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So Kevin and I went to Six Flags Great America yesterday. And if you haven't been there yet this summer, you might want to go soon. First of all, they're running the American Eagle backwards until September 17th in honor of the coaster's 35th anniversary (30th or 35th, something like that. Or it may be the park's. I can't remember.).

SECOND of all, they're shutting down the Iron Wolf September 5th and getting rid of it. Which you know what that means. POTENTIAL NEW ROLLERCOASTER!!! *squeeee!* In all seriousness, though, Six Flags Great America needs a new rollercoaster reeeeeally badly. That Dark Knight coaster really wasn't worth the hype, and the Little Dipper is just a transplant kids' rollercoaster from when Kiddieland was shut down. The last big rollercoaster SFGA got was Superman: The Ride.

My suggestions for the rides? They really need to get some groundskeepers on the job and do a better job of upkeeping the ride atmospheres. They could get rid of quite a bit of the plants by the Demon AND repaint the rocks AND get rid of all the gum people like to stick on the "stalactites." (That was just gross.) They could also try to spruce up the queuing area around there because it looks kind of run-down. Also, they REALLY need to think about revamping the queuing area around Batman: The Ride because all of the Tim Burton-style Batman stuff just makes it look outdated. Just re-theme it after the Nolan-verse Batman films (ESPECIALLY since The Dark Knight Returns will probably be out by next summer).

As for a replacement coaster for Iron Wolf? I would die if they got a rollercoaster that was on the same playing field with the X2 out at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Or the new Green Lantern coaster, which looks INSANE:

As for the rest of the trip? Wellll.... )

Other than that, it was a fun day. My feet are sore today, and I don't have much of a voice left, but it was a fun day.
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I'd turn to a vigilante to help me out. Do vigilantes count?

Or this guy:

*edited later on* I think it's obvious which of the Watchmen is my favorite. Especially if you glance at my userpics on here.
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Yeah, I LOL'd.
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There's a blonde behind Lt. Gordon with her hair partly pulled back that you can see in profile.

That's me. :D :D :D

(More later. Off to work to donate blood. Just had to point out where exactly I am in The Dark Knight.)
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I never once got tired of TDK party posts, bbs.

I'm posting this as a fond reminder.

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Exclusive: The Dark Knight Blu-ray Covers! (UPDATE)
Source: Superhero Hype!, TheHDRoom.com
September 26, 2008

Superhero Hype! has gotten its hands on a couple early images from the upcoming Blu-ray DVD for Christopher Nolan's record-setting action movie The Dark Knight, which has grossed over $520 million domestically and another $450 million internationally.

Although the standard commercial version of the Blu-ray release will probably have the same poster image of Batman standing in front of a building emblazoned with his logo, we've received an image of a Blu-ray cover featuring an image of Heath Ledger's Joker, and we also have a look at the insert of the Special Edition Blu-ray, which will be available at the same time.

Our source that hooked us up with these images told us that the Blu-ray would include "BD Live" and that there would be a 3-disc version with the 3rd disc being a digital copy for iPod or other video player.

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.....because bbs on ONTD have been asking.....

I pay attention to random posts like this:

People here really seem to like the Batman movies
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I got him a hoodie and baked him some cookies, and he liked them both. Then we went to FINALLY go see The Dark Knight in IMAX at the theater in Portage.

SO much better in IMAX. And might I mention it was easier to spot me in the IMAX viewing. :)

All in all, Kevin said he had a good birthday. I'm glad. :)
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This is debatable. It really depends on what other actors get nominated for the roles in any other movies that come out in the rest of the year.

First of all, Heath was cast against type. Christopher Nolan has a tendency to do that. (I mean, really. Remember how surprised everyone was when they heard Christian Bale was playing Batman/Cillian Murphy was playing the Scarecrow in Batman Begins?) Heath was cast against type, and he certainly delivered. There's no question about that. He did a phenominal job playing the Joker.

HOWEVER...and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this...Aaron Eckhart stole the show as Harvey Dent/Two-Face. The Dark Knight was not all about "Heath as the Joker." There were other actors in this movie who deserve mention as well. Christian Bale certainly won't get anything for playing Batman again in this one because we've already seen him as Batman. Hell, Batman fell to the wayside because of the awesomeness of the Joker and Harvey Dent.

