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Jun. 25th, 2011 09:34 pm
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Please don't let this hacking cough with chest pain turn into another bout of bronchitis. I don't think I can handle it this time. I can handle the common cold, but this round of summer allergies is starting to feel like another brutal round of the big B. This is precisely why I don't smoke.

Little bit of nostalgia. When I was a kid, I was kind of sickly. At least it feels like I was sick a lot. (I'm wondering if I was just more susceptible to getting sick after the lung surgery.) I remember Mom frequently setting up the humidifier in my room. And after the surgery, I remember the doctor giving me this funny breathing-therapy apparatus to take home and use. What it was was this set of two plastic bottles with water in one of them and a tube connecting the two, plus a mouth device. I would breathe into it, and try to get the water from one bottle over to the other.

It's funny that I just now remembered this. I heard something on local Chicago radio that Children's Memorial Hospital will be changing their name in a couple of months. That's kind of upsetting. I mean, it'll still be a pediatric hospital, and I'm sure the place has undergone plenty of changes since 1984, but still...

Let's hope this cough eases up some. And these damn allergies just GO! Summer illnesses suck donkey balls!
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I haven't done a whole lot of updating on here lately. I've been addicted to Twitter. I'm surprised how much I ended up liking it. (I like it a lot better than Facebook, to be honest.)

*tangent* I came in fifth place for the Food Bank donation drive at our store this year. I managed to earn $612. Nancy came in first place again; she brought in over $2500 (how does she DO it?!). Thursday, all of us that managed to earn over 100 get to go to the special luncheon at Teibel's in Schererville. Yeah! (Not just a pizza party this year. We're moving up in the world!)

Teibel's is okay. I've only been there once before, after Kevin's dad's funeral. It's one of those nicer restaurants, and the food is good, but not THAT good for THOSE kind of prices. (Just my opinion...)

*tangent* I'm sick again. Ugh. Hunter brought it home from one of his friends. THANKS A LOT.

*tangent* Snow sucks. Winter sucks Just thought I'd share.
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I went home early from work yesterday, feeling like I was going to throw up and having bad aches and pains all over my body. The thing that really sucked about it is that I missed out on the staff Christmas shindig (a half-hour break, with goodies in the breakroom). I probably could've sneaked up there before I left for home, but I really was in no urge to eat anything. When I got home, I had some bad diarrhea, but I never threw up. I took some Pepto-Bismol and a couple of Aleve and went to bed watching my "Shin Chan" DVDs.

The weather today has been craptacular, and since I've conveniently gotten sick with this weather (temperature in the teens, sub-zero wind chills, snow and winds up to 50 MPH, white-out conditions, blizzard-like), I called off work today. Yes, I'll miss out on my Sunday pay, but I really didn't want to risk another potential diarrhea flare-up or possibly actually getting sick on the job.

I am now out of Pepto, and I have NOT stepped out of my house all day.

So what DID I do all day?

*strums guitar*

7 AM, my cell phone alarm goes off
Start up the coffee, make sure my teeth are clean
Scrambled some eggs, put on some jeans, then called off
Back to bed once again, woke up at 8:15

And so I read a book
And then I made some tea
I checked my email
Then I browsed ONTD
I watched YouTube and news
Put up my Christmas tree
Just wonderin' when will my life begin?

PB and J for lunch, made sure it stayed down
Sat on the can,
Organized my dresser chest
Made my bed, napped on it
Missed a call from Kevin
Then I sketched, did a stretch
Put dog out
(What a mess!)

And then I read a book
Plenty of time to spare
Painted my nails once more
Added some extra flair
And then I brushed and brushed
And brushed and brushed my hair
Watching the snowstorm settling in
And I'll keep wonderin', wonderin'
Wonderin', wonderin'
When will my life begin?

(And just to let you know, that DID all happen today, and I just came up with that song off the top of my head. I also let my imagination get the better of me while working on a submission for that disney_kink community.)
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Yesterday wasn't the worst Thanksgiving ever, but it was not one I'll want to remember. I woke up with a sore throat and my eyes itched like hell. I knew things weren't well in my corner of the world. But I went to work anyway because it was time-and-a-half. I had to work from 9 am to 3 pm, and every other customer was all, "I can't believe you have to work today." I guess it never changes no matter which job you work at. The customers either have pity on you for having to work on a holiday, or they look at you with such contempt that you'd even think of working on a holiday. I know what they're thinking: "God, do you have a life?! Are you ever not working?" And I wish that were the case. I really wish it were. But no. I'm a working single woman in the real world; I don't have a sugar daddy/husband whom I can fall back on.

