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Yesterday, I went out to Tinley Park to see what their Illinois Institute of Art campus was all about and to have that meeting with the admissions assistant. Holy moley, it's a small campus! I wouldn't even really call it a "campus" (when you compare it to a more traditional college campus). It's more of a two-story building located off of I-80 that seems more like part of a campus. And the Tinley Park campus is newer, too. But you know, that's good. I'm used to small-ish. IUN was small-ish. Which means class sizes are small-ish and you get more one-on-one time with your instructors.

But the admissions assistant explained how quarters tend to overlap, and they involve summer classes, so it's kind of an accelerated program. I could get what could normally be a four-year program within three-years. (A plus!) And we went over financial aid, which concerns me the most.

I still really have my heart set on CalArts, but I'm still putting my feelers out there. I have a couple other options I'm looking at, but Tinley Park seems like a nice fit. So far.

The admissions advisor gave me directions to get there that involved taking I-80, but I tried MapQuest, and MapQuest gave me these convoluted directions that involved taking lots of backroads through Illinois. And me being a weirdo, I decided to use the MapQuest directions. I was going north on Harlem when I came to US-30. And I was all, "FUCK ME, I could have taken US-30 this whole way?!" No, seriously? Would've been much easier on me! Next time I'll know better! (And it's roughly an hour trip. A little longer than it would be to go to Purdue Cal, but it only takes four gallons of gas, round-trip. Nothing too hard on my Focus. But still. It's something to worry about come winter time.)

But I still feel kind of....bad about it. I have yet to tell either of my parents about these plans, but I don't want to spring the news on them until I'm absolutely sure. I'm very weird about telling them stuff like this (ESPECIALLY Mom). I didn't tell Mom I was going out to Tinley Park to look into art school. Because quite frankly, it's none of her damn business. All she'll do is bitch about it and put in WAY more than her two cents worth, and try to shoot it down. I feel bad about sneaking around like this. But I have my reasons. I really don't trust her judgment, and I don't need</i it, either.
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Since I hate to bring up the subject of money to my parents...and since I haven't even had much time during last semester or even during break to see my advisor about classes, I'm reluctantly taking this semester off. My mom just got done paying the credit cards off, and I hate to ask her to charge another semester since my financial aid never came through for last semester. This year, I'm making a resolution to be independent free of my parents by the end of the year, and I don't want them to have to be burdened by my educational finances. It was hard enough for me to get by last semester working my stupid hours at Strack's, and they really aren't making things easy on me at all. I want a new job before I start back up in the summer with summer classes. I want to just work and save this semester. (I'm still slowly recovering from that Ford Credit overdraft problem last year.)

Besides, Dad's paychecks have been looking pretty crummy as of late, too. The whole family needs to be saving right now. It's been admitted that the USA is currently going through a recession (I say we've been going through a recession for the last two or so years and have been in denial about it until recently). I do plan on going back to Purdue Cal in the summer, but I need to save up some money first and fill out my FAFSA forms as soon as I get my tax stuff from Strack's (and Blockbuster). If I have to take out a loan (which I've been trying to avoid because I don't want to be paying it off for the next ten years), I might as well.

Aside from the money/college thing that's been on my mind...Joe Balling died a couple of days ago. He's been a family friend of ours for a long time. We went to the wake last night. And I don't know what the hell it was, but Mom was in a foul-ass mood all of yesterday. If she didn't want to go to the damn wake, she should have just let me and Hunter go. Someone at the wake asked how our Christmas was, and Mom was like, "It was shitty." Later on in the car, she was all, "Did you hear me say we had a shitty Christmas? It totally threw her off! I'm not going to lie about shit like that anymore, I'm just going to tell it like it is." I'm tired of her using her MS as her card to just be a bitch. ("I can't help it! I have brain problems!" Last I checked, spouting off inappropriate shit was not multiple sclerosis, it was Tourette's syndrome. Or just being a bitch. Whichever.)
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To the random person who messaged me on MySpace about my name appearing on the KISS 103.5 homepage for "Pay Your Bills"....*rolls eyes* Whatever, dude. Yeah, somehow, you knew I had a car payment that I had listed on the site to be paid. Yeah, my name may have very well have been on the home page for the site that was supposed to have alerted me to call up and claim my prize. And yeah, you were being a nice random person by letting me know. But the problem is, by the time I got your message on MySpace and checked Kiss 103.5's website, it was taken off and replaced with Shaina Burk from Schererville's name. See, I would've had to have called by 12 noon to claim my prize. I didn't get this message until after noon. No, I don't believe you when you say "Call them anyway!" because I did call the station, and they explained to me and apologized that I missed out. I'm not really upset; there are plenty of contests that I enter and don't win. I wasn't expecting my name to pop up on the website; my chances were slim to none, really.

