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Since I'm still new-ish to DreamWidth (but everyone who follows me on LiveJournal knows about this), here's where I explain that I'm in the process of writing a book! I've been working in the customer service/retail sector for the better part of my life post high school, but I've been employed for the last 4 1/2 years at a grocery store as a cashier. And it royally sucks. I've had to deal with so many mean, rude, terrible customers (and had some clashes with management), and I can't tell you how many people hear my stories of cashier abuse that they sometimes don't believe it, but it's all true. For the last couple of years, I've been keeping both a written journal and a work-related blog (15 Items Or Less) about my work experiences and just to generally vent.

Well, for a good chunk of last year, I was trying to outline this book project and to better organize how I want this project to go. I'm thinking I may turn it into a book/graphic novel. But yesterday, I was going through my work-related posts on my LJ account and running off those pages so I have something to look at and do my editing/organizing when I'm not at my computer. Holy crap, I've got about half of the LJ entries ran off so far and I've already realized it's a lot of material. I haven't even gotten to "15 Items Or Less" yet or my pen-and-paper journal.

What bothers me the most is that after reading these past entries, I just now realized how much of my life I've spent at this job. At least 1/6th of my life. And I don't even like the job. And it just feels like it's getting worse. So yeah. The book has to be written.
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So a few weeks ago, my brother's girlfriend moved in with our family. We had to do a massive (and seriously overdue) cleaning-out of the basement and around the house. I ended up consolidating a lot of my own junk. We kept talking about doing a yard sale, but you never really bring much money in with those things, so we pitched a lot of it.

But yeah, Jessica's living with us. The main reason being that her parents are ripping her off money-wise. I'm not going to get into the details here, but long story short, they were pulling a fast one on her. We're not charging her rent or anything, and she really isn't all that much of a burden around here, but the way Mom goes on and on about it...

Oh well. We'll see how long this lasts. I don't mind her staying here for a while. She and I like a lot of the same things and we get along well. I think Mom makes a big deal over nothing, really.

*tangent* Not much was done for Labor Day. I had a day off, and I tried in vain to re-figure my wiring setup for my TV and my DVD/VCR and my Blu-Ray players with my adapter because I'd like to be able to record stuff (like "Regular Show")....and now I have no way of watching my DVDs or tapes because I got utterly confused in the process. Kevin gave it his best shot, and he got confused as well. It would help matters immensely if I had a more modern TV with a normal setup in the back. Kevin says he has a spare newer TV from when he was still living with his dad just sitting in his closet. I told him he doesn't have to just let me have that and I would just make do with this till I can get a new one. So we came to an agreement. He said he'll let me use that TV so I can be able to watch DVDs until I get a new one. (And TVs will be going on sale in a couple of months anyway when we get closer to Christmas.)

In an ironic twist, the "Rage Against the TV" of "Regular Show" aired yesterday after I was having my TV problems.

*tangent* I still don't like my job. What else is new? Trying to keep up with my work blog and doing my best at writing that book. I've fallen into a rut. Working on my art is taking up a lot of my time. I made a vow that I'm going to go the next 30 days trying to get at least something drawn. And South Shore Arts will soon be starting up another round of classes so I can brush up on my skills, so I have to keep my eye open for that.

*tangent* I could cry. Alton Brown just tweeted that they wrapped up the last episode of "Good Eats." But he's moving on to new projects, and as long as we have the Cooking Channel, "Good Eats" will live on. As long as I have my books and DVDs, I'll be good.

*tangent* On the flip side, "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" will be starting up on the hotly anticipated season 2 next week! And JG Quintel just announced that season 3 of "Regular Show" will be airing in a couple of weeks as well. (WOW, that was fast.)

(Anyone want to help me turn THAT into an LJ icon? I'll love you long time if you do.)

*tangent* Mom goes in to see the doctor for her test results next week. Keep your fingers crossed for her.

*tangent* Now is the time of year where I have to start thinking about what the hell I'm going to do for Halloween.

*tangent* I'm going to get started re-painting my bedroom walls next week. I'd LOVE to be able to do a big mural all over them like Rapunzel did in Tangled, but no. If I were going to be living here forever, I wouldn't have a problem with that. But I aim to be out of here by next summer, so I'm just going with a nice neutral. Mom says I should get one gallon because "that should take care of the whole room," but I call bullshit on that. One gallon was NOT enough last time we tried painting in here. For crying out loud, one wall in this room is still unfinished!

And that's it on my end. Later, dudes.
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So I'm going to be very bold with my character (Ace/Rio) and say this.

