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It's been weighing on my mind for the last week since the Internet blackouts, so I may as well get this out of the way.

While I support modification of SOPA and PIPA, I'm not terribly upset over the takedown of sites like MediaFire or FileSonic or whatever they're called. Here comes a whopper of a confession, people: I DON'T DOWNLOAD MUSIC OR MOVIES. Quite frankly, I have a vast music collection on CD or vinyl, and I'm a firm believer on not illegally downloading leaked music or films. Call me an old fart (I'm only 31, mind you), but I miss the days when people got excited about album releases or actually got out to a movie theater to see a movie. (That, and my piece of crap computer really can't handle those kind of downloads. When I finally get my Mac, I'll probably change my tune on this and be allll over iTunes.)

In these days of digital downloads, the music industry really isn't what it used to be. I noticed this a couple of years ago when I was watching some "Jem" episodes (specifically the "Glitter and Gold" episode where Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits were pitted against each other for an album sales contest). You seriously don't get stuff like that anymore. I mean, you can tally the numbers from downloads, but it's really not the same as going out to search around for good music at a music store and having that legit album in your hands. I suppose if it's an artist you really love, it'd be worth it.

I don't know. I love advances in technology and I hate them at the same time.
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I can never get tired of listening to this. Someone managed to do a ballad version of "He About To Lose Me" from the Femme Fatale album.

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I don't know what I was expecting this video to be like, but it DEFINITELY wasn't this!

Damn, Britney. That.....


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The soundtrack came out yesterday. I have yet to purchase it, but here's "When Will My Life Begin" in its entirety. THANK YOU, YOUTUBE!!!

I think I've listened to it, like, five times this morning. I like it! It's not like a lot of the other more "classic" songs, but like I said...if you want something to sound like Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, go put in those DVDs. (The opening of this song almost reminds me of "Pinball Wizard" from Tommy, actually.) And I like how they want to give Rapunzel's musical cues a guitar-sound. I think I read in D23 earlier this year Mandy Moore saying that when she first heard this song, she said it kind of reminded her of "Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell. I don't know, what do you think?

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It's a shame. Christina has the talent, and her voice is best suited for this kind of music, and she really does NOT get the credit she deserves for it. I wish she'd just ditch the regular pop music scene and go back to doing more bluesy, jazzy stuff like what she was doing with Back To Basics, because that album was PERFECTION.

You know, after seeing Tangled, I may just go see Burlesque on top of it. It's got CHER in it. CHER!!!!!
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This is "Something That I Want" by Grace Potter, the ending song to the movie, in its entirety.

Like they mentioned on [livejournal.com profile] d_princesses, I'm anxious to see what Disney will do for the ending credits, if it'll be illustrated like they did with Enchanted and The Princess and the Frog.

This is not a song that Rapunzel sings in the film, and this is not a pop version of anything that is sung in the film (like they did with "Beauty and the Beast" and "A Whole New World"). And I've heard complaints that what we've heard of the soundtrack doesn't sound like "classic Disney" at all. Well....not to get pissy or anything, but in the songwriters' defense, this is not a classic. Yet. And you can't recreate the magic that Howard Ashman and Alan Menkin had with The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. I think it's cool that this is the direction the animated movies are starting to take, because let's be honest, they were starting to get kind of formulaic song-wise after Aladdin. I like that the ending song is upbeat and pop-ish, and not a romantic, mainstream version of "I See the Light."

The point I'm trying to make is, quit contrasting and comparing. This is a new direction that Disney animation and songwriting is going. If you expect it to be like Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid or Sleeping Beauty, then go pop that in your DVD player.

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Here's a nice break from all the Disney/Tangled stuff.

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Here's an extra for your Tangled countdown fix, today!


I want to hear more of "Mother Knows Best," dammit! And I've heard the Rapunzel version of the Healing Incantation; I want to hear Mother Gothel's version. (I've heard it sounds downright sinister when she sings it.) And I truly think Disney made the best choice going with Mandy Moore over Kristen Chenowith.

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For your daily Tangled fix, an actual song leak!!!

http://www.waltdisneystudiosawards.com/tangled/music.php (Click on link to listen to song at the source.)

Love it, love it, LOVE IT. 24 days left!
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Since [livejournal.com profile] cosmosmariner is doing it. (And happy belated birthday, BTW.)

Day One: Your Favorite Song

I'm not big on country music, especially a lot of the modern country stuff (I'm more of a classic country fan). But I have loved "I Hope You Dance" by LeeAnn Womack ever since I've heard it. It's the one song that I know kind of reaffirms things for me when nothing's going right.