Yeah, it would've been nice to have had my car payment taken care of by KISS 103.5 this month. It would've been nice if they had picked it up a month ago when I was REALLY in the hole and needed help with that and my car insurance. I didn't like having to depend on my parents to bail me out of that hole...AGAIN. What kills me is a few weeks ago when I called for the lyrics contest and was caller 102, NOT caller 103 and didn't get to play. I knew that song, dammit. And the asshole who happened to be caller 103 didn't get it right.

*semi-related tangent* On a similar note...I finally cancelled my old MySpace account. I guess some assclown hacked into my account, got my password (how, I have no idea; my password is overly complicated) and started spamming a bunch of crap on the message bulletin board. My MySpace pals know I don't post stupid stuff like that. Hell, my MySpace pals know I rarely use MySpace in the first place. (Hunter was the one who let me know my account had probably been hacked. He's my BROTHER; he's the one who knows I eat those who post spam.)

However, I do have a new account. I've had it for a couple of months, and I'm still trying to get friends on the site. If anyone's interested, the new account is:

Sure as hell beats "twaffles," huh?

*tangent* I got that writing lab requirement out of the way. That wasn't so hard. It didn't take very long, either. Why did I put it off till the end of the semester?
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While I was on my way to campus this morning on US 41, I realize maybe a little past Uncle John's Flea Market that I've left my blinder with all of my folders for class at home. This wouldn't have bothered me all that much and I would've just kept going to class if my mini-writing assignment folder for my Composition class wasn't in the damn thing. So I had to turn around and drive back home. It was a waste of gas, really, but I couldn't afford to turn it in late.

American History--I got a C+ on that test, which was what I expected. I did well on the identification and short answer parts, but I had problems with the essay portion. Basically, I was just pushing myself to put ANYTHING down on the paper. (That's what happens when you pull an all-nighter before class.) However, I did get an A on that assignment paper we had to write last week. Mom really liked what I wrote on it, too, so she'll be proud about it.

Then...I go to my Composition class just to see that it's been cancelled today. All of the hassle I made just to go back home and get my assignment for that. Yeah, I'm laughing at myself, too.

I did pretty well on my psych test. I scored an 86%. Okay, so it's a solid B, but my test scores have been improving greatly.
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I have one at Hot Topic tomorrow at 12:30 PM, and I also got a call back from Target. I got a call from Kevin, too. He asked for my SS # so he can get someone to pull up my WalMart application and consider it for interviewing time. I may have to stop by and re-fill out one.

*tangent* My neck is still really bothering me. So is my upper back. Why m ust I be in such achy pain? *ugh*

*tangent* Too much crap to do this weekend. I have to revise my final draft of my exploratory essay for my English Comp class, I have to study for my American History test AND for my Psych test.

*tangent* How in the world is "Drawn Together" still on Comedy Central? I can't stand this show.
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I'm either going to have to call off work Thursday or really have to jump through some hoops getting a replacement.

So far, my classes look to be good. I think I'm really going to enjoy my International Relations class. My professor is a bit of a smart-ass, and any professor who can get away with saying "shit" and "fuck" in class gets a thumbs-up from me. (By this, I mean...a student had to leave class after 20 minutes to go to a job interview, and our prof says, "...Now that is fucked up right there. You don't just leave in the middle of class!")
I watched American Psycho last night. That movie is on all sorts of levels of fucked up. Maybe I have to watch it a second time to understand it a bit better, and it made me laugh in random parts where I probably SHOULDN'T have laughed. (I'm thinking of when he'd go into his analysis of the music he'd be playing when he'd make his kill. The "Hip To Be Square" part made me crack up.) And was Patrick Bateman REALLY Patrick Bateman, or some psycho pretending to be a schmuck named Patrick Bateman as an alias? And was it me, or did it just seem like he'd go on his psycho killing rages after seeing how "special and anal" his colleagues' business cards looked? BUSINESS CARDS! IT'S JUST A BUSINESS CARD! I laughed.

