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Monday night, Kevin and I went to see Watchmen. Considering I haven't read the graphic novel, I felt this was a good movie. It was entertaining, and it told a good story. The ending was a little lame, though, but that didn't really bother me.

But if you want me to be a smartass about it....it's about a bunch of retired vigilantes/superheroes who are depressed and questioning their lot in life while on the cusp of WWIII in 1985. Hell, Dr. Manhattan just kept going on about "I pretend to care" and "I don't care anymore" and I kept thinking, "He's really given up on life if he can't be bothered to PUT ON SOME FREAKING PANTS!"

Dr. Manhattan in all his naked glory behind the cut; NSFW )

Too much blue peen for me to handle! I quote Christian Bale: "It's fucking distracting!"

*tangent* And now, an update on the Grandma Cozie situation, since I didn't blog about it sooner. The reason she was severely dehydrated? NOT a cancer flare-up, but a massive kidneystone infection! Why? Because like I said, she drinks nothing but Coca-Cola. According to Dad, the doctors said it was the worst/biggest case they had ever seen. But I guess she's doing okay now (despite the cancer, of course).

*tangent* Work today....UGH. They had opening in the service center today from 7 AM-3 PM. Read more... )

Just....ugh, yeah, One of those kind of days.

*tangent* You know it's true love when he says for Halloween, he'll willing to do the purple hair thing and dress up as the Rio to your Jem. And you didn't even really ASK him in the first place. :D :D (Oh Kevin...)
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I haven't been able to do a real update in a while, so here it is.

On the Grandma Cozie front: It's been a year since I went down last year, and we had a bit of a scare this week. I came home from work on Thursday or Friday night, and Mom's Sport Track wasn't in the driveway. I was thinking, "It's nighttime. Mom never goes anywhere at night. Maybe Dad took her out for early Valentine's Day or something." No dice. Mom tells me that Dad's on his way down to Alabama. Apparently, someone called the social workers to go check on her (I think it might have been either Janice or Irma), and she's been having moments where she's passing out, and the social workers made it clear she's not to be at home by herself anymore. So of course, Dad had to go down there immediately. We were all kind of scared, but I guess once she got an IV drip in, she was fine. Turns out she was severely dehydrated (Because she never drinks water, only Coca-Cola...she honestly thinks that if you add ice to the Coke, that counts as your water equivalent, because ice is just frozen water. She actually told the oncologist this when we were all down there last year. Dad had to explain to her that when the ice melts, it just dilutes your Coke and there's no nutritional content at all.). As of last night, the report was that she's doing fine, now that she's on the IV. But now Dad's lost a week's worth of work, and he's up for new bids for truck driver partners, and if he didn't already have a pretty kick-ass partner who takes initiative, he'd be getting crappy picks.

Dad was all set to bring her back up here to live with us so we can take care of her. Now I know I objected before, but if she's really that bad, I don't mind. She's family, and we love her, and we want to make sure she's being taken care of. BUT....she said she'll come up here to be with us "when it gets warmer." YEAH. I tell you, sometimes it's a royal pain dealing with stubborn elderly people. I guess social security will pay for her hospital stay plus about a month's worth of nursing home care. After that, it's all on us.

*tangent* Yeah, they're re-training me in the service center. Yeah, it sucks. Yeah, it's not really that bad, once I think about it. I just keep telling myself it's good that I learn this stuff so it looks good on my resumé, and that these skills will come in handy someday for a new job. It'd be nice if I got paid a little more to take on more responsibilities combined with me being a regular cashier. Because it's not like all of the other cashiers work the service desk. (Just me and Susan and Amanda.)

Speaking of work, we asked for donations this (and last) week for the American Heart Association. I didn't place anything this time. I might have earned a little over $60. Randy seemed surprised, but you have to consider that I was off two days the first week we started collecting, then I was training in the service desk the majority of last week and not on a register actively asking. (Don't worry; I'll kick ass again for the MDA drive.)

