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So for the last week, I've been subject to Bo waking me up around 2 in the morning to be let out. Usually, he just wants out for the sake of going out, and it's been really pissing me off because if he doesn't need to go out and do his business, then I don't want to be woken up at the asscrack of dawn for him to mess around outside. It's been throwing off my sleep schedule, and I partially blame Dad for letting him go out to run around off the line. Mom's been telling me, "Just ignore it, close your bedroom door all the way, let him whine it out and go lay down."

So last night, Mom and I were all set to break Bo of this habit. I had my bedroom door shut and I was ignoring his whining, and even Mom told him to "go lay down" when he would start up with the whining.

Bad idea. I guess when his whining for a half hour straight wouldn't get us out of bed, he went to our bathroom and had REALLY BAD DOGGIE DIARRHEA.

....That Dad had to clean up. *LOL* According to Mom, it smelled like Burger King onion rings. Ew.

And now I feel bad that I ignored it, but dammit. That dog's been crying wolf so long that when he actually needed to go out, I ignored it. But you know, it's funny. He knew to go to the human bathroom to "go" when no one would wake up to let him out. I guess he's seen us go in there so often when we need to go (and probably smelled our smells in there) to know to "go" in there. If that isn't smart for a dog, I don't know what is.


Oh, and happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] therealycats!
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I hope it's more indicative of his tendency to drool a lot, but I've been finding the occasional wet spot on the carpet. Just found one a few minutes ago.

He's three years old. He's housebroken. I'd hate to think he's peeing inside. (I've smelled the wet spots. They don't smell like dog pee. They don't really smell at all.)

Kind of makes me think of the "Family Guy" ep when Brian started peeing on the carpet because of Lois.
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I agree with this. Pets aren't just an animal that you own and take care of. They develop personalities and become family members. Some pet owners/"guardians" don't have any real kids of their own and regard their pets as their "kids," if you will.
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This morning, Dad and I were helping Mom get out of bed. And she was crying because it's hard for her to get any sort of moment on her right side (at all).

Bo comes running into their bedroom, jumps on the bed, and puts his head on her chest, as if to say, "That's okay, Mommy. You can just lay here on the bed. I'll be here with you."
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The little turd came back. Crisis averted. *phew*

Also, got in a big fight with the unapologetic, unsympathetic bitchMom last night over it. She's really asking for it, I swear.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 09:04 pm
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Bo got loose. He up and broke his damn porch line trying to chase one of our neighbor's dogs that they never put on a line. This was no one's fault, but I wish the parents would've just listened to me when I said not to put his ass outside.

It's too dark to go around chasing for him. So now I'm upset and will have to face the sad fact that my black Lab is running around in the dark where he'll probably get hit by a fucking car.

All because our STUPID NEIGHBORS don't obey the LEASH LAW.
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Because I know Ami occasionally peruses this blog:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures
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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

My baybee. :)
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Regarding Hurricane Ike that's hitting Houston, Galveston and nearby towns/cities....

Uncle Glen and Aunt Roberta live in Livingston, which is maybe 70 or 80 miles north of Houston. Grandma Cozie's been staying with them and getting her cancer treatments. We don't really hear much from Grandma Cozie and don't know exactly how she's been doing. She doesn't exactly call here; if we try to call her, she doesn't answer her cell, so we have to call Aunt Roberta's cell phone; if Dad calls her, he doesn't do so often enough, he calls when he's on the road and not sitting down to have a decent conversation with her. We don't know if she's going into remission (my guess is probably not, because when we talked to the doctor in Pensacola, his news wasn't good), but we have reason to believe it's spread from her bladder to her kidneys.

We do know that all three of them have evacuated and will be at one of the local schools because of the medical care that Grandma Cozie needs.