But Christian Bale nekkid. Oh yes.

Take the "e" out of Bateman, and you get Batman. Ha ha. I kill me.
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Guess what? I'm on the Purdue Calumet campus. I'm registered. I'm starting all over again from the ground up. I got myself a student ID, and payment is due by August 31st.

The only problem is the change in major. At new student orientation, they had me listed as a Biology major. (Which is what I wasn't sure about, and I was thinking I'd end up changing my major anyway once I found out they have a Journalism major.) At the new student orientation, I told them about the mistake and wanted to change my major, so they gave me the number of the advisor in the English lit department. I tried calling to schedule an appointment at least five or six times within two weeks. As of last Wednesday (when I got back from the Ford dealership after the tire mess), the advisor FINALLY called me back. Once she heard I was changing my major to Journalism, though, she told me that I'd have to get in touch with the Communications department, not English Lit. So it's been a bunch of back-and-forth run-around with the departments at Purdue Cal for me in the last week just to get this straightened out.

And I got scheduled very last minute because of it. I'm not entirely thrilled with my class load, but it'll do. I just wanted the basics to get this semester started with. The advisor I saw in the Communications department was understanding and helped me out the best that she could, and I'm grateful for her help.

I finally got an email back from the casting director for Rory's First Kiss. (*Tee hee!* You know what that's code for!) There was info in there for me to download, but seeing as how I'm on a public computer on campus, I'll just wait until I get home....because it's top secret shit from Bruce Wayne himself; must wait till I get to the Batcave for this information. *cue the Batman theme music*


Jul. 13th, 2007 12:53 pm
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I got my acceptance letter from Purdue Calumet today.

Oh joy of joys!

Now I need to schedule an appointment with my advisor and see about what classes I need.
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And it is probably the stupidest decision I've made in my life, really, but I'm being brave and actually doing something I want to do.

I'm starting over at Purdue Calumet from square one, and I'm going to go premed. I feel like I've been doing nothing but wasting time at IUN for a degree that's essentially bullshit. (I know I was in some classes with Nichole, and I know she's got a decent job after college, but I don't feel like I've gotten any guidance about what to do with my life.) I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with a BA in English Lit. Whenever anyone asks what I'm going to school for or what I'm majoring in and I tell them what I'm going for, they always ask, "Ohhh, are you going to teach?"

Hell no. I don't have the patience to be a teacher.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about it in the last month or so. Mom's not getting any better, and frankly, I think a lot of her doctors that she's bounced around from just jack her around and don't know what kind of treatment to give her. If no one's going to help her and if there's no immediate cure for MS or any sort of neurological problems, then I'd rather be proactive about and make it happen.

I still want to be a writer or a filmmaker, but sometimes you don't really need to go to college to learn to write. I've got all of these years of studying literature under my belt, and I'm seeing nothing come of it. I would still love to get my work published (writing-wise or graphic-novel-wise), but it's tie to focus on something a little more practical, something I can apply that will actually help people. I'm tired of feeling like I'm doing nothing with my life.

I also went and put in some job applications yesterday. I put one in at the Hooters on US 41 in Schererville, and I nearly got an interview on the spot...then a lunch rush came in, but they said they'd defintely give me a call back because I guess they ARE looking for help. And that was fine with me; I wasn't exactly looking my best for a job interview at Hooters, if you know what I mean.
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No progress on the "nervous breakdown/meltdown" thing. But I've just about given up at work. I asked for a frickin' transfer, and it doesn't look like I'll be getting it. Why? Because we're short-handed and Scott won't let me go.