"Jem is a big phony. She's also a flaky, unprofessional hack singer who only sings what's put in front of her, and doesn't have a creative bone in her body. I mean, hell. She relies on Kimber Benton to write all of her songs. Oh, and she's also a cocktease. God, is she a cocktease."

.....I'm going to looooove playing Rio as a straight-up drunken asshole douchebag. COME AT ME!

And I may have a Jem-snark up by Memorial Day. If I do, it'll be "Intrigue at the Indy 500" (for obvious reasons). Believe me, I haven't forgotten! Since I had to wipe my hard-drive a few months ago, it's been hard for me to install a DVD player device on here, so it's been kind of a pain in the ass to try to do screencaps.

*edit* Looks like I'm temping Eric Raymond now over there!

*edit* HEY ED, when's 80s night again? ;)
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Mainly for fanfic purposes, but an interesting insight on Minx. (I'll put this behind a cut as well.)

Read more... )
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — DJ AM is seeking $20 million in damages related to a plane crash in South Carolina last year that killed four others.

The celebrity disc jockey, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, is suing the plane's manufacturer, Learjet, and several other companies.

Goldstein is seeking $10 million for medical expenses, lost earnings, profits and economic damages and another $10 million related to non-economic losses, such as mental and physical pain, according to a document filed Friday.

A jury will decide any damage award if the case goes to trial.

Several of the companies sued last year by Goldstein and fellow crash survivor Travis Barker are seeking a trial delay until after a government investigation of the Sept. 19 crash is complete.

A lawyer for Learjet did not immediately return a phone message on Monday afternoon.


I'm posting this because it's going to help me with stuff at Starbright. ;)
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This is concerning the influx of Britney Spears- and Lindsay Lohan-related posts on OhNoTheyDidnt. This isn't anything against the Britney/Lindsay posts. By all means, they're celebrities, and if there's anything remotely exciting posted about either one of them, we're going to read about it. But I will point out rule #1 on ONTD's community info page:

--Going all-out on celebrities is why we exist. Personal attacks against other members are why the ban_set command exists. If you can't tell the difference, don't comment.

If someone is going to have a negative comment to say, they are going to say it. And yes, 10% of ONTD's community--believe it or not--don't really care for Britney. Or Lindsay Lohan. Are they not allowed to voice their opinion as well as Britney's/Lindsay's fans?

The problem is, a lot of the hardcore Britney/Lindsay fans take it to heart and get their panties in a bunch if so much as a negative thing is practically whispered about either one of them. They then get very aggressive to the non-fans to the point where it becomes a flat-out flaming war.

I, for one, refuse to fall victim to being flamed for saying what I think about Britney Spears OR Lindsay Lohan. My opinion is not always nice, but it's not always mean, either. If the fans want to worship Britney/Lindsay and have mean things to say about the quote-unquote "haters," they can take it to an actual Britney/Lindsay fan community. I don't actively walk into a lions' den wanting to be attacked. If I feel, for example, that Britney doing a redone version of "Baby One More Time" is her copying what Christina Aguilera did to "Genie in a Bottle," for example, then I'm going to say it. If I feel that I don't buy Lindsay is REALLY a lesbian and just wants attention since she's not getting the plum movie parts she's used to getting, I'm going to say it. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion. Do I expect to get flamed? Maybe. Am I going to participate in a flame war and get the hardcore fans riled up about it? No, I'm just going to let their comments roll off my back. I'm above that stuff. So why can't they just let it go as well?

There just seems to be more of this going on at ONTD than usual. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that the fans just need to learn to not take it so personally. If they're allowed to be rabid Britney/Lindsay fans and be all, "OMG BRITNEY! OMG LINDSAY!," then they need to understand there's always going to be someone who doesn't like either one of them who's also allowed to voice their opinion, and they need to just ignore it if it really bothers them. There's no need to get super defensive and start an immature, juvenile flame war over it. (This applies to all fandoms, really, but it seems to really rear its ugly head whenever Britney or Lindsay are concerned.)

