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I forgot some of my friends (like Ami) from MySpace have access to this. I think she might have taken this out of context, because believe me. I wish I had the money to move to a better part of the USA where there's a better job market. It's like a vicious cycle that continually keeps you poor here in Indiana. The standard of living here in Indiana is pretty low, compared to Massachusets or...hell, California. I have a couple of friends that I talk to online that live on the west coast, and they were astounded and shocked to hear that the minimum wage set here in Indiana is still under $6 an hour. It's just such a sordid state of affairs that we currently live in.

Let me put it this way, and I think I sent this in a message to Ami. It's not that I get bothered when she says I should move away. But money's just such an issue anymore with me that I hate thinking about it. I wasn't thrilled with that raise that I got because I was led to believe I'd be getting a bigger raise. I thought it was going to be a 50 cent one; not a 35 cent one. Now I'm earning $6.85 an hour, and still paying monthly union fees, so those paychecks of mine still look like crap. In six more months, I'm due for another mandatory raise, which will have me earning $7.20 an hour, which still isn't very much. I keep thinking, "Shouldn't these changes in minimum wage effect everyone's salary and not just those working for minimum wage?" However, minimum wage in Indiana is slated to go up again by September of this year, and I'm being led to believe that within a year and a half, the highest it'll go up to is $6.80. This still leaves me with earning slave wages, if these "raises" keep going the way they are. I'm having to pinch pennies just to make a frickin' car payment anymore. Meanwhile, I'm being told that "to get out of a recession means you have to pump more money into the economy." That's all well and good, but what about those people who are just barely scraping by as it is (like me)? You tell me I "don't know how a recession works"? I tell you, "Live in my world for a pay period and talk to me later."

Believe me, Ami, I'm not mad or anything. It's just when you live and work in an armpit like NW Indiana and compare it to where you live and work now, it's got to be a hell of a lot better. You know, it's just....sticker shock, that's the best way I can put it.
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Okay, since I don't want you people to think I'm a total idiot...when I hear the word "recession," I automatically think that it's going to be harder for me to save money and to find a better-paying job, especially given the fact that I'm working a shitty-ass slave-wage-paying job and there really isn't much more being offered around here.

You know...I'm not stupid. I know that to get the economy up and going, we have to spend more. But it's hard to spend more money when you're not getting paid much. Christ, it's not like I have the money to drop on a Lexus to help the economy or whatever. People are making this into, "If you don't spend more money to help the country out of our financial slump, it's only going to hurt us in the long run."

Sometimes I'd just like to give the middle finger to everyone who's not middle-to-lower class. They have no idea what it's like for the ones really being affected by all of this.
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Well, I got a mandatory raise for being at that shithole my job over six months. I was led to believe I would be getting a 50 cent raise. Hell no! I got a 35 cent raise. You might think, "It's just a 15 cent difference," but it's the principle of it all. I feel like I'm seriously getting gypped at Stracks', and I'm not happy with this. Those are slave wages, that's what it is, especially when you consider that Indiana's minimum wage is supposed to be increased to $6.80 by August or September, which is 5 cents less than what I'm earning now.

You know, it sucks. It really sucks. It's like they want to keep the poor working class for succeeding. But I suppose it wouldn't be any better if I were still at Blockbuster. Dave had everyone on a "pay freeze" and no one was getting any sort of raises. And we all know wht THAT was, right? Because everyone's jumping to Netflix or going elsewhere to rent for cheaper, which is sending Blockbuster down the shitter.

The price of everything is going up, up, up, yet no one's getting paid any better anywhere else. Especially around here in Indiana. Ami tells me the standard of living is better out in Massachusets, where she and Matt are living. I'm sure Ami also knows that the cost of living out near preppy Boston (she and Matt live just outside) is one of the highest in the USA.
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...and I wake up to this news on CNN this morning?!


LOS ANGELES - The pop princess is a big spender.

