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Not even lying. I JUST SAW this particular commercial get aired on regular TV:

I think it's cool they're throwing the old-school commercials out as advertising.
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Jani Lane of Warrant died at age 47 in a motel in California. Damn.

Let's light out lighters and celebrate, late 80s hair metal-style.

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It's official. The Hub is going to start airing "Jem"!!!!
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I really had to sit down and think hard about which episode I wanted to snark on next, and the inspiration came to me as I was at work the other day, ringing people up for various barbecue products. Since it is summertime after all, people are firing up their grills and eating and eating and eating. EAT, DAMMIT!

Yumness. So I bring you today's episode: "The World Hunger Shindig." In which horrendous 80s country-Western-type style presides over the whole episode, and apparently there's something involving charity, too. CUE THE THEME SONG!

This fierce, meat-eating bitch invites you in:

The only thing I give for free is attitude! )

Saint Jerrica thanks you for your time.

"Outrageous" count: one
How many times did Jerrica/Jem transform in this episode: one (that we actually saw)
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Do I need to include the theme song with every snark?

..........YES. Now run, grab some cookies and milk, and plop your butt in front of the computer. It's time for "Jem"!

Today's episode: "In Stitches." It's a fashion-centric episode, so things are going to be all sorts of........


I can be beautiful or truly outrageous, it all depends on the mood I'm in. )

"Outrageous" count: one
Aja blue-orange contrast count: one
How many times did Jerrica transform into Jem this episode?: four

Thank you for reading! Stay outrageous!
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So I was debating whether I wanted to continue with the snarks show-order as they appear on the DVD set, or if I wanted to do one that fit the Memorial Day holiday. Because guess what's going on today down in Indianapolis. THE 500.


This is one of my favorite 'Jem' episodes. Not EVEN gonna lie. And with SCREENCAPS, too! *squee!* )

I might have another one up by next week. We'll see. Stay outrageous, yo!

And here's some blue-orange contrast for you people who follow ONTD:

BTW, did anyone else notice that Jerrica never once said "Showtime Synergy" in this episode?! Just that "auto-mechanic" crap! WTF?!
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"The Christmas Toy"!

For those of you who are unaware about this Christmas gem, this was a sweet special made with those Muppets. It first aired December 6, 1986 (I did my homework, hee hee), and I've had it on an old decrepit video tape that my grandma made for me of a crapload of kiddie Christmas special. And it is so, so fun to watch.

The old, initial viewing of it featured Kermit the Frog scaling up the house and going down the chimney dressed as Santa Claus and landing in the playroom of the house. (Why there's a fireplace in a kids' playroom is beyond me. Sounds kind of dangerous, if you ask me.) Kermit tells us this home belongs to a family who has an older teenage daughter plus twins named Jessie and Jamie. But this story is not about them; rather, the story focuses on two of Jamie's favorite toys. One is a red-headed curly-top dolly named Apple, and the other is a stuffed tiger cub named Rugby. Kermit then leaves the playroom, Santa-style. (Note: If you have the DVD release of this, the intro with Kermit is edited out because of legal reasons between Jim Henson/Disney and Lionsgate.)
Ego trips, delusions of grandeur, power plays, and death by freezing plus some 80s commercials! This special has it all! )

*looks at her clock* Holy crap, it's nearly 1 AM! I promised I'd get this done, though! Stay tuned for the new one later on tonight!
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Disney's actually reconsidering bringing back "Captain EO" to the parks!!!!!!!

I'm literally shaking and crying right now!
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So I was reading this story at [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt, and this is automatically what came to mind when I read the baby's name:

I freaking loved these dolls when I was little. And I was a little girl when I had them, too. I'd say I was at least four or five years old. (I remember taking a Rose Petal doll with me to the hospital when I had my lung surgery, along with Rainbow Brite.) I'd say Rose Petal was the predecessor to Jem, really. But I can never get over how the dolls smelled! Just beautiful and flowery!

I had nearly the whole collection that came with Rose Petal, too. Almost all of her friends, the watering can house (I loved her house), the roadster, and Nastina the spider. I think Mom sold a lot of the stuff at yard sale, but those are toys that I really remember sticking out very vividly.

The last thing I had of those dolls were these storybooks that I got from Gramma Julie and my great-grandma Louise, and I held onto those babies for a VERY long time. But then a couple of years ago, we got some of those nasty rainstorms, and our basement flooded and ruined nearly everything down there. Nearly all of my stuff downstairs was in big plastic storage boxes, except for some more sentimental stuff in my old toybox....including those books. I was so devastated; there was a lot of stuff of sentimental value in that box that got ruined.

The dolls are quite hard to find on eBay. Over the last five or so years, I've tried, and I haven't had much luck.
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Oh my freakin' GAWD!:

I'm laughing my ass off watching this thing. This song sounds like a rejected Winger/Poison B-side. (BTW, anyone else hear that Criss and Holly Madison broke up? LAWL, what's she gonna do now, go crawling back to her Baby Puffin?)
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Last time on "Jem," Emmett Benton died and left his daughter Jerrica a house that's falling apart and half the family business; Eric Raymond made himself plenty comfortable at Starlight Music; the Misfits came and acted like the fabulous bitches they are, and pissed Jerrica off; Jerrica got a pair of earrings; pair of earrings ended up being remote controls for a hologram machine; Jerrica disguised herself as a fancy-schmancy pink-haired singer named Jem and crashed the Battle of the Bands with her friends and lil' sister; Eric challenged Jerrica to a contest; the Misfits nearly ran Jem and the Holograms off the road; Jerrica saved the day with a hologram, but Rio was the one who pulled the girls to safety; Eric hired a thug to break into Jerrica's foster home; Jerrica cockblocked Rio; there was a FIRE!!!

