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Call me crazy, but I'm having a hard time remembering what I did yesterday. And I haven't even been drinking! I did take a NyQuil dosage (in gel-cap form) before I went to bed last night, so maybe that might explain things, but still....

No, I just made a run for Subway for my mom and myself. I looked in my purse for my cellphone and I had a missed call from last night at 8:19. I checked it and it was Kevin, of course. He sounded kind of urgent, and now I feel bad because I missed that call because...you know, what if it was important?

I called him back today and left a message, saying I was sorry I missed the call, I didn't hear the phone go off (because it's true). Then I started to think of what I did yesterday to miss the call....and I was having the hardest time trying to remember what I did! I know I talked to him yesterday; he was the one who told me the BP-Amoco refinery would probably go on strike because of the right-to-work bill and gas prices would be expected to skyrocket, so "go fuel up your gas tank now." Which I did. My gas marker is at F right now. So I was wondering if this message was the one I got when he called last night, and I was trying to place when I went for my gas run. Hunter says it was probably around 6:30 or 7 when he got home from work, which sounds about right. Then I tried to remember what else I did, if I watched any TV shows, because I wasn't online last night. Yes, I did. I watched "Dance Moms" with Mom. Then I watched some "American Dad" and "Family Guy." (I saw the tail end of the "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives" ep and the whole one of "Rough Trade." Then I remember falling asleep during the "E Peterbus Unum" ep.)

If he called at 8:19, I certainly didn't hear my phone go off. My phone's been doing that a lot lately. I need a new cellphone. Ugh.

I guess I'm not going crazy if I can remember what I did last night, despite being under the influence of the "Q".

....Yeah, this was a post full of me babbling and wondering if I'm going crazy. *sigh*
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