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Tell me if this makes sense to you. You have a wedding one day, and the actual reception the next day. No real reason why, either.

Hunter's BFF Bobby (from our trip down to Alabama for Grandma Cozie's funeral) got married yesterday, and today (tonight, rather) is the reception. Hunter was a best man. Not THE best man, A best man. There were two best men. Go figure that one out. Only because I think Bobby needed a backup for his other one that wasn't Hunter.

But man....so much ridiculousness and drama from this clusterfuck of wedding planning. And just from the groom's side! Bobby kept flaking out on keeping Hunter (and the other groomsmen) informed on what was going on. The bride's family is a bunch of uptight religious nuts (she was homeschooled until her junior year of high school, apparently), and Hunter just flat out does not like her dad. Her dad kept making smart-assy remarks about how Hunter might be gay just because he opted for purple shoelaces for his wedding shoes (more about that later) and his bleached-out blonde hair. They wanted to have only close family and friends at the actual wedding, yet we weren't invited, and we've been like a second family to Bobby for ages. But we're invited to the reception. But I couldn't bring Kevin as a guest because they couldn't squeeze in an extra place for him. (GAAAAAAH.)

Okay....about the shoes? Bobby wanted his side of the party to wear customized Converse All-Stars high-tops. They're white with green blocking and tounges and "WAF 4 Life" on the side (some childhood inside joke with their group). Hunter opted for purple shoelaces with his instead of white or whatever everyone else was wearing. (And the colors actually look good together.) And Hunter's hair is STILL bleached out from when he and the gang went to go see Motley Crue a month ago (it's grown out a bit). Point is, Hunter's not gay, but he DOES like to do crazy shit like this every once in a while to stand out.

Oh, I could go on and on about the drama involved in all of this. Mom and I think Bobby and Leah could've hired a wedding planner and had some better organization and communication with their respective parties doing this. And we all think Bobby marrying Leah is a giant mistake, and he only proposed to her to get over his last (batshit crazy) girlfriend. Hunter says the two of them have NOTHING in common. After the rehearsal dinner, apparently Bobby pulled Hunter to the side and told him, "Okay, this is the part where you're supposed to talk me out of this." *sigh* If you're asking your best man to talk you out of this, then maaaaaaybe you shouldn't be getting married. Hunter told Bobby that if he backed out at that point, no one would shame him for it.

But whatever. They're married now. Reception's tonight. Open bar. AWRIIIIIGHT.


Tomorrow Kevin and I are going to Six Flags. We're excited. I'm SUPER excited. They opened a couple new slides at Hurricane Harbor (one being a pressurized slide that kind of BLASTS you down a few stories; I heard you have, like, NO contact with the slide for maybe 10 or 15 feet) plus a simulated surfing area. I kind of wish they had some new rollercoasters there, though. In my opinion, they can replace Iron Wolf.


Wanna check out what little crap I have on my DeviantArt account so far?!


According to Jim Ross on Twitter, that new CM Punk shirt is quickly becoming one of the fastest selling t-shirts in WWE history. I was kind of pissed when I saw CM Punk wearing it last week on RAW because I thought, "SHIT, now WWE will start selling them and the value of this baby will go down!" No, not really. The ones sold at Money in the Bank are the only ones that have the DATE on the back, so they're still worth something.

And I get so many compliments when I wear it! The true wrestling fans come out of the woodwork! Daniel (one of the carryouts at work) saw me wear it for dress-down day yesterday and didn't like it because HE's a John Cena fan. You know, the FAKE champion.


Jul. 22nd, 2011 12:16 pm
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Those CM Punk shirts that Dan and I picked up at Money in the Bank? Those WERE event-only shirts. Kevin told me those babies are going for around $250-$300 on eBay. That's at least a 100% markup.

........Screw it. I'm not selling mine. That was an awesome souvenir from an awesome night.
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5. Overpriced merchandise and food. I have a hard time shelling out $5 for a bottle of water or $6 for a freaking polish sausage at these events. And they're just t-shirts. I cam probably order them from WWEShop.com for a little cheaper. But oh well, I guess you pay for convenience.

