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So here's the situation. I have a coworker who has two extra tickets for when KISS (HOLY SHIT!!!!) comes to Chicago September 7th that he offered to me and a friend. The seats are supposedly prime--near the front (OMG!!!!) and $50 each. (EVEN BETTER!!!!!) The only caveat is that my friend and I would have to go with him.

Guess which coworker this is. Yep. Doug. That guy with cerebral palsy who tracked me down to Blockbuster through MySpace.

I kept telling myself, "The only catch is you'd be going with him." But I figured that's all water under the bridge. And September 7th is a way off. But the thing is, we aren't really that great of friends. Acquaintances, more like. He acts like we're pals because of the MySpace bustup. (Uhhhh....not really.) Oh, and because he watches wrestling, too. (Uhhh...does anyone really get that I don't get into wrestling as much as I used to? Kevin included? Hello? Anyone?)

But now I'm regretting taking him up on the offer and kind of want to break it off, but I'm not sure without being a total bitch about it. Here's why.

Here's how he told me he came into two extra tickets. He and his GF broke up. Why did he and his GF break up? He tells me she had a problem with his CP. Now I was told this a couple of weeks ago. And he's still moping about it. I don't really pay much attention to his love life (it's none of my business, really), but he won't shut up about it. And it seems like he's a serial dater; the relationships never really last very long. So really, I think Doug is full of it.

But he was moping about it a few days ago and wouldn't shut up telling any coworker about it wanting advice for finding love and trying to figure out what went wrong and wondering why he can't make it work with women. And then he starts complaining that his handicap scares women off. He cornered me while I was eating my lunch during my piddly-ass 15 minute break and wanted my advice.

I wanted to tell him, "Fuck off, Doug, I'm eating my lunch." But I didn't. All I told him was that if she really did dump him over his handicap (which I don't really think she did, if this is all true), he's better off without, and he should move on. He started on about how she claimed she had a kid of her own, and was trying to claim that she was pregnant. I told him, "If that sort of thing continues to be a problem, then make 'chick with kids' a dealbreaker. If you don't want to get sucked into that baby daddy-drama, then don't go for chicks with kids!" I'm not gonna mince words. But for the love of God, it kind of bothered me.

He always plays up the CP card, then acts like he doesn't want pity or sympathy. Then when things don't work out with a chick, he cries that "she dumped me because of my handicap!" I don't buy that. It didn't work because you're a pathetic loser. You're the dickhead that had the gall to track me down to my last job through MySpace, and I didn't even know you had CP then because I had never met you face to face. It has nothing to do with your handicap, and everything to do with it at the same time.

This is why I'm going to go back on those KISS tickets. For one thing, I think he managed to get those prime seats because of his disability. (He milks it, I swear to God. He goes on and on about how he's able to get 50 yard line seats at Soldier Field for Bears' games for the price you pay for regular seats.) For another thing, I think this is a blatant pick-up attempt. Even if he did invite Kevin with.
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First Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, now Heidi Klum and Seal?!

This upsets me more than it should, really. Two--not one, but two--of my favorite celebrity couples are splitting. *sigh*


So I got home today, and Dad asked me if I had checked out the new-ish Goodwill in St. John. It's near Strack & Van Til's, and I think it's been open about six months. I've checked it out once so far. They have okay stuff....stuff that looks like the kind St. John residents would donate. (I'm more used to the Goodwill in Crown Point.) I told Dad that I had heard that St. John Town Council had a problem with having a Goodwill in town because--from what I heard--they thought it would cheapen down the town. Yeah! I also heard the same thing about when they started working on Aldi's. That kind of attitude makes me think this town is just snobby and elitist.

Anyway, Dad was talking about how he saw that they had some "good TVs" at the St. John Goodwill for $30 or $35. I automatically thought, "OH SHIT, DAD KNOWS I'M IN THE MARKET FOR A NEW ONE." Even the suggestion of it....just no. I was standing behind him, looked at Mom, shook my head and mouthed "NOOOO!" And that just set Mom off laughing like it was the funniest thing she ever experienced. Then I started laughing. And we couldn't quit for a good five or ten minutes. And Dad wanted to know why we were laughing so hard.

See, Dad has a tendency to be a real cheapskate. I had to tell Dad that while I know I'm looking for a new television set, I refuse to buy one from Goodwill for cheap. I need a newer model TV that will allow me to install my Blu-Ray player without having to deal with a converter box because of the coaxial cable on my current model. (My current TV still works well. It's just older and has a very weird hookup in the back. It makes setting up a DVD player plus my DirecTV box very complicated. Oh, and it weighs about forty pounds.)
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It's done!! I'm done painting my bedroom walls! It turned out so nicely! I'll try to get pics up soon once my room is cleaned up and I get some new shelving units in here in the next month or so.