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Warm, wet and wild, there must be something in the water...

LOL, this is ridiculous! I'm not saying I don't like it. As a matter of fact, I do. It's just....*giggles*! How on Earth does Candyland have ANYTHING to do with the lyrics?! Is she implying that being a California Gurl is the equivalent to being in Candyland?

(Actually, it reminds me of what Doe Deere is trying to do with her Candy-Future thing, but Katy pulls it off much better. THE COLORS, DUKE! THE COLORS!!)
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The only reason I wanted to watch:
--Aziz Ansari is hilarious, IDGAF what you think
--was dying to see Katy Perry (once again, IDGAF what you think, I like Katy Perry!)
--XTINA (once again, IDGAF!)

If I can sum it up in one word: CLUSTERFUCK.

Can't believe Marky Mark and Peter Fascinelli got away with swearing. Wonder how much MTV will be fined for that.

I liked Katy Perry's act. It was very bright and cheesy, but I liked it. And I really dig that song. Has the same beat as "Tik Tok," but this song's a hell of a lot better.

I agreed with Aziz at the end: "Twilight won everything! What a surprise!"

And Christina? Haters to the left, please. I know what I said about her music video, but she was ON it tonight. She was LIVE. (Despite what some haters are saying about her lip-synching. She had a backing track, but she was indeed singing live. You can't hit a high note like that in the intro to "Bionic" and LIP SYNCH that.) And I really hate to say it, but........Britney, take notes. You allegedly have a new album coming out this fall. You really need to step up your game. Don't disappoint us.

And one last thing:

Woo. Hoo.

P.S. "Alejandro" video premieres today!!!!!!
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Oh, Christina. *shakes head*

I'm a fan of hers. Don't get me wrong. As a matter of fact, whenever there's a Britney post at ONTD, I get irritated whenever anyone starts up the "Britney the Living Legend™/Floptina" shit because WHY do they always have to drag the Christina insults into the Britney posts?! The Britney/Christina rivalry is soooo 2000, stan wars are fucking ridiculous, and it's seriously making me want to remove myself from ONTD. And I try to ignore the Britney-stans who shit on the Christina-fans. Hell, I just try to ignore those posts all together, to be quite honest.

But wow. This video just.....ugh. I think she's trying too hard. Quit trying to copy Lady Gaga. And quit denying that you're copying her, because no one's really believing that.

I just keep telling myself that this is only the first single and video from Bionic, and I hope the next single and video is much better than this.

And everyone needs to quit shitting their pants over the Britney Spears demo of "Telephone." It was an early demo, so of course the quality isn't great, and there was a reason it wasn't put on Circus (either Britney didn't want it, or Jive didn't want it, or Britney wanted it too MUCH....whichever reason you want to believe).

*sigh* STANS.

*edited* Okay, the video isn't all that bad, after you've watched it a few times. She just rips Madonna off a bit too much for my liking.
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So...The Fame Monster. Freaking AMAZING! But I don't know if it's because I got my copy at Target, or if it's just because I got the regular version and not the deluxe (I figured I already have the original version of The Fame, so I'd just get the regular version and save some money), but my CD is clearly a censored version. The dirty words are edited. Anyone else get The Fame Monster and have the same problem?

I don't even know if I have a favorite song because I love 'em all. I'm partial to "Bad Romance" and "Dance in the Dark," though.

*semi-tangent* I didn't get to see the AMAs; I totally forgot to set my VCR and went to go see WWE Survivor Series instead. But I heard about Gaga's performance with the flaming piano and Adam Lambert's man-on-man French kissing. So I have to get my two cents in on that.

Why are people making such a big deal about this and hating on it? Everyone already knows Adam Lambert is gay, so what's the big deal? A gay kiss, whootie-damn-doo. It's not like we haven't already seen such shocking stuff on TV before. It's okay when Britney Spears and Madonna kiss for the cameras, but when a really flamboyant gay guy goes it, everyone gets their panties in a bunch.

*tangent* Work is kicking my ass. I don't get a day off until Thanksgiving (as I'm sure I've mentioned). Today really wasn't so bad, but the whole second part of my shift was at register six. No real problems with enfrcing "15 items or less," but I don't understand why I can't get a bagger at the freaking EXPRESS lane when I need it. Whoever works register six during a busy holiday rush should not be expected to bag all of that stuff. Especially when customers think they can squeeze their way through with a shitload of stuff.