4. Being short and having seats on the floor near the ring. First show I went to, we had floor seats maybe 12 rows away from the ring, and when Triple H came out, EVERYONE was standing and on their seats. I got on my seat and 5'2" me still couldn't see jack shit.

3. Obnoxious marks. Especially the stalker-ish marks that know EVERY SINGLE BIT OF INFO about their target. There were these two marks last event we went to--one was a hard-core Undertaker mark who was very obviously jealous of Michelle McCool, and the other was so set and determined to get some belated birthday card to Matt Hardy. (We'll forgive the children who tend to be John Cena fans, though. Hulk Hogan was my childhood hero, so I can't judge Cena fans if they're kids.)

2. If you've never been to a live event and have only seen Raw/Smackdown or the PPVs on TV, you get the luxury of hearing the commentary from Jerry Lawler or Michael Cole or whoever is down there. At the live events, you don't. For Raw or SmackDown tapings, during planned commercial breaks, they re-set the ring and air commercials from their sponsors and upcoming PPVs on the TitanTron. Wow, shove more advertising down my throat, why don't you?! Sometimes it IS better seeing it on TV.

And the top bad thing about live events, and Kevin and I agreed on this last night...

1. FAN SIGNS. Hut here's the thing. You make a sign, you take it with, and before the show airs, they have you put your sign up and they pan the camera around looking for the best signs they can focus on during the show. And you know the ones they usually show? Some of the lamest ones made last minute. And when you hold your sign up during the show during a key moment, you usually get yelled at by whoever is sitting behind you to put it down. It's like, why bother even making it?

Then you have the issue of possibly getting your sign yanked away from you or being told by personnel to put it down. When we went to Night of Champions last year, Kevin and the guys made this HUGE Nexus logo sign since we were in the front row of the second level. PRIME location. We could see everything. And we were told by AllState Arena personnel to take it down because it was covering a Mountain Dew advertisement. *eyeroll* And don't even get me started on my Torrie Wilson fanart getting confiscated. Don't advertise your Playboy cover on SmackDown the previous week, then take away a fanart version of the cover the next week. That's just hypocritical.


But anyway.......Money In The Bank was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We saw Alberto Del Rio at the Target next door to the AllState Arena. I guess he's not TOO rich to shop at Target.

Cut for spoilers. But seriously? Go to WWE.com to check out spoilers or watch Monday Night Raw tonight to see SOMEONE get fired. )

It was AWESOME!!!!!!

WWE is coming back to Chicago for Monday Night Raw on December 26th. Kevin's already said he knows for sure he won't be able to get that day off from work (after-Christmas markdowns and changing of displays and stuff means everyone has to be there), so it may be a no-go. But we've heard rumors that next year's SummerSlam might be in Chicago NOT at the AllState Arena but at the UNITED CENTER, so if that happens, that will DEFINITELY be a go. And if when I'm able to move out to California by then, that'll be my going-away party. (Playing it by ear, playing it by ear...)
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I'm not going to lie, I'm actually really looking forward to going to see Money in the Bank on Sunday! I know I've been kind of "meh" about wrestling in general lately, but given everything going on with CM Punk's rants on Monday Night Raw for the last few weeks....could get interesting. He's had the balls to say stuff that most WWE Superstars wouldn't say on TV. And I realize this is all more than likely a work (what isn't in the world of WWE anymore?), but CM Punk has had a point about a lot of things, once you strip away the storylines and if you know how things really operate.

Which lead me to speculate. Sunday, his contract does expire. And he will be wrestling his "last match with WWE" in his hometown. Storyline-wise, do I think Vince McMahon will actually let CM Punk--a heel--win and leave with the WWE title in his own hometown? And actually "fire" John Cena? At first, I thought, "Mmmm....possible. They could just make a new title belt, because it's about time for the belt to get another revamp. And whenever CM Punk decides to come back, he could argue that HE'S the true champion."