Court papers released Thursday in Britney Spears' custody dispute with Kevin Federline show she spends lavishly on clothes and entertainment, and doesn't save or invest any of her roughly $737,000 monthly income.

Spears' monthly expenses include $49,267 in mortgage for two houses, $16,000 for clothes and $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation, according to her financial declaration.

Although she's often photographed eating fast food, Spears declares she spends about $4,758 per month dining out. Meanwhile, she spends zero on education, savings and investments and gives $500 a month in charitable contributions, the documents said.

She has to pay her ex-husband $15,000 per month in child support and $20,000 in spousal support. Spousal support will end Nov. 15.

As for Federline, his biggest monthly expenses include $7,500 in rent and $6,000 in security, according to his financial declaration.

The dancer-turned-rapper has a comparably modest monthly budget for clothes — just $2,000. He also spends about $5,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation, and $1,500 eating out.

Federline earned more than a half-million dollars in 2006, mainly from entertainment and endorsement deals, but after business expenses only grossed $7,436 that year. He receives $15,000 per month in child support.

After-hour calls to attorneys representing Spears and Federline were not immediately returned.

The documents also show Spears had to temporarily surrender custody of her sons to Federline because she defied a court order.

In a Sept. 28 order, Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon prohibited the divorced couple from driving their children unless they're properly insured and have a valid driver's license.

The pop star disobeyed the order when she was photographed driving Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, a few days after the Sept. 28 order.

She was ordered Oct. 2 to relinquish her children "until further order of the court" when she wasn't able to prove compliance with Gordon's order, namely proof of a valid California driver's license.

The two previously had joint custody of their sons, and Federline was seeking a greater share of custody. After he got temporary custody, Spears went to a motor vehicles department office and got a temporary driver's license.

It's bad enough that my big expenditure every month is my car payment, I pump at least $75 worth of gas into my car every week, I've been struggling to keep my bank account in check since the big double-payment-with-Ford-Credit-fiasco back in April/May...then to hear how bad Britney Spears has it--who earns $740,000 A MONTH--compared to poor working-class me?

It's official. I effing HATE Britney Spears.

Fork over some of those "entertainment" expenses to me, hon. I could pay for three college degrees with that shit. And you aren't even thinking about when your boys will go to college? *gives her the middle finger*
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So I made my phone payment. My online account still shows like my check problem hasn't been taken care of. I've talked to two or so people in the last week about this. It's been noted on their account what I owe for this month so I don't end up overpaying again. I asked today just WHY my online account is showing like this hasn't been taken care of. The guy on the other end of the phone told me that it's taking a few days to reverse that and get it straightened out with the account the payment DID go towards. Yeah, well, all of that stuff was faxed off a week ago (last Saturday). I spoke to a rep on Tuesday about this. Just how long does it take to reverse this stuff?

They're trying to assure me that I'm in the clear now, but somehow I don't believe them.

*tangent* I took Bo to the vet to get weighed again for his monthly heartworm medication. He hasn't gained much in the last month...a whole whopping seven ounces. Part of me is concerned. Then there's the other part of me that's thinking, "When's he going to have his next big growth spurt?" Maybe he's just tapering off now that he's getting to be nearly full-grown.

Bo was being such a brat this morning. I took him for a walk in the backyard and he managed to slip out of his collar and run loose. Dad likes to let Bo run loose because he feels Bo doesn't get enough exercise (and really, he doesn't). I'm just scared as hell to let him run loose because he won't come home and I'm afraid he'll get hit by a car. So I had to chase him down and catch him like he was a greased pig. He knew I was pissed off. Then when I took him to the vet, he was behaving...until two other customers came in with their cats.

They have the cutest tabby kitten for adoption at the vet's office, though.

*tangent* I really don't want to go to work today. Three months in at Strack's, and I already want out. I hate working U-Scan. All it consists of is standing up there being bored and monitoring the four sales screens for the U-Scan registers. I'm not really doing anything until customers come through to ring up their crap and stuff doesn't go through or until the registers start to screw up. It's nothing but a waste of time, and that time could be spent doing something productive. Like, oh, I don't know....STUDYING?!