*tangent* Bo. Won't. Quit. Whining!!! He wants out, he wants in, it's raining, he doesn't want to go out, he won't quit whining, he's been fed, he won't quit whining. I know he wants out for a walk, but it's freaking storming out.
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Haven't been able to get online in the last two weeks, and I do apologize for that. Hunter's been a selfish turd, what with getting the high-speed Internet and pretty much taking the computer all for himself so he can play his stupid games "live" on his XBox 360. It's an inconvenience for me because I can't get online on a regular basis to check my email account or to effectively particpate over at Starbright or any of the other groups I'm in. And it's an inconvenience for Mom because she can't rely on Hunter to get online to check her checking and savings account balances, which means she'd have to rely on me to do it, and I can't because he's hogging the computer in his bedroom. The old computer is pretty much useless, since it runs as slow as a snail even with an Internet connection.

Once again, I'm at the library doing what I need to get done on the computer. I'd be doing it this way more often, but I'm usually scheduled to work the day shift at work.

Speaking of work...I got a call from Target a few days ago, and I also had an interview. Target starts out with better pay, but it wouldn't be as many hours (25 a week on average).

Saturday night, I ended up going out to Chicago with Fester, Boojie, Max and Kevin (of course) to see the Midnight Madnesss Rocky showing. And you know...it's always fun to be in a theater yelling crap at Brad and Janet and Frank, but it's just not the same.

Took Bo to the vet last Thursday for his annual checkup. The day before, I decided to take him for a walk, mainly so I could obtain a fresh poop sample for the vet appointment. SOMEHOW, he got off of his leash and was running around like a wild dog, not coming to me when called. He was running across Belshaw Road, and he nearly got hit by a car. I was so scared and upset; he's very lucky he didn't get hurt. But the vet appointment went well. He's healthy as a horse...just kind of misbehaved.

And that's about it on my end.
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But the fire is so delightful...
And since we've no place to go...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

(Taken just minutes ago. Seriously, the first shot of Bo was hilarious, but I didn't get the camera in time.)
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He's mah baybee.


Aug. 26th, 2007 03:20 pm
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This was too cute NOT to share. I just took it. Bo had his head nuzzled against the duckie. Then when I took the picture, he moved his head to see what I was doing.

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This is Bo!

They grow up so quickly, and pretty soon, they're not babies anymore. *sniffle*
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I noticed today that Bo has lost two puppy teeth. And he has one that's pretty loose and will probably fall out by the end of the day. And he's gained a few more pounds. His collar felt a little tight today, so I had to loosen it up some.

He starts his obedience classes tomorrow night out in Hebron. It's a first-come, first-serve basis, and I'm lucky he got in. The bad part is...since I knew about this in advance for at least a month...tomorrow also falls on the Ratt/Poison concert in Chicago tomorrow.


*sigh* Oh well. Poison will do other shows. I shall sneak backstage and get with Bret some other time.

But my dog is my priority. He's getting to be a handful, and he needs to learn obedience.
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So today was my first day at Strack & Van Til's. It went okay. So many produce codes to remember though! I think I can remember bananas, cantelopes and green peppers off the top of my head, though. And I need to get used to the registers some more, but all in all...like I said, it went okay.

My Fourth of July was kind of crappy, to be honest. All I did was pig out on KFC, ran four miles on the treadmill to work it off, and it stormed last night, so that killed any plans I had to go out and enjoy the holiday.

I cut a check today to get Bo enrolled in some obedience classes, because he needs them. He just turned five months old, and I need to break him of certain habits before they're too established (like attempting to hump me, for crying out loud). So I need to have my Tuesday nights free for the next seven weeks.
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You know, just when I think Bo is 100% housebroken...he has an accident.

Does anyone know approximately how long it takes to completely have a puppy potty-trained?

At least he isn't pooping in the house, which is a relief. But poop is a little easier to clean than pee from a carpet. I don't know if it's because Bo is still a puppy and his bladder is still growing with him...but it sure didn't seem like it took Hershey this long to potty-train.

I refuse to hit the puppy. I just flat-out refuse. I don't condone animal abuse, and I feel it just reinforces negative behavior. I don't want to raise an aggressive dog, and I don't want my dog to fear me. I just want him to know better than to pee in the house.