And I feel this addendum should be added to the community rules. I'm tired of seeing flame wars erupting over Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

*tangent* I'm sitting here eating one of the caramel apples I brought home from the Taste of St. John. And really, Micki outdid herself with these babies. However, I'm picking the caramel and M&Ms off of the one I'm eating now and just consuming the apple. How sad is this? But dude...I already made a total pig of myself today. Before I got to the Taste of St. John, I had some chili because I didn't know what we'd be serving and I didn't want to spend too much money. I treated myself to one of the special hot chocolates from Starbucks on the way there. Then I learned we could have what we wanted from our booth for free (YAY FOR FREE FOOD!), so I had a chicken and dumpling bread bowl soup, a tiny slice of pumpkin pie, some apple cider, and some more (free) hot chocolate that we later started offering (since both Dunkin' Donuts AND Starbucks dropped the ball on their booths). I brought home some slices of apple pie for Hunter, another bread bowl with some soup for Mom (that I ended up sharing with her), and a couple of the aforementioned caramel apples.

It was cold today, but it wasn't too bad. Tony at least brought her kerosene heater for us to use. Like I said, at least I wasn't behind a register today wearing uncomfortable shoes and going home with sore feet.

*tangent* I worked some more on one of my Jem-fics, especially after doing that freewriting a couple of days ago. It's sad that a lot of fans aren't fond of Rio because they feel he's "macking on two chicks at the same time" who just happen to both be his girlfriend. But I still stand by my belief that Jerrica brings a lot of this on herself by not telling him the truth, and it's not entirely Rio's fault. There needs to be more Rio POV in fanfics. Just wait till I'm done.

*tangent* PICTURE TIME!!

Here's the jack-o-lantern for this year:

And here's the craptacular pic Mom took of me in my costume last night (I swear, she doesn't know how to work the camera; she pressed the button way too quickly):

Like I said, I'll have better pics up next week. I'll get Kevin to take the pictures instead. Or Hunter.
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Why oh WHY do people keep me in the dark about stuff like this?!

........I seriously feel the urge and desire to get back into writing again.
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...and I need to get it down.

"Just go and marry your fiancee, the one big 'special' love of your life. I'll go back to screwing a bunch of whores, and I'll stay out of your life forever like I was before all of this shit happened. I just want you to be happy, for chrissakes. It's not like you really loved me anyway."

(I gotta remember that for future reference.)
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We ended up having to purchase a new tire for my car. A couple of days ago, I went to Fieldhouse Ford to see about getting the damaged tire serviced since I'm still under warranty. (Three years or 36,000 miles; I bought the car a little over two years ago and I'm at 31,900 miles.) The guy at the service department told me that not only was the tire ruined, but the rim on the wheel was bent, and they'd have to replace the wheel as well, and that would cost me $325.


Dad and I were kind of scratching our heads over that one, especially since I'm still under warranty, dammit. So I went to Lake Tire yesterday morning and asked them to look at it, mainly for a second opinion. The guy at Lake Tire said, "Yep, the rim's bent." He also said that he's replaced tires on rims bent worse than mine was; there should've been no reason the guy at the Ford service department couldn't have just replaced the tire. They just want more of my money. Of course, Lake Tire doesn't carry a used or new 16-inch low-profile tire for my Focus, so I had to break down and go up to Merrillville for a new one at Tire Barn today. They did it with no problem and were very helpful. (One of the guys working there looked like Snoop Dogg in the face, actually.)

So yeah. Next car I end up buying will not be a Ford.

So okay. "Jem" fanwanking/fanficcing may commence. It's been on my mind all day. It makes me a little daydreamy to waste the downtime behind the register. :P

I'm really excited with the direction I'm going with Rio at Starbright. Carmen and I talked a little more in detail with what they have in mind. Read more... )I know it sounds silly, but when you participate in something like this, you do grow an attachment to your character and you sort of experience the same sort of feelings your character goes through. But it's all in fun, and it helps me grow. I grow as a writer through it, and it's entertaining to have the others in the group read and react to it.

And it all stems from something stupid I mentioned to Jeed and Carmen. Read more... )

What I'm planning on doing? Well, this almost completely ruins any chances of Rio coming back and redeeming himself. It's almost too late at this point. So his only other option? Just totally reinvent himself as Ace & put Rio to rest. And THIS is where it gets interesting. Read more... )

And the best part is...I'm going to turn him into a TOTAL WOMANIZER. He's been with Jerrica since...what? High school? Fine. She wants to cut him out of her life? Fine then. Let her! Let her move on! There are other women out there! He can bed any woman he wants! He's going to be knee-deepin pussy. Wannabe-singers, groupies, Playmates, strippers, one-night-stands from bars, the occasional B-list starlet...to quote the Poison song, it'll be nothing but a good time for Rio as Ace. His bedpost is going to be so notched, it'll look like a frickin' toothpick.

What stays the same? The hairpin temper. (This is Rio we're talking about. Something about him has to stay consistent.) His semi-pissy attitude.