*tangent* I checked my bank account to see what got deposited from Strack's. I'm NOT thrilled with this month's paycheck. It just seems like I worked more hours than that. I wonder if part of that was taken out for union fees. More than likely, yeah. And they want us to participate in that paintball thing. *scoff* I can't pony up $50 to play company paintball on the pathetic pay they give me. I could be using that $50 for something better.

Oh yeah. Once again, on the lookout for a new job. I don't think I'll stay long as a grocery store cashier.
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Since I had to report my debit card as missing a couple of days ago (don't ask...it's just missing; that's all I can say, I have no idea what happened to it), I've been SOL for cash for the weekend (can you imagine how hard it was to get to Chicago? Good thing my tank was filled anyway). And my automatic payment for my paid LiveJournal account was denied.

But you know...do I NEED a paid LJ account? No. Do I NEED so many user icons? No.
In other money-related news, I got a good idea of how much my text books are going to cost this semester. HOLY SHIT. I hope they're not that expensive just because I'm going to Purdue Cal now. Looking for other options on amazon.com and bigwords.com right now. I can probably afford half of them with my next paycheck. And that's what sucks about working at Strack's. It may be union and offer better hours, but I still had to take a 50 cent paycut. And we all know I wasn't earning shit at Blockbuster.

Oh, and when is the wage increase supposed to take affect? I know minimum wage went up to $5.85 a month or so ago, so isn't there supposed to be a raise what all the other workers are getting paid as well? Or are we being screwed over? I really should go to the next union meeting. This is bullshit.


I went downstairs earlier this morning to assess the water damage from the flooding. Our basement flooded when we got hit with those crazy rainstorms last week. A lot of stuff has to be junked. But a lot of stuff downstairs had to be junked regardless. Stuff like my seasonal clothes and other documents were in plastic containers, but I also put a lot of stuff of sentimental value in my old toybox.

There were pictures in that box. There were newspaper clippings in that box. There were awards in that box. There were childhood keepsakes in that box. MY "HOLLY" MY LITTLE PONY WAS IN THAT BOX. I was damn lucky my high school diploma wasn't ruined.

So yeah. I'm upset. It's put a damper on my day, so to speak.
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I'm waiting for my refund check from Ford Credit to show up. They told me on the phone that they'd be sending a refund check in the mail. They didn't mention anything about just refunding it back to my account through the debit card number I have in the system (which I wish they would just do). This is ri-goddamn-diculous. (Which reminds me, I need to go to the Ford Credit website and de-enroll from the eBill plan. I'll just stick with sending them a regular check in the mail to avoid this problem in the future. This stresses me out on so many levels, it's not even funny.)

However, at the bank, they suggested that I sign up for a Chase credit card so if I ever get overdrawn again, I have overdraft protection and won't be subject to such a large overdraft fee. So yeah. I applied for a credit card. Screw what Mom says. I'm through with listening to her advice about "You don't need a credit card" or whatever. If I get approved...good for me. I finally have a real credit card.

Bo is getting so big so quick. Now he's an eleven-week-old puppy who's just full of piss and vinegar. I've gotta give him a bath later. He got into a container of yogurt, and he wouldn't let me clean up his face earlier. Pretty soon, he won't be a puppy anymore.

So I watched Dreamgirls last night. Good movie. I think Eddie Murphy got robbed at the Oscars, though. (Considering how overrated I thought Little Miss Sunshine was...) Now I'm a little more motivated to keep working my my script treatment.

well shit

Oct. 31st, 2006 03:25 pm
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If I have to pay $10 to get into the Halloween party at Crossroads tonight, I ain't going. I have to save my money. I can't afford much with my cut hours at Cockbuster.