Yesterday I get to work at 9 am to open up. The whole counter is FULL of movies with no locks in them. I'm thinking, "Were they being lazy as hell last night? Did we run out of locks?" I check to see if we ran out of locks, and we didn't. So under all the morning paperwork and timecards for payroll, I see a PVT transfer sheet with printed-out price labels. I'm thinking, "They made less than $300 in cash last night. They could've gotten this stuff done, or at least started on." So I check the time the transfer was posted.


Someone who hates my guts. Like Scott, I'd assume. He was not on the time card to have worked yesterday, but I think he came in late to mess around and be nosy, like he always does. He hates his home life. If he could move into a store and live there, I'm sure he'd be as happy as a clam. He has no life.

I've got to call up Ford Credit. They've royally messed up my bank account. Here's the story. About a week and a half ago, I got a call from a woman named Jessica from Ford Credit asking if I'd sent in my payment this month. I told her since it was late, I was going to combine it with this month's payment online and sent it through eBill, and I had set it up for the payment to be made on April 15th. She told me to check my email for a confirmation to make sure that they received it. I checked it and no confirmation email. On the 16th, I got a call from a man named Rich from Ford Credit asking if the payment had been made. I repeated myself, and told him that I had set up eBill to make the payment as of the previous day, and it should've been received by then. He told me to check my email for a confirmation--no dice (again). So the next day on campus (and a decent-working computer), I checked my payment summary on the Ford Credit website, thinking, "I made that payment, and I'll be damned if it shows up even later than it's supposed to and mess up my credit and my bank account." My payment summary said that the payment scheduled for the 15th had not been processed. I'm thinking, "What the fuck IS this?! If I'm going to keep getting hassled by Ford Credit callers, I'm just going to make the payment now so I know it's been made." I set up a payment to be made that day. AFTER I set THAT one up, THEN it shows up on my payment summary that the payment to be made on the 15th had been received. I'm thinking, "That's at least $1000 being taken out of my account. I don't HAVE that much in my account! FUCKERS!" So I got the customer service number and called them up and explained the situation. The first woman I spoke to tried to reverse the payment, but she said there was no luck in stopping it now. She told me to check my bank account and when the payment had been posted, call them back up at Ford Credit so they could refund it. Next day, I checked my bank account...sure enough, I'm overdrawn because of this stupid mistake. I called Ford Credit back up, gave them the reference number, and explained the situation and who I spoke to about it (Lisa). The douchebag on the phone said that the payment hadn't been processed yet or showing up on their accounts, and told me that if my checking account was in the negative, they couldn't refund the entire amount back. He gave me a fax number to fax my bank statement to them so they could work on refunding the money back, though. So I faxed that information over...as of yesterday, NOTHING. As a matter of fact, I'm even further in the hole now because of fucking OVERDRAFT fees. THANKS A LOT, FORD CREDIT. THANKS A WHOLE LOT. So I'm going to have to call them back up today and argue it more. Lisa told me it could be refunded, even when I told her the reason I was calling as quickly as I was was because I was scared it would overdraw my account. Why is one customer service rep telling me one thing and one customer service rep telling me another? I am the customer; I want that money refuned, PLUS my overdraft fee, for the inconvenience. And I know one thing about customer service: if the customer bitches enough about it and makes a big hassle about it, the powers that be will bend and refund them their money anyway, even if they were in the wrong. I've seen Patti do it dozens of times.

I've got enough on my plate right now. Mom's being super-extra bitchy. She's not moving around very well, and I think she's probably going to have another attack. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to college for the right thing. Maybe I should've went to be a neurosurgeon or something, because the doctors that treat her just jack her around. Then I would at least know the time I spent studying wasn't a complete and total waste of time and energy.
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I felt so bad today. Mom and Grandma had to go do stuff today (like pick up her glasses from the eye doctor and get license plates), so that left me with Bo. And I had to wait until he was sleeping so I could leave to go to classes today. Unfortunately, he kind of woke up before I left. I felt so bad; I have to leave the puppy alone.

To be completely honest, I would've rather just stayed home. I don't think I'm going to make it to classes today. I'm so behind on getting assignments read and done for classes, it's not funny. And the reason I'm so behind on shit is because I work all the damn time.