I never realized how much CRAP I have until I decided, "Hey, I want to repaint my bedroom." I mean, I had a good idea, but GOOD LORD. It doesn't help that my dresser and desk and queen-sized bed take up the majority of space in here. I kind of want a smaller-sized bed, to be honest. A full-sized would be ideal. Kevin jokes around that if I ever get rid of my bed, he'd gladly take it off my hands "because it's so comfy." Ha ha, his room is smaller than mine. He'd barely be able to move around with all the stuff he has.

*tangent* Oh my freaking God, I can't WAIT for Halloween. I have to get started putting my costume together soon. I won't be able to wear it to work on account of it being kind of...well, skimpy. (It is a ballerina costume, after all.) But I'll be going to Help Me Mommy's Rocky Horror Halloween show, and maybe another party, so I want to dress up. I don't care if I'm 30. I'm starting to feel like my good ol' festive self again. :)

*tangent* Well, Jessica moved out and she and Hunter broke up. (Again.) Hunter tried to paint it like she was the one who did the "dumping" and gave some excuse about how if she stayed with him, she'd never be able to live to her potential. And Hunter agrees, really. We all do. And he said that yeah, he's sad about it, but he's not exactly heartbroken over it.

But there was a lot more to it than that. Read more... )

*sigh* Enough about that. That's been the drama that we've been dealing with here for the last week.

*tangent* Kevin was asked to step down from his position at his job. He's now second-shift IMS, and he's got a weird work schedule now, but after one day of doing IMS work, he said it's definitely not as stressful now. Maybe it's for the best.
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So Monday, I went up to the Dunes with Paul, Hillary, Michael and Cookie. We stuck around on the beach for about an hour and played with their dog in the water. And I've been thinking that I might take Bo up to the Dunes on Friday if no one wants to go see The Simpsons Movie with me, since Friday's my one REAL day off. Afterwards, we hung around the house, played some Wii and ate some pizza (and I threw off my diet...whoopie) while some other friends of Paul and Hillary's came around to hang out. I had never met them before, and Cookie assumed I knew them from high school. I think she forgot that I know Paul, Michael and Hillary through Dan.

I asked them if they've heard much from Dan lately, and Paul really hasn't heard much from him, either. (So it's not just me, I guess.) I know times have been rough on Dan and Becky since they had to move back in with his parents, and he hasn't been to the last few PPVs. (Well, I wasn't at the last couple, mainly due to the money situation.) I asked if they had heard from Brandon as well, and I guess not. Paul complained that he doesn't see Brandon online anymore since Monica had that baby, and who knows if Brandon is even that baby's daddy?

Let's face it. According to the gang, Monica is a psycho bitch who is playing Brandon for a major chump, which sucks. Besides, Cookie really didn't want Monica around the house if Brandon was going to bring her with. And it didn't matter because he had no gas money to drop on by. And maybe it's just as well because I know how Brandon feels about me (he's another one of those guys who has an unrequited crush on me), and unfortunately, those feelings aren't reciprocated. I like him okay as a friend and nothing more. He needs to really get his shit together for me to consider him as anything more than a friend. (Sorry if that sounds really blunt, but I'm a picky bitch, and that's how the meatball bounces.)

*tangent* Today, I work a 12:30 to 8:30 shift. Whee, fun.

*tangent* HOLY SHIT, guess who sent me a friend invite on MySpace?! *points to LJ icon* THE HOTNESS!!!!!

I am soooooo kicking my own ass for not auditioning for "Rock of Love."
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And as stupid as it may sound, I love the point of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend."

You can't always rely on love because love is fleeting. It doesn't matter if the guy treated you like shit; a kiss is just a kiss. It's shallow, it's materialistic, but the only things in life that a girl can really depend on are diamonds. It's the ultimate kiss-off song.

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New means of posting? It looks weird here on the "update journal" page.

...Meh, oh well, I guess this is what my money pays for. I'll learn to deal with it.

I feel weird posting this. My professional writing instructor and I were discussing my final paper yesterday (which I got an A on, BTW)...and I don't know, it was a little weird. He kept asking what my plans were for Christmas and New Year's, and what I was planning on doing after college, and about where I worked. And I just feel uncomfortable talking about my current job since I'm so unsatisfied with Blockbuster. And I don't know if this is what it means on the student evaluations where it says "Instructor took genuine interest in particular students" or what.

Hunter wants to move out to Arizona to be closer to his girlfriend (I guess she's officially his girlfriend now). Her parents are going through a divorce and she's moving with her Mom out there. In my opinion, I think her mom should try to get a job around here and keep her in school, especially since she's sixteen and not done with high school. I know I wouldn't want to uproot a kid while they're in the last few years of school. Mom and Dad were kind of being assholes last night with him about it. He thinks he's in love with her. I think she's the first real "girlfriend" he's had, and I think he doesn't understand that he's still in high school and there are other girls out there. Hell, I told him I thought I'd be with Jacob forever when I was his age, and that obviously didn't work out. But if they can find a way to make it work out, more power to them.
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My feelings/thoughts on the "Flavor of Love" season finale:

I never cared for New York one bit. In my opinion, she's fugly, she has a rotten self-absorbed personality that just grated on other people's nerves, she's a gold-digging attention whore, and she comes off as an obsessed Flava Flav groupie. But I don't blame her for her smackdown of Flav in the end when he didn't choose her.