If I don't go, I'll be known as "Holly who blew off her friends yet again, who cares if she's going broke, she blew us off, she doesn't care anymore, what kind of a friend is she if she can't make time for her friends and have a social life outside of work and school?"

God, it sucks bein' me.
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College price increases slowed this year but they again topped inflation, and financial aid isn't keeping pace, a new report says.

Tuition and fees at public four-year public colleges rose $344, or 6.3 percent, to an average of $5,836 for the 2006-07 academic year, according to the College Board's annual "Trends in College Pricing" report, released Tuesday.

Accounting for inflation, prices rose just 2.4 percent — the lowest rise in six years, and the third straight time the gap between prices and overall inflation has narrowed. Tuition and fees at private four-year colleges rose 5.9 percent overall, to $22,218.

The news that price hikes are getting smaller is tempered by the fact that this decade has been a period of an extraordinary increases in college costs. Published prices are up 35 percent in five years — the largest increase of any five-year period in the 30 years covered the report. That's coupled with the reality that grant aid — from the government, colleges and private sources — isn't covering the price hikes. For the 62 percent of full-time undergraduates who receive grant aid, the average net cost of a four-year public school rose 8 percent to $2,700, the report said.

"There is some good news: There's a lot of aid out there that is helping students," said Sandy Baum, senior policy analyst at the College Board. "But there are real notes of caution about ... the failure of grant aid to keep up with the rise in prices."

The best news came for people at the nation's public two-year colleges, which educate nearly half of American college students. There, tuition and fees rose just 4.1 percent to $2,272. The increase was limited by California, which is home to more than a fifth of the nation's two-year public college students and lowered tuition and fees 12 percent this year. Elsewhere, prices rose 5.1 percent.

Accounting for financial aid, however, the average net cost nationally for two-year public college students declined, and is less than $100.

"We're seeing more students who would generally have gone to the state university coming to the community college because of the issue of pricing," said Wilfredo Nieves, president of Middlesex Community College in Connecticut, who spoke at the announcement. At four-year public schools, adding room and board to tuition and fees makes the college prices average $12,796. At private colleges, the price is $30,367. The cost increases at state schools are baffling to many students and parents, given the relative health of the economy and state finances. After several years of sharp cuts, state spending on higher education has been rising again nationally. The problem is that more people are enrolling, so there is less and less to spend per student.
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This sucks. I printed out my tuition payment statement and the amount my mom made the check out for isn't enough. So I have to take the check home, tell her to void it and re-make it out. *annoyed grunt*

I got up to campus early to check email and stuff before my government class. I can't help it, I'm addicted to the high-speed internet here. Plus, I have work after my one class today.

*sigh* It's going to be hard for me to pay attention today. I'm in a daydreamy-mood.
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So I get these mailings from the Social Security Administration since I tried applying for SS a couple of years ago. I don't pay much attention to them normally since I was denied anything, but this one was of interest.

Now, keep in mind that I am currently twenty-five years of age. I'll be twenty-six in December:

To get retirement benefits, I need 40 credits of work. So far, my record shows that I have 34 credits at this time, including assumed credits for last year and this year if I continue to work.

Disability-wise, I have earned enough credits to qualify for benefits. If some freak accident happened right now...my payment (according to this report) would be about $574 a month. If I died (this year, to be specific), I have enough credits for my family to receive survivors benefits. If I had kids, my kids would get $524 a month, my husband (if I were married) who is caring for my child would get $524 a month, my presumed husband @ retirement age would get $698 a month, and my total family benefits cannot be more than $1,048 a month.

Really interesting to know.

*tangent* Got my paycheck & since I'm going to be closing out my checking/savings with DSB, I just cashed it yesterday. During the gap in between my classes, I went shopping. Ended up getting new shoes (which I needed really badly...all I have now are sneakers that are falling apart, dressy shoes, & sandals), a new shirt and a new bookbag. Plus, I went to Spencer's and splurged. Got two new belly-button rings, a new necklace, a birthday present for a friend and poster mounts (since Spencer Gifts is the only place I know that has these...thanks, Jan). Also got my books for political science.

