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I think I've pinpointed another problem with my relationship with Kevin. We're well into adulthood, but this just feels very.....high school.

I'm sorry, but I don't know if he knows how this works. The best way to get a woman "revved up" does not include dinner at Denny's, listening to a burned copy of The Lonely Island on the way, and then attempting to feel me up later on at home while watching regular ol' TV. IT'S NOT SEXY.

If I have to go out on one more date with him to the same exact places we go and I have to listen to that goddamned Lonely Island CD in his car and he attempts to feel me up with no real smooth moves, I'm going to scream. I can only hope that the trip to Georgia next month for his cousin's wedding is a tad more romantic than that.

He just seems very much like a teenage boy. Not a man. This just seems very "movie-burger-backseat" to me. I feel like I'm growing past that.

Date: 2012-03-21 03:16 pm (UTC)
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Oh. I hear ya. >.

Date: 2012-03-21 10:33 pm (UTC)
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Have you tried telling him this? Maybe ask to go to a nice sit down restaurant every now and then--maybe tell him you like to see him dressed up and in turn you would do the same for him? Idk. He may not know anything is wrong if you haven't told him.


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