Aug. 11th, 2010

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What's been new with me, you say? Not a whole lot, but fun was had, WTFery was witnessed, and big things coming up!

So Kevin and I went to Six Flags Great America on Saturday (because I had gotten discounted tickets from work). This time, we went to the adjacent Hurricane Harbor waterpark that's free with regular admission. It was pretty standard for a waterpark. They had maybe one or two things that Deep River Waterpark doesn't have, but it was fun. A little more crowded than Deep River would be, though.

The thing is, Hunter was wanting to come with (he has a season pass, and he said he wanted to go a second time so he could get his money's worth out of it), but he forgot to put in a request-off with his job. He then told me he didn't want to go to the waterpark because "he looks fat." WTF, dickhead?! You're somewhere between 220 and 230! You're not as fat as you used to be! But noooo. If he's going to a waterpark, he wants to look supergood and ripped, so he can stand out from the fatties and be the "diamond in the rough." Yes, ladies and gents. He's so vain, he probably thinks that song is about him. *eyeroll*

Last time I went to Deep River, I was...well, astonished at how waterparks will bring the overweight and obese people out in droves. I can't erase the sight of a very overweight teenage girl stuffing herself into a size small bikini bottom. Just.....ugh. What has been seen can't be unseen. I saw nothing of the kind at Hurricane Harbor, however. (Some lady's dimply ass was nearly shoved in my face while on the steps for a waterslide, though.)

I don't want this misconstrued as fat wank. If there's more of you to love, good for you, I applaud your confidence and self-acceptance. HOWEVER, if you decide to go to a waterpark......for the love of God/Allah/Buddah/whatever, wear swimming attire that properly fits you. Dress for your bodytype. If you know you can't wear a size small bikini bottom, then don't wear it.

But like I commented on my work blog....I had an epiphany while at Great America this weekend. It's not the store that brings out the stupid in's just people in general really are that stupid, whether or not they're grocery shopping! Kevin and I were waiting in the park entrance line with our tickets, and we were waiting behind a family that also has a baby stroller. A park worker came up to them and asked them to go to the end of the wheelchair/stroller accessible line because they were in the wrong line. The father (I guess?) started to give the park worker attitude about it, but for crying out loud....was it so hard to read the sign above the entrance?! Hell, you didn't even have to read it, because it featured the symbols for baby strollers and wheelchairs!

Then the incident on Superman: Ultimate Flight. (Which I already posted about at [ profile] grocerygal.) Right before Kevin and I went to board Superman, the car in the loading bay had a malfunction! My guess was that the platform was stuck and wouldn't raise, so the car was still in the horizontal "flight" position. (I think the platform has to raise back up first before the seats can go back to the normal upright position.) We're kind of all, "OH SHIT." And after a few minutes, the ride operator got on the PA system and made an announcement: "Attention please, Superman: Ultimate Flight is experiencing a technical difficulty, and we will be delayed. If you choose not to wait, please exit the way you came. Thank you."

The chick behind us in line decided not to wait, but....I shit you not....she was all, "....But which way do I exit?!"

....The announcement just said to "exit the way you came." NOT through the FlashPass line; THE WAY YOU CAME. Oy. Ignorance must be bliss, I tell ya.

*tangent* And it's come to this. I'm starting work on my book. It's going to be a Project (with a capital P). But this is something I truly do feel passionate about. After hearing about that Steve Slater yesterday (the JetBlue flight attendant), I just feel this book needs to be written.
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And it's Facebook-related, too. And I found out about it about a month ago, but still....I've got to get this off of my chest.

Now, I knew Tina and Jacob were engaged for a long while. And that they were planning on getting married once she got her nursing certification and degree out of the way. Granted, I hadn't really spoken to Tina in a while, but she and I are still friends on Facebook.

So could someone please explain to me why I had to find out they finally got married through fucking FACEBOOK?!!!!

No announcement or anything! No invitation to a wedding! All I did was see "Davis" after her maiden name and I was all, "WTF?! They finally got married?! How come I feel like I'm the last to know?!" What a BITCH, I tell you. What kind of a friend is that? Really! I just.....URGH, this makes me more angry than it should. It's pretty sad that you have to find out that your friend got married through FACEBOOK.

I really need to get a hold of Justice and see if at least she was informed. I just.....AAAARGH.
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I keep telling myself I'm not going to spoil myself by clicking on concept art links for Tangled.

And yet, I do it anyway.

And now I'm even more excited for this movie. Just as excited as I was for Toy Story 3.

I can deal with the fact that it's CG, and I've accepted it at this point. I think the reason everyone keeps raging about it is because it's CG and not traditionally hand-drawn. It's going to have a different look and a different feel to it than all of the other fairy tales Disney animation has tackled. But you know what? Sometimes you have to take that risk. Would you really want to see a movie that was exactly the same as Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty, and watch it and think, "Oh, this is the same thing as (insert Disney fairy tale movie here)!"? No!

I can deal with the fact that it doesn't follow the traditional Brothers' Grimm telling of the story of Rapunzel. Let's not forget--story development often has to take their own creative liberties just to make a story work for the big screen. All of the fairy tales they've done are drastically different from the original tellings.

I can even deal with the stupid re-branding of the title. I'll just grit my teeth and deal with that. They want to appeal to boys? Fine. It's a stupid move, but I'll deal with it.

But there are 107 days left until this movie comes out, and I. CAN'T. WAIT.

*later edited* Don't click if you don't want to be spoiled, but I'll just say this. Disney has not opened a movie like this since Sleeping Beauty. The Little Mermaid didn't get this, The Princess and the Frog didn't get this, and the closest we got with Beauty and the Beast was stained glass windows. I'm REALLY excited now.


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