Does the money make him happy? No. Do the women make him happy? Of course not. Read more... )
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(WARNING! "Jem" fanwanking going on! This is just me, getting involved with RP-ing and thinking outloud here on my el-jay.)

I got done having an online chat with Jeed and Carmen today regarding some plot development for Starbright Continued. Since Stormer's supposed to be getting married somewhere down the line...well, let's put it this way.

--Roxy got kicked out of the Misfits in our story for getting her mitts on a guy from a rival band that Pizzazz had the hots for.
--Stormer still wants Roxy in her wedding party.
--Stormer still wants Pizzazz and Jetta in the wedding party because they're her friends/bandmates.
--Let's not forget that Roxy and Jetta still hate each other's guts. (A holdover from the cartoon. This never went away.)
--Roxy's been getting involved with this very well-off British businessman named Rick who has a four- or five-year-old kid named Lizzie that has dark black hair and grey eyes like Jetta has. Guess who her real mom is? Read more... )
--Stormer still wants Kimber in her wedding party since they're BFFs. (Remember...Kimber defected to the Misfits.)
--Stormer's not sure if she wants Clash in ther wedding party (since she doesn't really regard Clash as a Misfit).
--Stormer's considering asking Aja (a HOLOGRAM) to be in her wedding party...despite what happened at Rio's memorial service.

Conflicts left and right. But Jeed and Carmen just want to make sure Stormer's wedding is something big and spectacular...and full of scandal. Read more... )

The Stingers will more than likely crash the party. Why? Because they're the Stingers and they can. Because it's a big event and they weren't invited. Because Rapture and Riot want to stir things up. Because Minx wants some fun before she has her baby.

Oh, and Minx still doesn't know who the father of her baby is yet. Read more... )

Later on tonight, I talked to Faith a bit about where the storyline was headed. Basically, I was giving her a heads-up that Roxy is still included in wedding plans (since she plays Roxy). I also told her that despite all the fighting and bickering between Pizzazz/Roxy and Roxy/Jetta, I want there to be a point where right before Stormer goes down the aisle to just have a total Bridezilla moment:Read more... )

This went off on a tangent (as it always does when I talk to Faith about this stuff *lol*...what we discussed about Eric Raymond a couple of months ago was hilarious and a bit disgusting, too), about the "Minx's baby's daddy" poll, and Faith voted for Riot. Read more... )

This led to us saying Jem needs to stay the hell away from Riot, or else he'd just be spreading his seed all over. Because let's face it. Even back in the days of the cartoon, Riot has had a hot nut for Jem since he laid eyes on her.

Like I said. He's got "pick-up artist" written all over him.

Even though we have Jeed playing Rick, we think it'd be interesting if Rick just couldn't bring himself to tell Roxy the truth about him and Jetta until the most inconvenient moment.Read more... )

And this is why it's been so hard for me to pull off the "Ace" thing with Rio. Essentially, "Ace" is to him as "Jem" is to Jerrica. It may sound like a shitty thing to do to Jerrica, because she really doesn't deserve it. Nobody deserves to be deceived like that, really. Read more... )

And let's put it this way. When Emmett Benton died, Jerrica had to resort to some pretty drastic and...oh, outrageous things just to get the family business back. Like creating an alter ego. Sometimes when things look their worst, you do what you have to do to keep things afloat.

Read more... )
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When I get kudos for making a generally not-liked character likeable, that makes me feel good about myself. It reinforces that I really do have some writing & character development talent. I got props from Carmen yesterday for making Rio a likeable character at Starbright. Stuff like that motivates me. I guess I'm motivated by praise. But aren't we all?

*tangent* I know tonight is a Kung-Fu Night at Rocky, but I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow, & I need to get my rest tonight.

*tangent* Oh, before I end this post....thanks, Fester. I love you, buddy. But it's like I told you. I pay no attention to Zero's stupid posts anymore. I should probably just defriend him on MySpace...not like he'd notice or pay attention. But you're absolutely right, & I try not to waste so much time or energy on him anymore. The whole blog-feuding thing is so juvenile & "high school."

*tangent* Ami & Matt get to go to SummerSlam out in Boston. They have fifth row tickets. Lucky, lucky, lucky!!

*tangent* September 5th.
10 pm eastern, 9 pm central.
Watch it.
I used to babysit Sara on it. You'll watch, you'll be shocked & disgusted, & you'll be sad. After it airs, I'll be back on & tell you what MTV didn't air.


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