But then I asked Kevin what he thought about it, and here's Kevin's prediction. CM Punk wins. Then John Cena use his rematch clause right then and there to win it back. But more than likely, watch Alberto Del Rio win the actual Money in the Bank match for his shot at the title, and before CM Punk can leave with the title, he uses his Money in the Bank win to challenge Punk there and win the title off of him. WWE has done this before. And WWE has been pushing the shit out of Alberto Del Rio since the Royal Rumble, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Watch Kevin be right. He usually is about stuff like this.
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After hearing the Bella Twins go on about how "skinny" Kelly Kelly looks and how much makeup she has "caked" on, I've decided on my sign:


And apparently, Colt Cabana's supposed to be at Money in the Bank!
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I'm going to Tinley Park on Wednesday for a meeting with an admissions advisor from the Illinois Institute of Art. *squeeeeee!*

This is nothing serious (at the moment). This is a "You want to potentially come to OUR school? Great! Want to come see what we're all about and talk about admissions requirements and financial aid?" meeting. I'm still putting my feelers out there, and I'm looking to actually be making the big move by next year when I have some decent stuff to submit for admissions.

The woman I talked to over the phone (Jessica) was very nice, and we got into a conversation about movies, and she wants to hear how Super 8 was.

*semi-related tangent* Speaking of, Super 8 was really good! I heard a long time ago it was supposed to be a prequel of sorts to Cloverfield. Then I hear J.J. Abrams saying the complete opposite. Make up your mind, J.J.!

*tangent* 27 days till Money in the Bank at the AllState Arena! I don't even know if I want to do a sign/poster this time around. Ideas I'm already floating around?
--Chris Benoit Killed My Sign (SURE to get confiscated!)
--Sit Down! You're In My Way!
--RIP Macho Man
--do a poster of Sheamus from "Family Guy" in case Sheamus (the actual wrestler) is wrestling
--Take My Sign. It Has Zack Ryder On It.

*tangent* I'm watching the "When You Wish Upon A Weinstein" ep of "Family Guy." You've got to be kidding me. Lois made it from Rhode Island to Las Vegas THAT QUICKLY in Quagmire's car? Thanks for making me suspend my disbelief, MacFarlane!

*semi-related tangent* Hey [livejournal.com profile] supermachodude. Guess what? Diarrhea!

*tangent* Well, I've found a new obsession. The new My Little Pony series on the Hub. Ponies are keeping me sane currently. :)

*tangent* How odd is it that I want to purchase this "The Dean Martin Variety Show" series on a DVD set? The informercial is on right now. I love me some Dino.

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....Meh. I wish I could've been more interested, but let's be honest. I only go to the PPVs to see my friends and for the socialization. I don't really watch Raw or Smackdown all that much, anymore. If I didn't have to defend the title from WrestleMania, I more than likely wouldn't have went last night because I'm sick of these once-a-month PPVs; it's overkill. Plus, I'm the only female there in our crowd of friends. I always feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. And while Walter and Matt's jokes are funny, I never like when Walter makes that joke about Kevin's balls in my purse.

And did Kevin really need to bring that dumb "book" he bought at Spencer's? It wasn't that funny.

(.....No, I am not pissed the Miz lost. I had a feeling he'd be losing the title soon because he had a longer run with it than he was initially supposed to have.)
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Cheryl Burke and Chris Jericho were eliminated last night! :(

Now he needs to get his ass back in the wrestling ring.
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It's official.


And ABC will never.....EVER.....be the same A-GAIN!!! (You know I will be voting for him. YOU KNOW IT.)

And you know what? That's okay! I'm really enjoying all of the stuff WWE is doing with this whole Miz vs. John Cena angle right now. Bringing the Rock in for all of this is probably going to be the catalyst to turn Cena heel. Because when you compare John Cena's "Thuganomics" BS to all of the promos the Rock has ever cut? I'm sorry, but John Cena is just LAME in comparison.
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TRIPLE H IS BACK NOW TOO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one said ANYTHING about HIM coming back!!! (I bet he's only there to promote The Chaperone.)

About damn time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rock is back. Trish Stratus is (sorta) back. Stone Cold Steve Austin is (sorta) back. 'Taker is back. Now Triple H is back, too. Damn, wrestling is cool again.
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John Cena is NOT going back to that stupid "Doctor of Thuganomics" bullshit gimmick he used before now that the Rock is back, is he? Because if he is, I have more excuse to dislike him than I already do. What a jabroni.

Sorry, but I agree with Hunter on this one. You can't be a "thug" and a "marine" at the same damn time. It's just hard to buy.