And if Heath Ledger were still alive and his death weren't such a tragic event this year, would he still be considered for an Oscar?

Like I said, let's not jump to this until we see what other movies come out this year and see who else gets nominated.
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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] boogabooga_xx:

BTW, what's this crap I'm hearing about Christian Bale assaulting his sister and mother?

EDIT: Okay, I heard something about how he verbally assaulted his mother and sister, and apparently, that's against the law on the other side of the pond.

Wasn't there some joke about this on "Family Guy"?
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Gee, I choose the movies I appear in well, don't I?!

It's hard to put the amazingness of The Dark Knight into words. But I'm going to try to put my thoughts down the best way possible.

Okay....a lot of this movie rode on the Heath Ledger hype, in my personal opinion. But the hype was well-deserved. Heath threw himself into his role as the Joker, and it showed. Excellent performance on his behalf, and he will be sorely missed.

Maggie Gyllenhaal certainly did a better job than Katie Holmes did. Read more... )

But here's my big thing about The Dark Knight. Now I explained how a lot of this movie rode on the Heath Legder hype. HOWEVER....and I know there are some people who agree with me on this....I think Aaron Eckhart's portrayal of Harvey Dent/Two-Face truly stole the show. We've all paid Heath his dues, now let's give Aaron a well-deserved round of applause. (And for being so quiet about it). Maybe I'm biased because I've got a soft spot for a character like Harvey Dent, and Two-Face is my favorite Batman villain, but that's how I feel about it.

And YES, I do believe I saw the back of my head in the big chaotic crowd scene after the assassination attempt. And I had no idea they were filming stuff behind me, because that was clearly Lt. Gordon walking behind me and a couple of others. *EEEEEEEEEE!* GARY OLDMAN!!!!

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Countdown: two more days!!! TWO MORE DAYS!!!

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So yesterday, I was going to preorder tix for The Dark Knight. I met up with Kevin at the mall where he was getting some stuff done for his job to get his money. Then I was waiting for Ed to call me back so I could pick up his money. Then while I'm browsing around, I overhear someone talking that the Portage IMAX has had The Dark Knight sold out FOR THREE WEEKS STRAIGHT.

I really shouldn't have put it off for so long, huh? I should have preordered the minute those tickets went on sale. But I was just thinking about Fandango, and I don't order my movie tickets off the Internet. Hopefully the local Showplace isn't sold out yet, and we'll just go to the midnight showing there or whatever. I can wait to see it in IMAX.

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You know what I'm talkin' about.

*insert maniacal Joker-esque laugh*
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Heath Ledger is dead!!!!


I just wanna cry.
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217 days until July 18, 2008.

The Dark Knight in theaters.

(1:11 and 1:17--I'm somewhere on the left side during the processional and the panic.)
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(Which you all know what I'm talking about, really.)

Now, I was signed on for two days of extra-work, but here's why I decided not to do it today. Sign-in for all extras was at 6:30 AM. I got to the location at LaSalle by 5:45 AM. Yes, kind of early, but I left early to give myself some leeway so I could find the place without being late, and in case the roads were still shitty after all that rain we got because this IS NW Indiana/Chicagoland. Delays are almost always expected. I got up at 2 AM just to get ready. I left around 4 AM. And really, the drive to Chicago wasn't bad. I've never drove by myself to Chicago before, and I had to get to South Wells for parking, so that also meant driving in downtown Chicago. So really, this was a big milestone for me. I'm proud of myself, and I do feel more comfortable about driving in downtown Chicago after yesterday.

Like I said, sign-in for all extras was at 6:30 AM. However, we didn't start shooting till maybe 8:30 AM. They gave us all a continental breakfast. And there were a LOT of extras for this scene. Read more... ) But we ended up being shorted. There were a bunch of volunteers from the Red Cross that were donating their time and money from being paid to be in this scene, but they had been called to help out with a lot of victims from all the storm damage/flooding that's happened in the last week. So this scene was short at least 300 extras. I had gotten an email the night before saying that if we knew anyone who'd be free to help out this scene to just bring them with, granted they were over 18 and had valid ID. I wanted to bring Hunter with, but he's won't be 18 until November.