Speaking of work (AGAIN)....is it me, or are customers just getting stupider and stupider? The last few days at work, I've just been irritated with every single little thing. But this killed me. There was a customer who made out a check for $41 over the total, and we can only do a limit of $40 back. She told me to call over a manager to approve it. I told the customer I can just enter the check in for the $40 since it's TeleCheck and she'll get the voided check back anyway. (Since all the stupid customers who still choose to pay by check hand me a blank check anyway, assuming "Yeah, I'm getting my check back anyway, I don't have to make it out, I should just get a debit card, but I'm lazy....whaddya mean I have to sign on the pad?! These signature thingies don't work! My name isn't coming up on here! OMG, why does the pen-thingy have a blunt end?! Are you sure you want me to sign with this? Gawd, my signature looks like CRAP, are you sure it'll go through?! Why do you guys keep changing these things?! Ugh, so many questions to answer!" I WANT TO FUCKING SLAP SOMEONE.) The customer says, "But I already have it entered in my checkbook! My husband will check it and make sure it all balances out! Call a manager over, they've done it before!" I called Shelli over and sure enough, she takes care of it.

Okay....my gripe? WHY WRITE IT FOR FORTY-ONE DOLLARS OVER?! Do you have a brain?! Just add 40 to 99.21, that's 139.21. THAT'S NOT HARD TO ADD. And how hard is it to just write over what you just wrote in the checkbook? And if it's such a freaking hassle, JOIN THE DEBIT CARD REVOLUTION!!!! One of my coworkers heard it from the next register over and though it was pretty stupid of the customer as well.

*tangent* Valentine's Day came and went. Kevin and I went to Ruby Tuesday and had dinner. I'd never been to Ruby Tuesday before. I worked at the Southlake Mall for about four years, and I never ate at Ruby Tuesday. Now that I have, I have to say I wasn't thrilled. It's pretty much the same as going to Applebee's or Bennigan's or something similar. They had good burgers, though, for about the same price. But you know, it was Valentine's Day and I was with Kevin, and that's all that really mattered. :D I got him a "Ring of Honor" DVD and made him cookies and cupcakes (The chocolate chip ones were good, as usual, but the sugar cookies turned out really well!), and he got me roses and a little stuffed "I wuff you" puppy. Then we went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. YEAH, I dragged my boyfriend to a chick flick, but it was hilarious and he liked it, too. We both agreed that Rebecca (the main character in the movie) reminded us of a grown-up Quinn Morgendorfer:

*tangent* So No Way Out was last night. The elimination chamber matches were good, but what a freaking let-down. Triple H won yet another title. (Hooray for nepotism.) Edge taking out Kofi Kignston for a spot in the Raw chamber? Why Kofi Kingston? I ask this because...well, let me ask why the hell Mike Knox was included in the elimination chamber? Why not take out Knox, Edge? Huh? (I'm watching "Monday Night Raw" right now, trying to pay attention.)


Jan. 21st, 2009 07:57 pm
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So Kevin used to do modeling. *raises eyebrow*

I'm dating a model. Fuck yeah!
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I got him a hoodie and baked him some cookies, and he liked them both. Then we went to FINALLY go see The Dark Knight in IMAX at the theater in Portage.

SO much better in IMAX. And might I mention it was easier to spot me in the IMAX viewing. :)

All in all, Kevin said he had a good birthday. I'm glad. :)
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All this week, I've been at work. I haven't had much time to get online and use the Internet for posting at Starbright/Only Me & the Music/Cosmic Moon/U of S (and I really, really need to get caught up at U of S). And whenever I am home, Hunter's on the damn computer, monopolizing it with his games and his brand-new iPod shuffle.

I'm going to do some bitching about work, so I'll put it behind a cut. Read more... )

So today is Easter. (Yay!) As usual, we didn't make much of a big deal about it this year. It's kind of a bummer because neither Hunter nor TJ or Sandy or I are kids anymore. Around here, I made cookies and cupcakes because that's kind of my "thing" now. I ended up making Kevin an Easter basket, which he liked. Especially the cookies. :D

*tangent* BIG A-LIST STARS IN THE AREA!!!!! And I mean, BIG.

Tomorrow, film crews are up in Crown Point at the old Lake County Jailhouse where John Dillinger made his big escape. They're recreating the scene for the upcoming movie Public Enemies.

Guess who's only TWO CITIES AWAY FROM ME?!