Scott pissed me off big-time this weekend. Hunter finally quit. But guess who had to call around to get someone to fill in for him? *points at herself* No one else that had the night off in the whole fucking district wanted to come in to help. I called Patti because I had no clue what to do. THAT ASSHAT SCOTT DIDN'T WANT TO COME IN TO FILL IN FOR HUNTER. He is the MANAGER. This is what he is SUPPOSED TO DO. I am NOT the manager, and I should NOT have been expected to work my regular 9 to 5 shift, then turn around and work Hunter's 8 to close shift. I should've quit on the spot. I really should've. Screw Scott.

This was all on Friday. Earlier on Friday, I got to thinking, and I called Patti up to see just how long Scott would be filling in over at Hammond. She said he's permanently there now; he's not just "filling in." That's not what he made it out to us. I voiced my concern to her about how there are three weeks left in this semester, and how I was worried that if Scott is only at our store two days a week, once this semester ends, I'm afraid he's going to take total advantage of my open availability and NEVER be at our store to "be a manager" like he's supposed to. I told Patti that around this time a year ago, I was under the impression that the situation would change and we would have a stable manager doing his or her job here at St. John, and here it is, a year later, and the situation STILL hasn't changed. As a matter of fact, it's gotten worse. Since Scott has been promoted, we've lost six staff members within two months, and I can't stand working with him since now I think he's just making the work situation unbearable for me so I'll quit and I won't have to bother him. However, if I were to quit, that would put him up shit creek because then he'd have to do some actual WORK around our store, so if I were him, I'd be kissing my ass to make me WANT to stick around. I don't get this schmuck at all. Does he WANT me to stay, or does he WANT me to quit? Because I'd be more than happy to quit, believe me.

So Patti brought up the option of transferring me to Schererville because they're short-handed as well, and both of the managers there are stretched to the max working 40-hour weeks to make up for a lack of CSRs there. I told her it didn't matter, as long as I don't have to deal with Scott anymore, because if I have to work under him just taking advantage of me the way he does, I'll flip out. I guess Cory was talking to Patti about transferring to Schererville, as well. But then he quit in the way that he did (which I don't blame him).

I woke up this morning in a bad mood. I started my period yesterday (yeah, file that under the "Too Much Information" category), so I'm all crampy as shit and bloated as hell and a general mess of plain ol' bitchiness. I slammed my toe into the door letting Bo out to pee, I'm tired as hell because I work all the fucking time and have to keep up with the puppy and chores around the house and be expected to keep my grades up but that ain't happening.

And once again, I find myself asking myself if it's even worth it to be going back to school and finishing up my degree if I'm just going to be expected to stay at home and keep up after Mom and the men and if the job market will ever let up. Sometimes I wonder if I should just ditch this degree and start going towards something a little more reasonable, or if I should seriously give film school a shot. I'm just seriously getting fed up with everything.
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I have written a paper for my Shakespeare class, and I've given it one of the stupidest/most clever titles I could think of:

"Hamlet Fails At Life."

Because seriously? He did. If he had just turned the other cheek, not listened to what his dad's ghost told him to do, and let Claudius be, karma would've eventually bit Claudius in the ass. In the end, because Hamlet was so hell-bent on revenge on Claudius, everyone frickin' died. And it didn't matter because it still wouldn't bring back Hamlet's father.

Hamlet was an emo bitch, and revenge is just a waste of time. And he fails at life.

We start up King Lear today. (YEAH!)

In other news, I STILL hate work. Yesterday was Jessica's last day. :( But one of the most unexpected people came in to sign up for a membership yesterday.


I hadn't talked to her since we graduated high school! It wasn't like we quit talking to each other; we just fell out of touch. So we exchanged numbers and all and caught up for a little bit. It was good seeing her again. :)
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I got an A- on that Shakespeare midterm paper!
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*ha ha* Not really. I'm not going to any of those spring break locales that most "normal" college students go to. I was contemplating going down to visit Justice in Bloomington, but I don't really have the expenses to do that, either. So I'm just going to stick around up here and try to catch up with everyone that I haven't talked to in a while.

I didn't give word of my spring break schedule to Scott. Knowing him, he'd have me working at every opportunity to do all the work that he doesn't do.