Was that it? I hope that was it.

Episode Two on the DVD opens with that "me and my girls are Jem-girls" theme that I HAAAATE.

Ah. Much better. I just try to convince myself that they didn't make a new Jem theme.

The show actually opens with a quickie recap of what happened last episode. (I just DID a quickie recap! *le sigh*) Starlight House is still burning, and Jerrica and the gang are quickly trying to get the Starlight Girls out of the house. Great. Just great. Not only did she inherit a house that was pretty much falling apart, now it caught fire and THEY'VE LOST EVERYTHING! Could things get any worse for Jerrica now? Read more... )

(I should warn you guys. I have a very subversive sense of humor. That, and in these recaps, Rio's generally going to be a typical red-blooded horn-dog male in his early 20s who can't control his raging manhood.)

Read more... )

Castles! Flying carpets! Rainbows! Unicorns! Sunken treasure! Dancing in the clouds! Shirtless Rio! This is the stuff a six-year-old girl dreams about!

Read more... )



And to wrap up this recap....I give you "Rio" by Duran Duran. Because of the yacht party scene.

(BTW, before I close, I must mention that all screencaps for this and for the previous recap are from here. Gotta give credit where credit's due, yo)
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And no, not "Rock of Love Bus" snark (which I still intend to do). But I'm finally sitting myself down to do some snarking of my absolute favorite cartoon ever!

About freaking time, I say!

So I put the first disc of the DVD set in my player to settle down and start watching, because frankly (for the purpose of the groups I post in), I need to get reacquainted with the show. And what bothers the living crap out of me is that for the VERY FIRST EPISODE, they have replaced the original "Jem is truly outrageous!" theme song with that "Me and my friends are Jem girls" crap. You know, the non-gender specific one. My inner six-year-old is dying. This was NOT the original theme song, for crying out loud.

Oh hell. Here's the original theme song. If Rhino was going to do something, they could've at least done it right, you'd think:

Now is it me, or did the animation in the opening sequence alone seem better than the actual show animation? Big deal, when I was a kid, I wasn't paying attention to that stuff. I'd be running home after school because "OMG! JEM'S ON!" and turn on channel 9 (WGN) and plop my butt down in front of the TV to get my fill because I CAN'T MISS THE THEME SONG!!!! That theme song is EVERYTHING! You know why? Because Jem is outrageous. Truly, truly outrageous.

Anyway, let's get to the actual show. Read more... )

The first "pissy Rio moment" in the show, I LOVE IT! Read more... )

Jerrica's all, "What the crap IS this?!" Read more... )

Roxy: "So what? We're the Misfits!"
Stormer: "You can't tell us what to do!"
Pizzazz: "Stay out of my way, or else!"
Jerrica: "Or else what?"

Or else they'll break into song, that's what! Read more... )

Jerrica just got pwned. Read more... )

It's the ghost of Christmas past! Read more... )

So she introduces herself and the band as Jem and the Holograms. Wowee. Original. *slow golf clap* Read more... )Who's da man?Read more... )

Man, it'd be something if life was like this. Everyone erupts into a music video when you get in the middle of a conversation. Read more... )

STAY TUNED FOR THE RECAP OF "DISASTER"! Until then, stay outrageous!
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Come, son of Jor-El!! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!!!

Wonka breaks it down! (High-larious)

Old school Snuggle commercial!

This is from the 1989 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade when Dance Club Barbie was the big thing Mattel was pushing down our throats. I had Dance Club Barbie. I also had the Dance Club Barbie video where Paula Abdul taught all of us girls how to "Do The Barbie." The songs that came on the cassette with the doll were cool, I'll admit. Barbie got a cool outfit. But not ONE of them damn dancers are doing what Paula choreographed. It's been fifteen or so years, and I still remember how to "Do The Barbie":

Further back about three years to 1986, I give you Barbie and the Rockers. Knowing what I know now about the two years of pre-production put in by the good folks at Hasbro on Jem ,and how it took Mattel all of six months to pretty much rip off the idea and get the dolls on the market before Hasbro got Jem up and running, this pisses me off:
Shitty-ass song, and wow, the red-head plays a key-tar like Kimber did! A-amzing! At least the float looks like it was constructed out of Legos, and Barbie and her pals bopping around on it make it seem like the float will fall apart.

Another year, 1987. Go to hell, Barbie:

We (the general public) wait and wait throughout spring, summer and fall till about this special time of year when McDonald's springs their beloved seasonal McRib sammich on us for our fast food consumption. Here is the 1989 commercial from way back then:

Hunter is the one who brought this little gem to my attention. The Marvel float from 1987. Captain America, RoboCop, Power Man...and since when was the Incredible Hulk the BAD GUY? So pathetic, yet fun to laugh at.
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I want your input.

Best technique to getting big 80s mallrat hair? Gel? Mousse? Crimpers?

I've got a party I'm going to in a few weeks, and I need to get my outfit ready.
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They're puttin' "She-Ra" out on DVD later this year!

*squeals like an excited kiddie*

Okee, now I'll have to find the She-Ra Halloween pic.

(Even though the Jem outfit was much cooler.)


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