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My parents (especially my mom) have gotten into watching "Doomsday Preppers." I really wish they wouldn't, because that show gives them all sorts of ideas. Bad ideas. I honestly believe that all of these shows on channels like National Geographic or Discovery or the History Channel about the end of the world are just not a good idea because it's going to get you all paranoid about end times when it more than likely won't happen for a long while. At least, not during our lifetime.

But Mom--the gullible idiot she is--is totally buying into all of this. And now--now--she and Dad think it's time to act on our "end times" preparation when it's supposedly going to happen December 21st of this year.

Idiots. Both of them.

Quite frankly, if they were that concerned about it, they would've been working on this plan for the last few years. And neither one of them are that organized or motivated to do anything about it. It's just a fact.

But their big plan? They want to start raising chickens. They are convinced that CHICKENS will be their ace in the hole when the end comes.

Chickens. CHICKENS.

And you know what that means. Dad said to me that it'll be him and me taking care of those chickens. But I know what it means when he says shit like that. It means, "HOLLY will be taking care of those chickens because I'm a lazy asshole who doesn't want to follow through on stuff like that. I'm gonna eat some food and lay down for a nap."

....I don't know about them. I just don't know. I really don't know how they'll fend for themselves when I move out.
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Mom had an appointment with the new doctor she's been seeing for her....ahem, "multiple sclerosis." I put it in quotes like that because according to this doctor, she may not even have multiple sclerosis AT ALL. Mom said he took a look at her records, looked dumbfounded, and asked her who exactly diagnosed her with MS. This new doctor says she may just have suffered from a series of mini-strokes and not MS, and mini-strokes are treatable.

.............IT MAY NOT BE M.S.

Twenty years of being treated for it, suffering from it physically and emotionally and financially. And not just Mom. ALL OF US. That shit trickles down and affects those you love. Dad, Gramma Julie, and me and Hunter. Hunter could've had a somewhat normal childhood with a somewhat active mother because of their mistake. I wouldn't have had so many problems with her because of their mistake. She's Gramma Julie's daughter. And Dad's had to put up with so much. Just.............GOD, how can you make an accident like that?!

So yeah. When those tests come in, she and Dad will be looking for a lawyer to sue the pants off that doctor who gave her the MS diagnosis.

The new doctor told her that mini-strokes are treatable, which means she'll have to cut down on the coffee and quit smoking. (Which made me smirk on the inside. WHAT HAVE I BEEN TELLING HER FOR YEARS?!) And she'll have to go to therapy for a little while, and she'll have to just get out and not be pent up inside the house long-suffering. He's not going to treat her for depression and give her a bunch of drugs to numb the pain and NOT actively treat it (YAAAAY).

So. You know what this means? I won't have to feel so bad when I go away to art school!!!!! I won't have to stay around and be forced to help take care of her anymore!!!!
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So Mom and Dad are back down in Alabama for a month. And they've been down there for about two days.

Mom calls Hunter just now. And I guess Dad went for a haircut. And he asked to get his eyebrows waxed so they don't look so bushy. And I guess the girl who was doing it poked him in the eye with the waxing stick.

.....I'm trying really hard not to laugh, really I am. It's just.....WOW. Of all the things.
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Oh, Christina. *shakes head*

I'm a fan of hers. Don't get me wrong. As a matter of fact, whenever there's a Britney post at ONTD, I get irritated whenever anyone starts up the "Britney the Living Legend™/Floptina" shit because WHY do they always have to drag the Christina insults into the Britney posts?! The Britney/Christina rivalry is soooo 2000, stan wars are fucking ridiculous, and it's seriously making me want to remove myself from ONTD. And I try to ignore the Britney-stans who shit on the Christina-fans. Hell, I just try to ignore those posts all together, to be quite honest.

But wow. This video just.....ugh. I think she's trying too hard. Quit trying to copy Lady Gaga. And quit denying that you're copying her, because no one's really believing that.

I just keep telling myself that this is only the first single and video from Bionic, and I hope the next single and video is much better than this.

And everyone needs to quit shitting their pants over the Britney Spears demo of "Telephone." It was an early demo, so of course the quality isn't great, and there was a reason it wasn't put on Circus (either Britney didn't want it, or Jive didn't want it, or Britney wanted it too MUCH....whichever reason you want to believe).

*sigh* STANS.

*edited* Okay, the video isn't all that bad, after you've watched it a few times. She just rips Madonna off a bit too much for my liking.
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Like [livejournal.com profile] iamfiction said, it wouldn't quit raining!

And to top it all off....today, everyone just decided to make today their big grocery haul day. When there are flash flood warnings and massive rainstorms going on, you just don't go out in that weather to buy a metric crap ton of groceries. The water will recede in a couple of days; it's not like you're going to be snowed in. Maybe it just makes people feel more secure knowing they have their fridge packed to capacity JUST IN CASE!!! I dunno, I think it's an American feeling of excess.

On a completely unrelated note, here's a old McDonald's commercial from the 70s. What were the creative ad people smoking at the time?!:

Oh, and an old KFC commercial, back when people still called it "Kentucky Fried Chicken":

Ya hungry yet?!


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