There was a LOT of standing around. And I was an idiot and wore the wrong kind of shoes to be standing around in. (Not cool, Holly.) Not cool at all. But I looked good. I was wearing my black pinstriped blazer and skirt with my black peacoat from Old Navy. And I thought we would all be overheated...really, the weather was NOT BAD. It didn't rain, and it was a little breezy, mid-70s. We lucked out.

And yeah, I signed a confidentiality agreement...but I'm a lowly extra, and I got paid nothing (my money was donated to the charity of my choice, so I donated it to the Children's Miracle Network...because I had that lung surgery when I was four at Children's Memorial, and if I ever donate money to an organization, it's either to the Children's Miracle Network, or to the Ronald McDonald House foundation). So here's what the scene was! Read more... )Of course, Harvey Dent was in this scene since he's the new district attorney. Maggie Gyllenhaal was in this scene, since she's playing Rachel Dawes now (since Katie Holmes got too big for her britches and didn't want to come back for the sequel to Batman Begins...more about my bitching about Katie Holmes later). And Gary Oldman was in this scene as well since he's playing Commissioner Gordon.


I was sooooo disappointed.

Then I heard he was in the scene the previous day with the Bat-Rocket (or something to that effect) that I wasn't around to be an extra in. So if he's in today's scene, I'll be pissed that I passed on going today. I guess I'll never know.

But Aaron Eckhart was in yesterday's scene. He's hot. He's hot in that manly-mannish way, with that cleft in his chin that sort of reminds me of Kirk Douglas. And I have a suspicion he colors his hair, since it looks about the same shade as mine. I'm not sure. But who cares? Ah, the things I'd do to Aaron Eckhart if I could...And Christian Bale.

...Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom. *hee hee*

At one point during a fifteen-minute break we had, I got up to stretch my legs. This one woman I was standing next to smiled and said "Hi." I smiled and said "Hi" back. She then left.

Took me about five seconds to realize that was Maggie Gyllenhaal.

*hee hee* I almost didn't recognize her. She's preeeeety, though. And she doesn't really stick out that much; she almost just blended in with the crowd. And I really liked the trench coat she was wearing in this scene. Almost looks like a dress instead of a trench coat.

Read more... )

Around 12:30, we broke for lunch. Everyone got their choice of a deli sandwich-bagged lunch that came with a surprise choice of chips (so there were a bunch of people swapping their chips, like you did in grade school when your mom made you egg salad and your friend got peanut butter and jelly in their lunch), a cookie, an apple and a little thing of pasta salad. There were plenty of Gatorades and bottled waters on set (and circulated during breaks, since we WERE wearing dark colors and layers; they didn't want the extras to get dehydrated).

Around 2 PM, we were set up for the next part of the scene. Read more... )

YES. Heath Ledger was in this scene. Read more... )

There was speculation amongst us as to "How did the Joker get disfigured in the first place?" All of us Batman junkies know that Jack Napier fell into a vat of chemicals. Did it turn his skin color, or did it just disfigure his face? If you watched Tim Burton's version, it shows that there was nerve damage from the chemicals that made his facial muscles do that eerie smile, and it DID discolor his skin. But that was Tim Burton's version. Tim Burton's version also turned the Joker into the one who killed Bruce Wayne's parents. But that's Tim Burton, and that's what he did for the sake of telling a good story.

My spec? Since I don't know much (this was one scene, after all...) and since it looked like a half-assed makeup job on Heath Ledger yesterday...I'm guessing this movie may be about the evolution of how Jack Napier turned into the full-fledged Joker. We'll never know until we see the final product.

All I'm saying is Batman Returns surprised me and kicked major ass (especially how they pulled off Cillian Murphy as the Scarecrow). I'm having high hopes for The Dark Knight...oops, Rory's First Kiss.

Okay...the reason why I backed out of doing it all again today? When I MapQuested directions for returning home, they came up with taking the Dan Ryan. The problem is, the Dan Ryan's closed for construction, and I didn't realize this until it was too late. So I ended up getting detoured left and right and getting myself thoroughly confused. I ended up taking Lake Shore drive, and I finally got fed up and got off LSD near the Museum of Science and Industry, and I found a BP gas station on Jeffrey. I buckled down and asked inside for directions on how to get to Wells at the very least so I could backtrack and get back on the Eisenhower to get home to Indiana. One of the guys inside told me, "Actually, just keep going down Jeffrey until you see the exit for the I-90 Skyway to Indiana. You're on the right track. I just got back from there."

