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Not even lying. I JUST SAW this particular commercial get aired on regular TV:

I think it's cool they're throwing the old-school commercials out as advertising.
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I can never get tired of listening to this. Someone managed to do a ballad version of "He About To Lose Me" from the Femme Fatale album.

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This is B-roll footage of the X-Flight animation that Six Flags lent out to ThemeParkReview.com. This includes the first car point-of-view of the ride. (I love watching first car point-of-view videos of other rollercoasters on YouTube because I may never get to experience actually going on those rides.)

Still really excited over this!
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Six Flags Great America just uploaded this video for the NEW COASTER THEY'RE GETTING NEXT YEAR!:

*squeeeeeeeeee* Super excited right now! Practically bouncing off the walls. Nearly peed my pants watching this. (That may have something to do with the three cups of coffee I've had this morning, though.) This looks similar to the X2 out at Magic Mountain, except this ride's seats don't rotate 360 degrees. I thought Great America would be getting something like that Green Lantern vertical coaster, but THIS looks MUCH better.

That's it. I'm going opening day next season. I don't care if I have to wait three hours to ride it. Screw FlashPass; sometimes the anticipation of getting on adds to the excitement.

(I'm wondering where they're going to put this coaster. This is definitely Iron Wolf's replacement, but judging from the video, it doesn't look like it will be going where Iron Wolf is currently situated.)

**edited** Found out it'll be located in the County Fair section of the park where Splashwater Falls used to be and they'll also be taking out the antique cars for the ride. Three thousand feet long, that's going to take up a good chunk of the park. Wonder how they'll handle Fright Fest with this getting constructed.... (But what will they do with the area where Iron Wolf is?)
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Jani Lane of Warrant died at age 47 in a motel in California. Damn.

Let's light out lighters and celebrate, late 80s hair metal-style.

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So Kevin and I went to Six Flags Great America yesterday. And if you haven't been there yet this summer, you might want to go soon. First of all, they're running the American Eagle backwards until September 17th in honor of the coaster's 35th anniversary (30th or 35th, something like that. Or it may be the park's. I can't remember.).

SECOND of all, they're shutting down the Iron Wolf September 5th and getting rid of it. Which you know what that means. POTENTIAL NEW ROLLERCOASTER!!! *squeeee!* In all seriousness, though, Six Flags Great America needs a new rollercoaster reeeeeally badly. That Dark Knight coaster really wasn't worth the hype, and the Little Dipper is just a transplant kids' rollercoaster from when Kiddieland was shut down. The last big rollercoaster SFGA got was Superman: The Ride.

My suggestions for the rides? They really need to get some groundskeepers on the job and do a better job of upkeeping the ride atmospheres. They could get rid of quite a bit of the plants by the Demon AND repaint the rocks AND get rid of all the gum people like to stick on the "stalactites." (That was just gross.) They could also try to spruce up the queuing area around there because it looks kind of run-down. Also, they REALLY need to think about revamping the queuing area around Batman: The Ride because all of the Tim Burton-style Batman stuff just makes it look outdated. Just re-theme it after the Nolan-verse Batman films (ESPECIALLY since The Dark Knight Returns will probably be out by next summer).

As for a replacement coaster for Iron Wolf? I would die if they got a rollercoaster that was on the same playing field with the X2 out at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Or the new Green Lantern coaster, which looks INSANE:

As for the rest of the trip? Wellll.... )

Other than that, it was a fun day. My feet are sore today, and I don't have much of a voice left, but it was a fun day.
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You know, if I had stumbled onto this a few weeks ago, I could've crammed it into my last "Things I'm Loving" post. But it's so awesome, it deserves a post of its own, really. And more people need to be made aware of this cartoon and show it some love.

I'm talking about the show my new default icon is from. "Regular Show."

Yeah, it's one of those shows you may enjoy more if you're high. But you guys know my sense of humor. I love it. Go check it out.


Jul. 24th, 2011 09:56 am
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Loved her music. It's a shame, really. They say to sing the blues, you need to have lived through them. And she had her demons. (But I'll be honest. When I heard about this on the Internet yesterday, I thought it was another hoax. I guess not.)
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California Baby bath & body products. If you're like me and wanting to make a more organic switch in your hygiene routine, I definitely recommend this line. They're primarily marketed for babies and children, but adults can use this stuff as well. I'm loving the hair de-tangler and "Overtired and Cranky" bubble bath. (It includes a bubble wand for extra fun!) Target offers some of their products, but I've seen a bigger offering at Bed Bath and Beyond, and you can always order from their website as well.

This next one you have to say like Derek Zoolander's fellow model pals in Zoolander:
"Mocha Coconut Frappuccinos!!"
"Rich mocha sauce and coconut-flavored syrup blended with coffee, fresh milk, and ice. Topped with sweetened whipped cream, mocha drizzle and toasted coconut flakes." And if you know me, I'm a sucker for anything coconut. Just.....YUM.

And if you don't dig on blended coffee drinks, they are now offering a Coconut Créme blended drink without coffee. Kind of like a milkshake, but more like a smoothie. I grabbed one on the way home from work yesterday. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I hope Starbucks keeps these year-round and it's not seasonal. (I always lament the end of the holidays when they stop carrying their Peppermint Mochas. Yeah, CoffeeMate now offers their peppermint mocha creamer year-round, but it's just not the same as actually getting the REAL THING from Starbucks.)