The working part really wasn't that bad, to be honest. Grocery stores kind of need to be open on a day like this, though, for the last-minute customers who forgot little things or ran out of Cool Whip/apple cider/napkins/ice/etc.

The two most frequent questions I got yesterday?:
1. "Do you have any more newspapers? You're all out up front."
To which I responded, "Uhm...then we're probably all out. You can check the service center, but I think we're wiped out."
2. At the beginning of an order when I ask, "Did you find everything you were looking for?" the customer would pause a bit...then ask, "Can you guys sell alcohol today?" Then when they found out they could buy beer/wine, they'd run off and grab a few bottles of wine from the booze aisle.

We didn't have much room at home. It was all four of us, plus Grandma Julie, plus Grandma Cozie, plus Troy and TJ and Sandy. (Of course, no Diane; she had to work.) We made too much food; there's not enough room in the fridge for it all.

I wasn't thrilled with the food we had this year, to be honest. In my opinion, the turkey turned out kind of dry. (Dad cooked the turkey this year.) The green bean casserole wasn't as good as it usually is. My one big gripe.....Where the hell was the gravy?! I like gravy on my mashed potatoes, on my turkey, on my stuffing, and I had no gravy this year. Big let-down. But the pie wasn't that bad. And I'm not one for apple pie, but I had some.

Now I am sick. I had to run to Walgreen's for cold medicine and tissues and antibacterial gel-stuff (for work). So I'm taking my alloted day off (*rolls eyes*) to recuperate before going back to work. Ugh.

I could go on, but Hunter's got his girlfriend over and I'm listening to conversation. More laterz, yo.
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Well, I'm sick. I've got a headcold, and I feel like crap on toast. I stayed in bed most of the day today.

...That is all.
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Nothing bums me out more than when you spend good money for something on eBay and it doesn't live up to your expectations. First of all, the doll was not 100% mint complete because of the shoe issue. Second....her earrings don't work. Now, the seller didn't guarantee the earrings would work. But I bought new batteries, and tried it...and they still don't work.

*semi-related tangent* In other news, I won a poster autographed by Samantha Newark (Jem/Jerrica), Townsend Coleman (Riot)and Michael Sheehan (Rio). That's pretty cool. :)

*tangent* I got an invite from Fester on MySpace about performing one last time with the Pink Invaders. I have mixed feelings about this. I quit in kind of a shitty way, but I wouldn't want to nnot be at Rocky anymore after my whole stupid deal. I miss it, but I don't want to be sucked back into performing every weekend before the end of it all. I have a life outside of it.

*tangent* And I think I'm catching a cold. Ick. So along with purchasing new doll batteries, I got myself some of that AirBorne stuff at Walgreens. I hate being sick, so I want to take care of this while I can.
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promisemewings may explode without warning



I haven't updated in a day or so. Mainly, I've just been busy with work, and I think Friday I had gone grocery shopping with Mom before I went to work. But...OH! Friday night! Friday was supposed to be the rehearsal night, but because I am a spaz and I locked my keys in my car in the Schererville WalMart parking lot, I was late and I just didn't end up going. Well, then again, you have to figure I was still doped up on cold medicine and a little spacey (I've been kinda spacey these last few days). This is not the first time this has happened, so you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but what pissed me off was the whole runaround. I looked through the whole phonebook to try to call a locksmith to help me on a lockout, and not one was open that late or willing to come out and help me. I had to ask the police officer on duty at WalMart if he could help me out, and he said that the police can't help lockout situations anymore because of insurance liability issues. (That whomps, man.) One of the head cashiers at WalMart had a little notebook full of emergency phone numbers in case of instances like that, so she gave the police officer a number to call for an emergency lockout. That guy couldn't be reached. So...since it was an extreme circumstance...the police officer called one of the other officers from the Schererville Police Department to come out and help me get into my car. (They said since it was a '91 Ford Explorer, it wouldn't be that hard to unlock it.) And they did it for free, too.