*tangent* Speaking of political science...I have a feeling my professor singles me out because I'm the only one in the class that's in senior standing, and he says I should've taken the classes sooner. And I agree with him, I probably should have taken the class sooner. And not only am I the only senior in the class, I'm twenty-five and a senior. Doesn't look good on me. However, I'm not a poli-sci/criminal justice major, I'm an English major. The main reason I'm taking the class is for the science requirement. However, to be quite honest, I do feel that I am very uninformed about the US government, & a class like this can clarify a lot of things for me.

*tangent* I'm actually pretty proud of myself. Our store rankings came in on Tuesday, & Patti had us look at them & sign them before we picked up our checks. Apparently, I'm #1 in our disctrict. Sounds good, but to be honest, it could be better. Sales for movie passes and rewards memberships have been down for a while, so I'm not all THAT proud of myself, but still...it's a small accomplishment.
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This paycheck ended up being pretty decent. I won't give out specifics of what I got paid, but it's at least going to help me get out of my debt-induced hole considerably.

Soooo bored. Now is the time when I need to start really saving my cash so I can get books for this semester. I'm terrible--I never buy my books before classes begin because I've had a few classes start & the professors tell us that the wrong book titles were submitted to the book store & we have to return & buy other ones...usually brand-new & not used. (Ugh. It's an inconvenience.) So I wait till the book list is confirmed on the first day of class, & if the campus bookstore doesn't have it, I'll go buy it from Barnes & Noble. (Maybe now at Border's, since they're opening that new huge-ass Border's in the mall, & the mall's just a hop, skip & a jump from IUN.)

I cancelled my Deep River plans for today. Still feeling fat. Not really in the mood to throw on a bikini & frolic around the park. DOUBLE UGH.

Mom & I made the trip up to Merrillville to find the TriStar offices & get the carpet cleaning machine. Turns out the last guy who rented it a week ago hasn't brought it back yet. Now THAT'S an inconvenience, & a waste of gas money.
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Curses to car payments, and heating bills, and Internet bills, and other stupid bills, and gasolien prices, and me liking food and all. You take all the fun away from getting cool stupid stuff off of eBay that I like and want.

Like the Star Stage. Or more Jem dolls.

See? This is what I mean!
One hundred and fifty-seven bucks! For Pizzazz! I want a Misfits doll. I never had the Misfits growing up. But that's just an awful lot of money.

*heaves a big sigh* Oh well. I don't wanna grow up. But I have to.
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*cue the Beavis and Butt-Head laugh* Read more... )

Yesterday at work wasn't bad. I worked from 2 to 8, so during the day it was pretty slow, and Christy and I were staring out the window waiting for people to come in, like we were dogs waiting for company to visit. I guess Christy and Jenn had some sort of argument. I didn't ask for details, since it's really none of my business. However, this is probably the first complaint I can actually make about working there...if Jenn is not thrilled with working at Blockbuster, then she really needs to find a new job because I think she's got a rotten attitude and she always makes me feel like I'm not doing the job up-to-snuff and treats me like I'm pretty much useless. I never get that sort of treatment from Christy or Amy or Sheri. So if she's got some bug up her ass, then she needs to get over herself, spank her inner moppet, do something because she's turning into a little beeyotch.

I have a muffler on my car now. And I also owe Mom and Dad for it. *Aaargh* I'm also going to have to pony up some cash for a new car stereo. (It unexpectedly took a crap on me. The volume and channel buttons got stuck for no real reason.) So, I'm thumbing through the classifieds right now, still frantically searching for second job. (SELLOUT IN PROGRESS!)