Oh, and that biting needs to stop. If it doesn't end in a month (when he SHOULD be growing out of it, according to experts and the books), I'm going to have to invest in obedience classes.

good boy!

May. 2nd, 2007 11:31 am
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Update: Bo was SO GOOD at the vet's office! He's definitely a "people-dog." He whined a bit on the way there and tried climbing in my lap while I was trying to drive. (He's not used to riding in cars yet.) But other than that, he was good. He's in good shape. There's nothing really wrong with his eye; the vet checked and he said it might be irritated from dust, or worst-case scenario, he could have a tear-duct that isn't completely formed, but it didn't seem like it. He got his second round of shots, and he's due back for his third round (rabies, distemper, boosters) in three weeks.

We also got a sample of heartworm meds and a sample of flea/tick meds, and a free bag of that Hill's Science Diet puppy food. I had to express my concerns at that, mainly because with that pet food recall, Hill's Science Diet was near the top of that recall list. The vet assistant said they've been giving it out for the last couple of weeks and haven't had any problems yet. I'll hold on to it and feed it if we absolutely have to (like if we run out of Purina Puppy Chow), because I still don't trust it.

This killed me. They had to do a test on a stool sample, and they asked if we wanted to do it today or if he didn't go, I could bring in a sample from home. I swear to God, at that moment, Bo just pooped in the office. It was like he pooped on command and said, "There ya go." It came up negative; no parasites detected.

I took him for a treat at Burger King afterwards. And all the ladies working the drive-thru rushed over to see the cute puppy. *awww*
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I have to take Bo to the vet in about an hour. There's nothing really wrong with him. I just figure I need to ask the vet some general questions, since he's already had his rounds of shots. I'm mainly concerned about how old he has to be before we can get him started on preventative heartworm medication, or how old he has to be before he can get that flea/tick medication, or how old he has to be before he can get neutered. (His balls haven't really dropped yet.) Mom wants me to ask about how hyperactive he is. She thinks he might have a brain problem. *rolls eyes* I think she's overreacting and wants to blame everything on brain problems. (Case in point? Her.) I think he's just a puppy, and that's a lot of it. I seem to remember Hershey was really hyperactive until she had her first litter of puppies. Like I said, his balls haven't even dropped yet. Once we get him neutered (if we decide to do so), he should settle down some.


Blah, I need to wash my face and put on some makeup. I look like crap. Bo likes to wake us all up at 5:30 in the frickin' morning because he's bored and needs someone to play with.

I also have my guided tour at Purdue Calumet at 3:30 today.

And I'm still waiting for my refund check. *aaaargh* Or notification that I've been approved for that credit card.
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I'm waiting for my refund check from Ford Credit to show up. They told me on the phone that they'd be sending a refund check in the mail. They didn't mention anything about just refunding it back to my account through the debit card number I have in the system (which I wish they would just do). This is ri-goddamn-diculous. (Which reminds me, I need to go to the Ford Credit website and de-enroll from the eBill plan. I'll just stick with sending them a regular check in the mail to avoid this problem in the future. This stresses me out on so many levels, it's not even funny.)

However, at the bank, they suggested that I sign up for a Chase credit card so if I ever get overdrawn again, I have overdraft protection and won't be subject to such a large overdraft fee. So yeah. I applied for a credit card. Screw what Mom says. I'm through with listening to her advice about "You don't need a credit card" or whatever. If I get approved...good for me. I finally have a real credit card.

Bo is getting so big so quick. Now he's an eleven-week-old puppy who's just full of piss and vinegar. I've gotta give him a bath later. He got into a container of yogurt, and he wouldn't let me clean up his face earlier. Pretty soon, he won't be a puppy anymore.

So I watched Dreamgirls last night. Good movie. I think Eddie Murphy got robbed at the Oscars, though. (Considering how overrated I thought Little Miss Sunshine was...) Now I'm a little more motivated to keep working my my script treatment.


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