitter, man. He's tweeting ideas about what Patrick Bateman would be up to nowadays in 2012. He may very well be working on an American Psycho sequel. AWESOME.
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Two words: MARGARET'S ASS.

Hunter was watching with me, and we were dying laughing. I know Cartoon Network's programming tends to run a little risqué, but yeah. They went there.

It's official. Cartoon Network owns my soul.

Meanwhile......TWO MORE DAYS TILL NEW "BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD" ON MTV!!!! (Can't wait!)
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Anyone else hear the news that he's going to be responsible for a "Flintstones" reboot? I hope Seth makes this dirty. My childhood hasn't been raped enough as it is; I'm just going to lay back and enjoy it. ;)

In semi-related news (and you'll see how it's related; trust me), we got the new stove yesterday. Problem is, it was just delivered and not installed like Dad said it would be. And they took our old stove along with the nipple needed to install the new one. Dad comes home last night, sees the new stove just sitting there in the kitchen, not installed. He looks it over and he's all, "FUCK, they took the nipple with it. And the connection we need to hook the gas up. We have two females here, and you can't hook those up. You need a male to fit in both holes."

All I could say to that was "Giggity." Dad and Mom laughed. Then they asked me what the hell I meant by "giggity." (Because they don't watch "Family Guy," sadly.) That's when I realized that "giggity" needs to become a part of the American vernacular.
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It's official. The Hub is going to start airing "Jem"!!!!


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