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Well, it's finally come to this. St. John Video is going out of business. There's a sad, pathetic "Store Closing" sign in front of the store facing US 41 with little balloons on the side. Because a store closing is cause for WOOHOO! BALLOONS!

There's a tiny part of me that's sad because it was a mom-and-pop video rental store (even if it was run by a guy who was gunning for me to get fired anyway). I mean, hell. I was upset when Custom Top and Video in Cedar Lake went out of business. But then that sad part gets cancelled out by the thoughts of, "HELL NO! They dug their own fucking grave! They went belly-up when they were still Blockbuster, and now it's done! I'm glad I quit before that ship sunk the first time!"

Wonder what Scott's doing for money these days. Wonder if he's still in the closet.

Funny story. About a year ago, our director of operations who was in charge of our franchise sent me a friend request on Facebook. HA. Good one. I denied him. That would just be weird.

And for as much as I dislike the grocery store, it ain't the video store. I'd much rather be working for SVT than there.
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