Frankly, I think we did a very good show last night. My analysis? Were we trying to do a good job because we knew we were being videotaped for evaluative purposes? Well, if anything, we know we have some sort of control to refer to when we end up screwing up. And...*clears throat* I didn't mean to show up for the "evaluation tapings" with a new corset and my "prop slip" for effect to make it look good. If anything, when I see my tape, I'll be able to see how the new slip and the corset effect my performance, because I'm planning to make it a staple. (I need to lose an extra five pounds to get into the corset a little quicker, though.) And it's the first week in a while that I was able to perform without my knee hurting halfway through the show.
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Getting home from work tonight, I had muffler probs. Looks like I need a new muffler pronto. If Mom and Dad are willing to go half and half on the labor (my muffler has a lifetime warrantee, so it's free--I just need to pay for labor, which is like $150 or something like that), I can pay them back when I get the cash.

Which leads me to next problem, like I had six months ago--CAR INSURANCE. *runs screaming into the night* Yeah, earning more money at Blockbuster, but paying my insurance this month would require wiping out my bank account, and I really really REALLY don't want to do that. So...as much as I don't want to do this, I think I'm going to have to ask Grandma Cozie if she could lend me the money. I absolutely intend to pay her back when I have more saved up. Believe me, if I had the money, I wouldn't ask her for it, but I'm in a bit of a pinch. Or now could be the time for me to send in nudie pics to Playboy in the hopes that I'll be chosen to be a Playmate. HA! Fat chance! (Playmates get $25,000 to pose. The chick who gets selected PMOY gets an extra $100,000.) I think I'd have to lose about 20 lbs. first. *sigh*

(Jennifer Walcott. Not me.)
Well, it's motivation anyway for me to lose weight--TO EARN MONEY!! (Okay, everyone can call me a "sellout in progress.")

Hunter and I watched Kung Pow! last night. I lurve that movie.
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This is just a heads-up. I might not be updating as frequently as I normally do. Lately, I haven't been spending as much time on the computer as I usually do, mainly because my computer is a gigantic piece of crap that keeps freezing up on me and my brother whenever we use it. So after I finish up this LJ entry, I'm going to mosey on over to my Yahoo email account, delete all of my spam, and send some nasty emails to whomever sent me the spam to stop it.

I think we had a pretty good crowd at Rocky Horror this weekend. I don't know exactly why I was in such an awnry (sp?) mood. Maybe it was my devil horns. Maybe it was the fact that it was a full moon outside. Maybe it was the goddamned time change. (I'm still adjusting--I completely forgot about the time change!) But a good time was had by all. You can always tell how good of a crowd we had by how much stuff we have to clean up after the show.

I finally got around to watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I think it's one of those movies that you either love it or hate it. I loved it. I had to watch it a few times before I really got it. It's rather poetic.

Okay, so more shit with Spencer's. I was called in early to work at Blockbuster on Friday, I believe. I get home around eight, and it turns out Jan called up. Hunter told her I was at work at Blockbuster tonight. Hunter says she got all huffy and said something like, "Well, just tell her she has to come pick up her paychecks." Oh-kay, here's what I don't get...what paychecks?! Unless she means my paystubs. But she hasn't had me on the schedule for the last two weeks, since the days (wait, I mean day) she likes to have me work always conflict with Blockbuster's, so it's not like I've had any money coming my way in the last two weeks from there. And like I said...what paychecks?! We don't get paychecks anymore; it's all directly deposited into my banking account. No, she just wants me to drop by so she can give me some shit. I'm not saying anything bad here about her, but this is the way I see it. I think she might have also gotten pissed off because Joanie from St. Anthony's might have called for a reference.

That's right, I had a follow-up interview at St. Anthony's earlier today. That went pretty well. They have one other person to interview for the position, but I heard from the grapevine (hospital workers in sterilization and central supply through Gramma) that they are trying to shy away from hiring college students since they need someone with a more stable schedule for the position, and the other girl that applied is a college student. And yes, I do plan on going back to college to finish up my degree (maybe in a year when I have enough money saved), and I explained that in my interview today (and on Thursday). Man, I could really use this job, too.

