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So here's the situation. I have a coworker who has two extra tickets for when KISS (HOLY SHIT!!!!) comes to Chicago September 7th that he offered to me and a friend. The seats are supposedly prime--near the front (OMG!!!!) and $50 each. (EVEN BETTER!!!!!) The only caveat is that my friend and I would have to go with him.

Guess which coworker this is. Yep. Doug. That guy with cerebral palsy who tracked me down to Blockbuster through MySpace.

I kept telling myself, "The only catch is you'd be going with him." But I figured that's all water under the bridge. And September 7th is a way off. But the thing is, we aren't really that great of friends. Acquaintances, more like. He acts like we're pals because of the MySpace bustup. (Uhhhh....not really.) Oh, and because he watches wrestling, too. (Uhhh...does anyone really get that I don't get into wrestling as much as I used to? Kevin included? Hello? Anyone?)

But now I'm regretting taking him up on the offer and kind of want to break it off, but I'm not sure without being a total bitch about it. Here's why.

Here's how he told me he came into two extra tickets. He and his GF broke up. Why did he and his GF break up? He tells me she had a problem with his CP. Now I was told this a couple of weeks ago. And he's still moping about it. I don't really pay much attention to his love life (it's none of my business, really), but he won't shut up about it. And it seems like he's a serial dater; the relationships never really last very long. So really, I think Doug is full of it.

But he was moping about it a few days ago and wouldn't shut up telling any coworker about it wanting advice for finding love and trying to figure out what went wrong and wondering why he can't make it work with women. And then he starts complaining that his handicap scares women off. He cornered me while I was eating my lunch during my piddly-ass 15 minute break and wanted my advice.

I wanted to tell him, "Fuck off, Doug, I'm eating my lunch." But I didn't. All I told him was that if she really did dump him over his handicap (which I don't really think she did, if this is all true), he's better off without, and he should move on. He started on about how she claimed she had a kid of her own, and was trying to claim that she was pregnant. I told him, "If that sort of thing continues to be a problem, then make 'chick with kids' a dealbreaker. If you don't want to get sucked into that baby daddy-drama, then don't go for chicks with kids!" I'm not gonna mince words. But for the love of God, it kind of bothered me.

He always plays up the CP card, then acts like he doesn't want pity or sympathy. Then when things don't work out with a chick, he cries that "she dumped me because of my handicap!" I don't buy that. It didn't work because you're a pathetic loser. You're the dickhead that had the gall to track me down to my last job through MySpace, and I didn't even know you had CP then because I had never met you face to face. It has nothing to do with your handicap, and everything to do with it at the same time.

This is why I'm going to go back on those KISS tickets. For one thing, I think he managed to get those prime seats because of his disability. (He milks it, I swear to God. He goes on and on about how he's able to get 50 yard line seats at Soldier Field for Bears' games for the price you pay for regular seats.) For another thing, I think this is a blatant pick-up attempt. Even if he did invite Kevin with.


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