I had a chance to talk to Patti the other day, at least. The main reason I called was because we got the new swipe-pads for the credit/debit cards. Then she asked how we were handling with Scott...and I just let loose. I told her how he takes 45 to 50 minutes when he closes the store; she said there should be no reason he's taking more than 30 minutes, tops. I told her how he's getting write-up happy and the stupid excuses that he's issued write-ups for (like Kevin not signing the ranking sheet); she said there was really no excuse for a write-up for something that minor. I told her that he's still doing practically nothing but a bunch of little mundane tasks that really don't need to be done ASAP and still leaves all of the work for everyone else. I especially told her about what Hunter and I encountered when we came in to work on Monday (the six or seven movies we ran across while doing late calls and ringing customers up that hadn't been checked in). She didn't sound too happy about it...but like I (and she) said, there's not much they can do about it. Oh yeah, that makes me feel so much better. *NOT!* Sometimes I wonder if Scott wants us all to quit.
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I stayed up all night last night working on my midterm paper for my Shakespeare class. I got done with it around 1 PM today. This is what happens when I:
A) work too many hours at work, and
B) put it off until the last possible moment

And I better get a decent grade on this motherfucker.

I also have a response paper due tomorrow for my Victorian Lit class, and I have a test to study for and a research paper due for my Ethics class. Oh yeah, did I mention that Scott put me on a 9 to 5 shift tomorrow?!

I got pretty ticked off yesterday at work. (What else is new? Follow the el-jay "Holly Hates Work! cut:)
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I swear, there's some force in the world that just doesn't want me to print out my Ethics homework. I had problems out the ass on the computer at home (not surprised there), and Microsoft Word won't work up here on campus for me. Well, not on the computer I'm on, anyway. Modern technology just hates me today, I guess. I at least emailed my homework to Prof. Sadler and explained what was wrong, which is better than nothing.

Anyhoo...Sunday morning, we lost power! Yeah! Around 7:30 in the morning, Mom and I heard this random "pop" and the house lost power. And it wasn't just us; all of our neighbors lost power, too. And to make matter worse, the retards at NIPSCO didn't come out to fix the problem till around 9:45 at night. I at least got to go to work to wash up (some), but that means that Mom and Hunter had no power, no running water...we have a fireplace, so we at least had heat. But for NIPSCO to dick around and get to fixing the problem 14 hours later was a bit much. How are you going to see what you're doing at night?! And in cold, icy weather, to boot? Oh...then I get a call last night at work from Hunter. Apparently, NIPSCO came back out to work more on the problem, and they'd be shutting off power to our road at 10 PM, so he warned me to take the back way home since the entrance to our street would be barred off. What a fucking inconvenience, lemme tell ya.

But man...we all had it out with Mom this morning. She had some doctor's appointment scheduled. This is a new doctor for her, and she just flat-out didn't want to go. Dad was getting pissed that Mom just wanted to weasel her way out of a doctor's appointment. Hunter and I were getting pissed at her for it, too. She claims that none of these doctors do jack shit to help her out, and it doesn't matter which one she goes to; no one will have a cure for multiple sclerosis, and she'll just get worse and die anyway. But it's irritating that she will be so damn stubborn about getting any help for it, so that when she does have another attack, it won't be so bad, or something that will help with the pain anyway. She was bitching that it was too early for her to go in for her appointment, and she was coming up with every excuse in the world not to go in: "We lost power last night, it's been stressful enough with no power," blah blah. I told her she was just pulling a Britney: help is being made available to her and she doesn't want it. She tried calling up and cancelling her appointment, but the receptionist told her if she did, there'd be a cancellation charge since there was less than 24 hours notice.

*heh* And since Mom's a cheap-ass, she got caught. So she had to go.

While she and Grandma went to that, Dad and I stayed around at home and ranted about what an unpleasant, stubborn bitch Mom is, and she doesn't believe it one bit. And Dad and I are both in agreement that for as crappy as she treats all of us, she is damn lucky Dad has not left her ass yet and that I haven't moved out of the house yet. She wants us to feel pity and sympathy for her, but she makes it so damn hard.

In other news, Hunter bleached his hair. It looks hella cool. Now I seriously want to give it a go. Dad is even willing to buy the bleaching kit.
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I got a parking ticket on campus yesterday!