The Brita Filter Bottle! I picked one up last week. I got it primarily because I don't want to waste money on bottled water anymore and keep contributing that waste to the environment. I feel this does its job pretty well. I paid about ten dollars for it at Target, but one filter lasts about 20 gallons/2 months, and you just have to fill it with regular tap water.

The Casey Anthony trial is FINALLY over. Now I can tear myself away from the TV and enjoy the lovely weather! HLN and Nancy Grace no longer own my soul!


"Shame on me....to need release....uncontrollably...."

Alpocalypse own my soul about now. I love Weird Al so much. :D Can't wait for a Merrillville date on this tour.
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Rihanna in this is awesome. I need a gif of her saying "BONER ALERT":

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Good parenting tip: Don't lock your kids up in towers their whole lives. (Mother Gothel's expression when she says "THE PLAGUE!" cracks me up every time.)

Good parenting tip: Just because a baby has magical hair does not give you free license to swipe them from their cribs.

Good parenting tip: Don't lie to your kidnapped kid about the big, scary world outside to discourage them from wanting out and thus being found

Because no matter what you do, the first person she meets, she'll take off with them. And the good girls ALWAYS go for the bad boys. It's a fact.

Happy Mothers' Day!
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Fuck yeah.

On the downside, you know what I think will more than likely happen now? Retaliation from al Qaida. We need to be on our toes.
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It's been quite a bit of a self-imposed Internet sabbatical for me, and I gotta tell ya, it was....well, kind of uneventful. Not entirely, though. It was nice being unwired for a while. I was starting to spend way too much time online. The good side to not being online so much was that I stayed away from the stupid celebrity gossip monster that is ONTD. (But you know I'll be back and active over there in the next ten minutes.) Plus, I don't know about anyone else, but I have a tendency to go to the same websites over and over. Now that about six weeks have gone by, I have something to look forward to!

Work still stinks. Oh yeah, I'll get back to working on the [livejournal.com profile] grocerygal LJ as well. That's been sorely lacking in the last month. Mainly because during my downtime....like I mentioned in my last voice post....I finally got started writing The Book!

I've let my paid account go expired, but I'll end up renewing it. What else have I been doing on my downtime? I've been getting more into my artwork. Plus, this last week I spent a shitload of money on DVDs I've been meaning to get for a while. (The rest of my tax return will go towards a new computer. And it will DEFINITELY be a Mac. I've made my mind up about this after doing all my homework.)

But now....the REAL reason that made me decide, "Holly, you gotta get your ass back online and SAY something about this"? WEIRD AL, THAT'S WHY. Why? Because sorry, but my love for Al will ALWAYS surpass whatever celebrity who thinks they're too good to let Al have some good-natured ribbing at them. That's right, I'm calling Lady Gaga out.

I thought she of all people would be able to have a good sense of humor about herself. But apparently, I was wrong. She takes herself way too seriously now, and it's made me lose a crapload of respect for her. The chances of me running out to buy Born This Way are slim now because I will always take Al's side.

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This will end up being a special feature on the Tangled Blu-Ray/DVD, but it needs to be shared. I knew I had read about it opening in the traditional "storybook" format and I was all psyched up for it, considering Disney animation hasn't done a "storybook" opening since The Sword in the Stone.

Dang, I wish they had stuck with this. If there was one thing I didn't like about the movie, I would go with the fact that they had Flynn narrating the opening. I can overlook it, but still...

32 more days till the DVD release!
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I don't know what I was expecting this video to be like, but it DEFINITELY wasn't this!

Damn, Britney. That.....


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Kevin and I are going to Joe's Crab Shack for V-Day. DON'T LAUGH at how un-romantic it is. I've never been there, he let me make the choice. I just want to keep it low-key this year. :)

He told me I'd be pleasantly shocked with my Valentine's Day gift. Ohmigosh, could it be.....


........................UNDISPUTED?! CHRIS JERICHO'S NEW BOOK?!!! (*lol* We'll see. It is either out right now, or coming out very soon, and I've been waiting for it for a while now.)

Speaking of...yeah. Hunter broke up with Jessica. They're still on good terms, though. He said she took it well, and he also said she admitted she saw it coming. But they're both moving on with their lives. And Hunter said they could always get back together somewhere down the line. (So essentially, they're "taking a break," really.)
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Okay, one more clip:

I love the slight wave in her hair around where her knees are. Her hair's not entirely straight. Because MY HAIR DOES THAT. (Straight except for a little spot in the back.)
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Your daily Tangled countdown fix, of course.

Flynn gets Rapunzel out of the tower....and they go to a Kings' game?

You think they had to PAY for all of those seats? (No. Flynn STOLE them!)

As soon as they mentioned "White Bronco," I about lost it laughing. (For those of you too young to remember, a throwback to when OJ Simpson was being chased down by the cops.)

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The soundtrack came out yesterday. I have yet to purchase it, but here's "When Will My Life Begin" in its entirety. THANK YOU, YOUTUBE!!!

I think I've listened to it, like, five times this morning. I like it! It's not like a lot of the other more "classic" songs, but like I said...if you want something to sound like Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, go put in those DVDs. (The opening of this song almost reminds me of "Pinball Wizard" from Tommy, actually.) And I like how they want to give Rapunzel's musical cues a guitar-sound. I think I read in D23 earlier this year Mandy Moore saying that when she first heard this song, she said it kind of reminded her of "Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell. I don't know, what do you think?



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