On Sunday, I realized that I'm a fool to fall to pieces for being so hung up on a guy I knew I had no chance in hell with. (I'll talk more about it when I feel like it.) So I just kind of ate a bunch of junk food (candy!!) all day and polished it all off with some wine coolers while watching Hedwig. I'm okay now...I just still feel like a goddamned fool.
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Hunter liked the movie last night. I'm glad I brought him with.

I have discovered that my car has a slow leak in the gas tank. This is definitely not good. So I'm going to have to get that checked out and taken care of ASAP. I don't know how much it'll cost. I may have to ask Mom and Dad if they can help me out. I also know I have to get my exhaust looked at, get my muffler replaced and I might need a tune-up soon. I can never win, can I? I just a new damn car.

I'm still sick. This is the cold that wouldn't die. I'm still kind of congested, but now I've got a dry hacking cough on top of it all. At least I can breathe somewhat normally and I'm not as snotty as I was before.

Damn that is one huge-ass Pringles can:
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Haven't updated in a day or so. Not much has happened. Did some basic chores around the house--cleaning up after the dog, and crushing cans to get recycled. Today was my first day of training at Blockbuster Video. Tomorrow I have another day of training. I've got the feeling that this isn't really going to lead to anything big, that I'll just be stuck at part-time but I at least am in line for some sort of advancement. No biggie--I'll just keep putting out job applications.

Today, I also got my check from the CD Antitrust settlement thing that everyone went online and said "I paid too much to buy CDs from 1996 to now" to. I am now a whole $13.86 richer. Frankly, I think we should all be getting more in this settlement, but oh well.

Other than that, not much else has been going on. Meh.

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Okay, things are straightened out. I had that talk with Dad last night, and he says he really has no problem with it. He is just curious as to what goes on up there every weekend, because he's heard some stories about what goes on when people go see Rocky Horror. If he is interested in dropping by one week to see the show and what really goes on (a far cry from what he's heard), then let him. And you should hear him about the nicknames everyone has: "Who is Boojie? What kind of a nickname is that? And Tennis Racket? How did they get these nicknames?"

Mom and I have agreed for me to pay the car insurance in monthly installments so it won't break my bank account. And she and I have talked about it. I can stay in cast (*yay!* All of that arguing in the last week, and this is what we come up with!) with the exception that I get a full-time job. It wasn't bad this Christmas when I held two jobs and was generating some income. And the main reason they were letting me come this whole time even when I was getting the shit hours at work was mainly my dad's reasoning that I'm 23 and I need a social life of some sort. (He's the more relenting one; Mom's the one who nags and sets limitations, but Dad usually overrules her. I guess I'm a Daddy's girl at heart.)

It's just been very difficult around here lately. Dad's trucking job isn't paying him what he deserves. He's getting the shitty routes up to Canada and back, to Detriot, to Iowa, and then his boss passes his routes on perfectly fine days he can work to other inexperienced drivers. So he's been kind of pissy in the last few weeks over that. Also, he isn't very pleased that I'm not going to school this semester, but he also knows why I'm not going. (I can't exactly afford it right now, and my financial aid fell through this semester.)

It's all straightened out now, folks. I'm still kind of sick, so I'm not showing up tonight. Need rest. But I still have to go in and earn money tonight. (Maybe they'll let me kick it in the back room and write up damaged merchandise all night.) Next week, though, especially since Wally will be back. :) (I can't miss that!)
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The weather is just going to get worse. All Mom can do is worry about Dad on the road. (He's on his usual route to Canada and back.) I'm worried about him, too.

Regarding my car insurance situation...I'm going to take out what I am sure I owe on it and have my mom hold that for me as collateral. The bill didn't come again. I'm starting to get VERY angry with State Farm about this. We should have just switched providers instead of renegotiating.

Work was very slow today. But yeah, no one's going to want to go to the mall in weather like this.


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