So really, I lucked out. But I ended up getting home later than anticipated. (Around 9:30 PM.) And I didn't want to just go to bed and get up four hours later just to get ready again for another day of standing around and hurting my legs and feet again. (And for my money to be donated to charity again, because I could really use the gas money.) This is why I just decided to stay home today. I'm probably missing out on the hot sexiness that is Christian Bale...but it's not worth it.

He's married, anyway.

But I feel more apt to just take a random drive to Chicago and just bum around in town. I've fallen in love with the city.

Anyhoo...my little rant about Katie Holmes. I don't understand why she didn't want to do the sequel. I'm glad the role of Rachel Dawes got recast anyway, since I don't think Katie is all that great of an actress anyway. (That was my only gripe about Batman Begins--Katie Holmes can't act. Could've gotten someone better for the part.) But if she just didn't want to do the movie because she was focusing on being a mother (since she was "pregnant" when she opted out of it), that was the lamest excuse ever. I mean, Maggie Gyllenhaal just had her baby a few months ago (well, it feels like it wasn't too long ago when she had her baby), and she looked VERY good yesterday. I saw no baby weight on her. (Then again, she was wearing black; this was a memorial scene after all.)

So Maggie Gyllenhaal rocks, and Katie Holmes sucks.
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*ha ha* I don't even know what's going on. All I know is that I got the email from the casting director with the details on wardrobe, and emails about confidentiality agreements and member release.

I am already cursing Christopher Nolan. With the weather the way it's been in NW Indiana/Chicago (hot, humid and wet), this scene is being set in late fall/early winter, and we're supposed to be wearing dark colors, jackets/trenchcoats like we're paying respects to a fallen police official of some sort. THANK YOU, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN! We're all going to be sweating like mofos!

I could bitch some more. But Christian Bale has had to endure all summer around Chicago in that latex Batman suit, dripping puddles of sweat everywhere...(*happy smile on Holly's face*)...so I'll shut up now. Now that's an actor for ya.

Filming is this weekend. I'll probably be late for SummerSlam.

My spec?....given the teasers online that all the Batman fans have been privy to for the last few months, I'm betting it's Harvey Dent's funeral. Or Commisioner Gordon if they're going to kill him off (although I can't imagine why). I don't know. That's just my speculation. However, after I film this thing, I won't blog about it because I have that "confidentiality agreement" thing to sign. And really...I don't want to spoil this for anyone. The Dark Knight is going to totally kick ass when it comes out.
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Guess what? I'm on the Purdue Calumet campus. I'm registered. I'm starting all over again from the ground up. I got myself a student ID, and payment is due by August 31st.

The only problem is the change in major. At new student orientation, they had me listed as a Biology major. (Which is what I wasn't sure about, and I was thinking I'd end up changing my major anyway once I found out they have a Journalism major.) At the new student orientation, I told them about the mistake and wanted to change my major, so they gave me the number of the advisor in the English lit department. I tried calling to schedule an appointment at least five or six times within two weeks. As of last Wednesday (when I got back from the Ford dealership after the tire mess), the advisor FINALLY called me back. Once she heard I was changing my major to Journalism, though, she told me that I'd have to get in touch with the Communications department, not English Lit. So it's been a bunch of back-and-forth run-around with the departments at Purdue Cal for me in the last week just to get this straightened out.

And I got scheduled very last minute because of it. I'm not entirely thrilled with my class load, but it'll do. I just wanted the basics to get this semester started with. The advisor I saw in the Communications department was understanding and helped me out the best that she could, and I'm grateful for her help.

I finally got an email back from the casting director for Rory's First Kiss. (*Tee hee!* You know what that's code for!) There was info in there for me to download, but seeing as how I'm on a public computer on campus, I'll just wait until I get home....because it's top secret shit from Bruce Wayne himself; must wait till I get to the Batcave for this information. *cue the Batman theme music*


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