But really, why did Flav bring her back into the competition? And did she really buy into it one bit? She should have listened to her mother, to be honest. Flav didn't choose her last time; did she really think she was going to get chosen in the end the second time around? She honestly thought he was going to choose her, and I guess you have to have that blind hope. I think Flav kept New York around because she put out for him; you'd have to for that sort of fame and recognition.

I never undertstood Flav's logic one damn bit on the show. He's just looking for a girl he could kick it with...but he eliminated Goldie last season, who honestly wasn't looking for anything serious. (Just like Flav!) And that pissed me off.

The way Flava Flav treated New York reminded me of someone else. *Heh.* And Flav deserved to be told off like that. YEEEEEAH BOYYYEEEEEE!!!
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My friend Brandon is supposed to get married in about a month to his fiancee Monica, and he knows she's been cheating on her. He's got proof. And to make it worse, a lot of his friends more than likely know about it.

And to make it even worse, this is NOT the first time she's pulled this shit on him. And a lot of his "friends" know she's no good for him, and they're just letting it go on. And that's just sick. And I KNOW some of these friends who are letting it go on. And that's just shitty.

So to everyone who reads this, answer me this. If you had a friend who knew his girlfriend (or a female friend who knows her boyfriend) is cheating on him/her, do you....
--let him/her know, or...
--don't breathe a word about it and make him/her find out the hard way?

I feel so sorry for Brandon. He's done nothing to deserve this. He did nothing but give her a second shot after she fucked up the first time.

To put it in "Jem" terms, he's stuck in a Rio situation.

So seeing it unfold in real life, to this I say...Jerrica treated Rio like shit, and the Holograms were no better for keeping it from him. And she brought it all on herself and didn't have to lead Rio on as Jem for as long as she did.
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I seriously wish he would just leave me alone. Why the hell does Dan want to stay such good friends with me anyway to the point where he'd feel so heartbroken if I didn't go to something as trivial as a wrestling pay per view? He knows I'm not cool about Becky. She could probably be the nicest person in the world, but I don't care--she's none of my business!!

I don't know what to do anymore. If this is sacrificing a friendship, so be it. I don't need this shit anymore. If Dan were a real friend, he wouldn't be hurting me like this.
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I normally have a general rule regarding guys: I don't do the "friends with benefits" thing. But let me tell you something...holding out until I get a steady boyfriend until the next time I get any is pretty damn frustrating. I'm thinking of revoking my "no friends with benefits" rule.

However, if I do so and decide to get down with any random guy friend (and I really don't want to be considered a whore), I have the problem of deeper emotions being aroused. Like, what if I feel nothing after it but HE does? Or vice versa? How do you deal with that?

Eh, I've gotten a little more proactive about men this year so far, actually. I just get really frustrated when people like Mike ask "How's the love life?" It's just really frustrating. I don't know if he asks just to get a response to tattle back to Dan or whatever. Next time, I should just fuckin' exaggerate. *ha ha*

I confused Elyse on Friday night. *ha ha* "I have a boyfriend?! That's news to me! Who?!" (acts like a dumb blonde) I say, if it's that obvious.....erm, I don't know what to think.
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Guess who I ran into today at the mall? My dear "friend" Dan. I told him that Kevin told me about them going to the midnight showing of Return of the King and didn't even bother to invite me with, and I wanted to know why, given what a fan I am of both the books and the movies. Here's his excuse: he didn't bother inviting me because BECKY wanted to come with, and he knows how I feel about her. So now the girlfriend gets top billing over regular friends. I should have expected this. Well, I have been for quite some time now, actually. He feeds me the line of crap about "you'll always be special to me no matter what" and "I'll never let a girlfriend come between me and my friends because my friends mean everything to me." He lied. He could have at least ASKED. But hey--I've seen it coming. He's done quite a few things (unintentionally) to royally piss me off, but this takes the cake.

And friends, this is exactly what happens when you try to stay friends with your ex. I don't recommend it.

He tells me this when I'm on my break at work, you know, while I'm trying to relax and just be out of the store. I must have still been pretty pissed about it--I didn't even hear Ed and Zero calling for me while I was out and about in the mall. (By the way, I'm sorry I was in a rotten mood tonight. But I did appreciate you two stopping in for a bit. I needed to see a friendly face or two.)

But, like I said, I ended up going to see Return of the King by myself. EXCELLENT MOVIE.



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