Actually, there were Johnny-sightings in downtown Crown Point as of last Wednesday/Thursday. (*squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!*) Kevin called me up early Thursday morning and told me. I was all, "OMFGZ, JOHNNY DEPP?! It's my day off!! Guess what I'm doing today?!" (*ha ha* It was a bad idea for him to take me to see Sweeney Todd during Christmas.) So...armed with a camera and a "I <3 ONTD" sign (Yeah, I was aiming to get a pic of Johnny with the sign for OhNoTheyDidnt), I spent a few hours on the square in downtown Crown Point going "star-hunting." No dice. :( Kevin went the next day. Strike two. :(

*tangent...and it's a female-related tangent* I've been PMS-ing really bad for the last THREE weeks. I thought it was bad when I was in Alabama, and I was just telling myself, "This is all pre-period water weight and bloat that I'll lose when I get my period." Two weeks later....no period! What the hell?! I know I'm not pregnant (it's not like I've been getting any; I may have a boyfriend now, but we're taking this slow). So I don't know if my cycle's just getting changed up (but that usually happens in the summer) or what. It's frustrating the hell out of me. I'm very cranky and irritable and bloated, and I'm having some really bad acne as well. And I don't have enough "fat pants" to keep up.

*tangent* They say we should all set goals for ourselves, right? I have set a goal. (Well, a few, actually.)

1. Within this year, I aim to lose 50 pounds, mainly for my overall health.
2. My "spare change" jar has been converted to my Six Flags fund. I hope to have enough saved up by the end of May for a weekend to Six Flags America.
3. The big one...(besides finishing college and moving out and all)...I am announcing the start of the "Holly's Third Walt Disney World Vacation" fund. So far, it has a measley three dollars in it. (It's a start. It's like a seed. You have to plant it and water it for that dream to grow.) Yes, dreaming of a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth is non-practical and frivolous for the times we're living in. But come on! It's DISNEY! I'd love to go as a present to myself for when I FINALLY get done with college. I want at least one more good vacation with the whole family (Dad included) before Mom's MS gets really bad.

*tangent* I saw this week's "South Park," but I'm going to gripe about that in a seperate post.
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*sigh* Well.....my status on MySpace is now changed.

That's all you need to know.

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Anytime I mention that I walked behind Gary Oldman in a random shot for The Dark Knight, I frequently get the "OMG! Did he look good?!" comments.

Go rent Batman Begins. He looked exactly the same as he did in that one.

*tangent* I broke down and ordered the 25th anniversary edition of Thriller off of amazon.com the other day. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get that version of Michael Jackson back?

Say what you will, but the fact that Thriller has managed to stay the best selling album ever goes to show you that good music stands the test of time. Consider how many albums that the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC and Britney Spears sold in the late 90s when they were in their prime. They all went diamond (10 million+ sales). But Michael Jackson still manages to stay in the top spot, 25 years later. God damn.

*tangent* I'm going to wank about it here instead of bitching about it in the customers_suck community. Food stamps...okay, when people come through my line with their EBT cards and tell me to pay attention to how much they spend because they only have so much left on their card, then I see the kinds of expensive food they get...I'm sorry, but they're fucking eating better than I am on my shitty paychecks. Must be nice.

*tangent* Be Kind, Rewind was hilarious.

*tangent* Holding hands during a movie is nice. *melts a little inside*
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Just regarding my status at the moment...Hunter said if I want to know how Kevin feels about me and him, I should just change my status to "in a relationship," and if he follows up with the same on his profile, there ya go. Then again, Hunter knows we're not all about MySpace like other people are.

I....I don't know. I feel so stupid about this. We haven't even really talked about that sort of thing. But after a few months of regularly going to the movies on the weekends (with him paying my way for the last month or so), New Year's Eve, going to his cousin's wedding and Valentine's Day...isn't it pretty much a "relationship" at this point?

I mean, what the hell do I do? Do I write a Milhouse-esque note:

"Do you like me? Circle yes or no."

Curse me for not being more of a dating sort of person, and curse me for not having an actual boyfriend in the last five or so years.
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So instead of ignoring the damn computer before going to work, I'm going to try to be a computer hog today. Went to Hooters after work last night for "No Way Out." Good matches all around. Best part was Floyd Mayweather going after the Big Show. And considering how I just don't care for Orton...and I'm still kinda insulted since Cena just came back and won the Royal Rumble...I really didn't care who won that match, but seeing Orton slap the ref and getting DQ'd made it better for me. I can't stand that douchebag.

But back to Valentine's Day. We went to Red Robin for dinner. I baked him cookies and cupcakes. I literally had no idea what to do for a Valentine's gift. This is what kills me. I used to be the queen of gift-giving, and now I've turned into a total spaz about it! It's just been so long since I've had to give someone something for a major event like this that I honestly didn't know what to do. But he liked them, so major points for me. :) He gave me flowers and this big pink bear. (Awwww!)


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