Oh, and this kills me: "Wow, it's busy today! Is it normally this busy on Tuesday?" No, it's not. There's nothing special going on Thursday that requires turkey, pie, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Now back to "Dancing With the Stars." (GO DONNY!)
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I think that was one of the better VMAs I've seen in the last five years. But then again, they did move the show back to New York City. Everyone performed live....except Janet Jackson, I'm pretty sure she might have been lip-synching, but I'll cut her some slack. Taylor Swift performed live from a subway station and everyone loved her. Beyoncé performed live and was flawless. Pink performed live doing her aerial acrobatics and was awesome, as always. Lady Gaga performed live and was.....well, that was something else, but she's a fucking crazy broad and I love her for it. (IT WAS ART! Only Lady Gaga could pull something like that off!)

But....really, Kanye? Really?

And yeah, I'm not really a fan of Beyoncé's, but the way she handled the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident was very selfless and classy of her. Kanye was waaay out of line just bum-rushing the stage like that and ruining Taylor's big moment. I don't care if he apologized later on; the fact that he had the balls to get up there and do that was really rude of him and people won't forget it.


Onto Breaking Point....it was a good PPV, even though I was dealing with a really bad headache. If it had been just another random PPV, I probably would've just passed. But since the emphasis was on submission matches, I couldn't pass it up.

Was a little disappointed with the Cena/Orton "I Quit" match, only because I feel it didn't deliver like the DX/Legacy tag match did or the Christian/William Regal match did. Or even the Undertaker/CM Punk match, which still leaves me scratching my head. cut for Breaking Point spoilers )

Best "Oh yeah, they went there" moments:

--CM Punk preaching the benefits of being straight-edge and making his comments about Jeff Hardy's drug-trafficking bust
--DX actually addressing said "Montreal Screw Job"

And why oh why do I order Hooters' wings in any shape or form when I know my stomach will just feel like crap the next day? The strip cheese sandwich is good, but still....I'm downing the pink stuff today just to deal with it. Ugh. I need a better option to order next time I go. (Maybe one of the salads?)
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So this repeat was on "The View" today, and I think it was the first time my mom got to see Lady Gaga actually do her thing. And even Mom admits that Gaga has IT, and actually liked her live performance. Then Hunter had to come out of his room while we were watching and ruin it by being all, "She's a hermaphrodite, ya know."

Frankly, I think the people who are perpetuating that ridiculous rumor are just jealous haters who want to shit all over our parade. (And more than often, I think they're hardcore Britney Spears stans who are furious that Lady Gaga's actually got some talent and taking the spotlight away from Brit-Brit.) But I think it's funny that she's actually running with that rumor, just to get more attention. I wouldn't be surprised if Gaga started wearing an elaborate glittery strap-on on stage just to get people even more riled up.

IDGAF, I love this crazy broad!


friending meme
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Beyoncé's (aka "Sasha Boring") latest piece o' crap:

Too bad the song's kind of cool, because this video is BORING.

And now, Britney's:

I think I'm one of the few people that actually like it. It's different for her. I think it's getting bad reception from her fans because it's not what she'd normally do; it's not "shake my ass, flip my hair and do some half-assed arm-dancing, my fans will go nuts anyway." My only problem is that A) it's kind of boring, and B) it seems like a four-minute ad for her Candies clothing line promotion.

But seriously? I think I know why I'm so underwhelmed with these. This is what else I've been watching for the last couple of weeks:Read more... )

Can you understand WHY I'm just not thrilled with Britney and Beyoncé currently?

We're never going to have anyone remotely close to being as amazing as Michael was. He went out on the top, as far as I'm concerned.

......I'm gonna curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days.
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That's a hard one. "Billie Jean" is my favorite, but then I always think of some other ones I really love as well. I've always been partial to the stuff he did when he was younger and with his brothers in the Jackson 5, like "Never Can Say Goodbye" and "The Love You Save." And I do adore "Ben":

And my favorite Christmas song is the Jackson 5's version of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus." (Michael: "I did! I really did see Mommy kissing Santa Claus! And I'm gonna tell my dad!")
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Lady Gaga's video for "Paparazzi"!!!!

It was taken down on YouTube, and I can't embed it, but watch it here. (Warning: Could possibly be offensive. The c-word is mentioned, and there's dancing in a wheelchair and crutches. But dammit, it made me laugh!)

It's so drawn-out and over the top with an actual story to it. I LOVE IT, AND I LOVE GAGA FOR IT. And I can't wait until her issue of Rolling Stone comes in the mail.


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