I guess WWE wants Cena to turn heel so badly, they had to resort to bringing the Rock back just for this alone. I wonder just how many boos Cena was getting tonight before Raw doctored them out. BECAUSE THEY DO THAT!!!

And come on. Like it isn't completely obvious that this 2-21-11 teaser crap isn't for the Undertaker to conveniently come back in time for WrestleMania. How predictable.

Kevin keeps wanting Undertaker's WM streak to be broken by Sting, of all people, this year. Mmmmmyeah, I don't think that will happen. If it does, then may God strike me with lightning
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The Rock came back to WWE last night.

The Rock came back last night, and Kevin and I weren't watching. DAMMIT!!


Valentine's Day was cool last night. I liked Joe's. I got the Ragin' Cajun steampot and thoroughly enjoyed it.

But Kevin and I exchanged presents before we left. I got roses, and then he reached in his pocket for a little box.


......It was a necklace. A very pretty necklace.

Oh, BTW, he also got me Undisputed: How To Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps. :D :D :D

I flipped through the book some, and chew on this some. Chris Jericho could have very well been cast as Riff Raff in the long-taked-abou-but-not-yet-done RHPS remake.

Jericho as Riff Raff. I can't wrap my head around that one.

That's okay. I'm not really itching to be getting married anytime soon.
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Kevin and I are going to Joe's Crab Shack for V-Day. DON'T LAUGH at how un-romantic it is. I've never been there, he let me make the choice. I just want to keep it low-key this year. :)

He told me I'd be pleasantly shocked with my Valentine's Day gift. Ohmigosh, could it be.....


........................UNDISPUTED?! CHRIS JERICHO'S NEW BOOK?!!! (*lol* We'll see. It is either out right now, or coming out very soon, and I've been waiting for it for a while now.)

Speaking of...yeah. Hunter broke up with Jessica. They're still on good terms, though. He said she took it well, and he also said she admitted she saw it coming. But they're both moving on with their lives. And Hunter said they could always get back together somewhere down the line. (So essentially, they're "taking a break," really.)
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Flynn's following me on Twitter!

My life is now complete. :D (I'm not obsessed!!)


Seriously, I can't believe Christmas is SATURDAY. My next day off is on Christmas Day, when we're closed. Four more days till I get a day off. *sigh* But I work a short shift on Friday, so it's all good.

I'm all done with my Christmas shopping, by the way. I finally got Dad his gift card, and I got Kevin's grandma a Christmas ivy plant in an angel planter. I really couldn't figure out what to get her, but it hit me when I was leaving work tonight. And I picked up a ham bone for Bo; he convinced me to give it to him early with those cute goo-goo puppy dog eyes.


BEARS BEAT THE VIKINGS TONIGHT!!!!!! In your face, Favre!!!


WWE TLC last night was a good pay-per-view....until the last match. Why does WWE insist on keeping the pacing for a pay-per-view good with good matches and high energy, but then they'll keep the main event reserved for freaking John Cena? And the main event won't even be for a TITLE. I'm getting sick of that shit. Now I'll give them a free pass next month for the Royal Rumble because the battle royale will be THE main event, but if they can't do a pay-per-view without having a major title up for grabs in the main event, then eff it.

[livejournal.com profile] supermachodude, we missed ya, man. Why don't you love us anymore?!


More snow headed our way. So I must be off to bed for some rest, because I'll have to dig my way out and take it easy on the roads tomorrow. I can't afford another call-off. This week's paycheck was crappy because of my two sick days (one being a Sunday, FML, I missed out on PREMIUM PAY, dangit!!!)
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Last night, Comedy Central was showing the roasts for David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. And it didn't occur to me till last night that three people at Pam's roast are dead now.

--Bea Arthur
--Anna Nicole Smith
--Greg Giraldo

It's like watching old WWE pay-per-views and pointing out all the wrestlers who are dead. Just....depressing. :(

And WTF was this, the Miz FINALLY cashed in his Money in the Bank on "Raw" this week, and I wasn't watching because of how crappy "Survivor Series" ended?! FUCK THAT!!!! Dude, I'm glad the Miz is FINALLY the champ, but UGH. Trying to ensure people will watch "Raw" now that Cena's gone, huh, Vince? Hmm? What a cheap shot.