I've been in class for two weeks, I never got sent a parking permit, I was sent one last semester, I wasn't informed if I had to pick one up this semester, I'm still using last semester's parking permit, I paid $10 with my tuition to include a parking permit, and I get slapped with a $20 parking ticket for not having a current parking permit! What the fuck?!

So yeah, I'm contesting this. I ain't paying for it. This is bullshit.

In other news, I lucked out of working a full shift today. Patti had to train Ruby (Dave's wife) because I guess she's going to be taking a manager position at one of the Valpo stores, and they didn't need three managers on the clock, so I went home early. (THANK GOD, or else I would've done a 9 to 5 shift, then been straight to Gary for my night class, and wouldn't be home till 10:30 tonight!)

My main anthropology has not arrived yet. *annoyed sigh*
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The only class I had yesterday was my Victorian lit class with Barr from 7 pm to 10 pm. Now, I'm used to this. I've had the one-night-a-week-three-hour-long class with Barr before a few years ago. But I totally forgot that about halfway through class, we stop for a coffee break. I'm a night-owl anyway, so I'm good to go.

I totally forgot this when I got home, because I had to be at work by 6 am this morning for total store rental inventory. I didn't get home until 10:45 pm. I barely got any sleep due to the coffee break. I had to be up by 4:30 am just to shower and wake up and get myself ready.

I could've gouged Patti's eyes out by the time I got to work for having me come in to do inventory, but I was too tired to. The only reason she puts me on inventory shifts is because she knows I don't screw around and I scan stuff quickly. It only took two hours to get the whole store done (just rentals--no retail sell-through). I went home and took a nap before class.

Human Origins went okay. I call that "the monkey class." I've got to schedule a day off in the next couple of weeks to get to the zoo for the zoo report.

Off to Ethics!
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Well, I registered for classes. And here's what's weird, and I don't know if it's just my computer (because it's lousy) or if it's because IUN bills their students all weird (I hate that they do this all online now, it's so different from when I was regularly going about three years ago)...but I kept checking to see how much I'll owe for this semester (Mom wants to know so she can make out the check) and it keeps saying there's a zero balance. I check to see if I'm even registered (because like I said, my computer is lousy), and it looks like I am indeed enrolled for the 07 Spring Semester. So I'll go to my classes on Tuesday, stop by the bursar's office and check to see how much has to be paid and by when.

Anyhoo...my schedule actually looks do-able this semester:
Human Origins & Prehistory 11:30 am-12:45 PM
Introduction to Ethics 2:30 pm-3:45 pm
Major Plays of Shakespeare 5:30 pm-6:45 pm

Victorian Literature 7:00pm-9:45 pm (but it's Barr, and it's only one day a week, so that's to be expected)

Yeah, it cuts my hours for working on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I have Mondays off, I can still do Fridays and weekends.
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New means of posting? It looks weird here on the "update journal" page.

...Meh, oh well, I guess this is what my money pays for. I'll learn to deal with it.

I feel weird posting this. My professional writing instructor and I were discussing my final paper yesterday (which I got an A on, BTW)...and I don't know, it was a little weird. He kept asking what my plans were for Christmas and New Year's, and what I was planning on doing after college, and about where I worked. And I just feel uncomfortable talking about my current job since I'm so unsatisfied with Blockbuster. And I don't know if this is what it means on the student evaluations where it says "Instructor took genuine interest in particular students" or what.

Hunter wants to move out to Arizona to be closer to his girlfriend (I guess she's officially his girlfriend now). Her parents are going through a divorce and she's moving with her Mom out there. In my opinion, I think her mom should try to get a job around here and keep her in school, especially since she's sixteen and not done with high school. I know I wouldn't want to uproot a kid while they're in the last few years of school. Mom and Dad were kind of being assholes last night with him about it. He thinks he's in love with her. I think she's the first real "girlfriend" he's had, and I think he doesn't understand that he's still in high school and there are other girls out there. Hell, I told him I thought I'd be with Jacob forever when I was his age, and that obviously didn't work out. But if they can find a way to make it work out, more power to them.


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