That's nothing, though. I think I was the witness of a divine intervention or something yesterday, I kid you not. I was at work, and I was straightening up by the Coca-Cola cooler, and something kind of fell near my foot. I look down, and it looks like a wadded-up bill of some sort. So I pick it up and undo it, and it's a five dollar bill. I'm thinking, "These pants are clean. They couldn't have fallen out of my pockets." But I have no idea where else it fell from. No one else was around. And I can't imagine it was stuck in the Coca-Cola cooler. (That's Dad's theory--I'm not buying it.) I honestly think it was a sign from God or something, like, "Here's five bucks. Fuel up your gas tank for Rocky Horror tonight." I have no clue.

Update on illness: I can swallow normally now, and my throat feels much better. (NO SICK JOKES, PLEASE!) Although now I have a cough, I'm all congested in my head, and it can be all summed up in two words: mucus city. I'd rather take this over my throat problems. (I was really freaking out over the possibility of it being strep throat.)
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I''m getting sick. I've got a sore throat, itchy eyes...damn allergies. Could have gotten it from work or from either Mom or Dad (since Dad doesn't like to cover his mouth whenever he coughs or sneezes...fucking savage).

'Twas another one of those slow nights last night, but four or five customers came in at five minutes to close. I hate when people do that. And Sheri didn't put down her totals right before she left for the day, so Christy was all thrown off with closing procedures. I ended up renting Sex and the City Fourth season, volumes 1 and 2, Bridget Jones' Diary and West Side Story, tried and true faves. In new releases this week...Torque sucked, Paycheck sucked, You Got Served is stupid but watchable, and Miracle was good. Next week, we get that stupid movie that Ray Romano did (I forget what it's called), Club Dredd and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, which looks like the only one worth renting, if you didn't see it five or six times in the theater already.

I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt that I was still thirteen and we had moved back to Cedar Lake, and life was still hell for me at Hanover Central. Which makes me think...maybe it's a good thing we moved here to Lowell. Even though I've always hated it here with a passion, I don't think things would be much more different if we had stayed in Cedar Lake. I think I would have ended up more screwed up if we had stayed, and more willing to conform. And that ain't cool at all.
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Hunter liked the movie last night. I'm glad I brought him with.

I have discovered that my car has a slow leak in the gas tank. This is definitely not good. So I'm going to have to get that checked out and taken care of ASAP. I don't know how much it'll cost. I may have to ask Mom and Dad if they can help me out. I also know I have to get my exhaust looked at, get my muffler replaced and I might need a tune-up soon. I can never win, can I? I just a new damn car.

I'm still sick. This is the cold that wouldn't die. I'm still kind of congested, but now I've got a dry hacking cough on top of it all. At least I can breathe somewhat normally and I'm not as snotty as I was before.

Damn that is one huge-ass Pringles can:
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Who will give you an orgasm? by leslie13
So, who will make you moan?Your crush!
How?Just by standing there.
Will it be good?OH YEAH.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

In random news, does anyone else here think it's hypocritical of Clear Channel to suspend Howard Stern's radio show for it's content, but promote Britney Spears's concert tour where she touches herself in a clear bathtub and shoves men's heads between her legs? And don't give me the speech about how political and anti-Bush Howard Stern is, whereas Britney Spears is an airhead and it doesn't matter what political opinion she has (if any).

Ah, I thoroughly dislike Britney Spears. As if you couldn't tell.

Click to subscribe to Antibritandproudofit

My cold is easing up. I've been coughing up hockers all day. Hooray for purple medicine (even though it tastes nasty).

I am now on the market for a new VCR. My old one took a crap. Good thing they don't cost so much anymore, and good thing I'm getting my first big paycheck from Blockbuster this week.

I'm still working on the South Park Rocky Horror peeps. I finally got multicolored glitter to use on Frank. I'll have to get red glitter when I get around to Frank and his floorshow garb. And I also got a long cord for my corset, so maybe I can start wearing that instead of the boack bustier thing I've been wearing. I'm probably going to have to make a new pink dress, though. I don't think the one I have now is going to hold up much longer.
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Well, I'm glad I didn't go to see The Last Samurai last night. I woke up at around three in the morning with diarrhea and I was vomitting. I just felt like shit. The puking has stopped, but not the diarrhea. I feel all weak and crap. I'm going to try to go to work tonight, though (at Blockbuster). I don't know what could have caused the diarrhea. I wish we had some fruit in the house for me to try to stomach, because at the moment, everything else we have in the house sounds very unappealing.

I got the South Park versions of Riff Raff and Magenta done yesterday, along with the sign with the Time Warp directions. This is what happens when Holly gets her hands on a pair of scissors with glue and stumbles upon construction paper--she gets crafty. ;)


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