For the most part, "Survivor Series" was awesome...up until the last match with Wade Barrett against Randy Orton with John Cena being a ref. That match just seemed drawn out and not much really happened, and can Cena actually be a crappier ref than he is a wrestler?! YES HE CAN! And they had to drag out the ending for another ten minutes so he could go around the whole arena saying goodbye the Cenation. Couldn't see you before, Cena, now we REALLY can't! Go off and make another movie! (Eh, he'll probably be back as entry 30 at the Royal Rumble. I'M CALLING IT RIGHT NOW. Entry 30 at the Rumble in January, and he'll probably WIN the damn thing, too.)


Nov. 19th, 2010 07:59 pm
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WWE has let Jillian Hall go.

FINALLY!! I know they don't take their Divas seriously at all, but I could not stand her crappy-singer gimmick at all.

To be quite honest, I haven't been watching much in the last few months since Night of Champions. From what I've seen, though, they had a good thing going with Nexus, and now they're royally screwing it up with the John Cena thing. When the hell is John Cena getting this long-rumored and long-waited heel turn I've been hearing about?!! He's long overdue for one!
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ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! *tee hee hee!*

I knew Cena would lose. Why? Because WWE has Nexus on all the Bragging Rights advertising, duh!

Guess what I can't stand? Cena fangirls. The whole "Cenation" or whatever the hell they're called. They're delusional. One Cena fangirl at Hooters got pissed at everyone for cheering when he lost and told us all to shut the fuck up. Guess what? All this is staged. Wrestling storylines ain't real. If I tell you that now, you won't believe me, but when you grow up, you'll find out on your own. And it'll be like finding out Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy aren't real. And you won't like wrestling like you used to. And you really won't like it when someone like...oh, let's say Randy Orton (for example, I'm just pulling a legendary wrestler out of my ass) goes on a 'roid rampage and kills his wife and kid before he offs himself. And no one will ever mention word about Randy Orton ever again in the WWE-verse. Then the WWE will lose half of their audience, and Vince McMahon will have to offer Chris Jericho more money to come back and bring the audience back with him. I'm just saying.

But oh wow. The reaction shots after John Cena lost were the BEST. I expect to see some of that shit in /gif form on ONTD, they were that hilarious.

And I don't know who's watching "Monday Night RAW" tonight, but let me tell you something. Over half the audience boos Cena anymore, and WWE has had a difficult time editing those boos out for broadcast. He loses last night's match, joins Nexus, and now everyone's fucking CHEERING him?! In the words of the Hurricane (aka "Cousin Shane"), "What's up with that?"

I thought creative was pushing for a Cena heel turn. By Wrestlemania, to boot. Well, by the looks of this shit, it won't be happening. WHY?!

WWE fans, you are a fickle bunch. You hear me? FICKLE. Flighty, capricious, and irresolute. Not to mention gullible and ignorant and a bunch of lemmings.

The Morrision/Mis/Bryan match was probably the best one of the night. And the Undertaker vs. Kane was such a disappointment. Most of that match was either 'Taker or Kane pulling off a move and then taking a five-minute rest break. And you know all the kiddies thirteen years old and younger saw Paul Bearer and were going, "Who is this?! I can't even....what?!"

So yeah. Cena sucks, his delusional fans suck even more, and 'Taker needs to retire.
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(I still have to get the pics developed, BTW.)

Well, it was fun! I had never been to a live pay-per-view before, so it was an experience. We had pretty decent seats; we were on the second level, but we were in the front row, so we had nothing obscuring our view, and it wasn't all the way back in the nosebleed section, either.
But Matt Hardy doesn't WANT to go to TNA! Oh well. The Miz approves, stays awesome while doing so. )

And that's all I have to say about that.
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"It kind of just occurred to me that the moment where you stop being a child and start being an adult is when you start to cheer for the heels in pro wrestling."

as quoted by [livejournal.com profile] gmudemocrat over at [livejournal.com profile] wwe

I agree. There's a fine line between the Cena-fans and the Cena-haters, and it's usually age-related. And why do I find myself rooting for Randy Orton more? I used to hate that mo-fo!
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I FINALLY WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only matches I didn't predict correctly? Edge vs. Jericho and Batista vs. Cena.


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